30 Day Blueprint

Create Your Financial "Plan B" Through Real Estate

This 4-week online small group course will reveal a  Blueprint for practitioners to create financial Freedom through alternative investments.

Weekly Live Calls Begin September 12th at 8pm CST

Taught by Dr. David Phelps, DDS. Featured in...

Now more than ever - it’s time to create a financial “Plan B”

I started my Plan B investing (real estate) in 1980 while a D1 in dental school.

This was not a plan to “get rich quick” or see how fast I could exit the dental chair as a practice owner. At the time I just knew that real estate made sense to me. It was an investment class I could understand and control.

But it wasn’t until decades later that the stars aligned for me… 

In 2008, 28 years after I started investing, all of my hard work, relationship building and market knowledge would pay off. 

That was the start of the Global Financial Crisis. Everything (assets) went on sale in America.

And there I was. Ready. The next six years I more than doubled my net worth in real estate acquisition.

I was able to buy when others were selling. No competition. I had access to private capital and I knew how to put deals together.

Here we are in 2023 - it’s time again. 

Despite the consensus of pundits celebrating a “soft landing” victory to the Fed’s battle against inflation, I see major threat indicators in the markets right now that will create significant volatility in the days ahead. This stage of the market cycle creates opportunity. Perhaps a generational opportunity is right in front of us.

Are you readyThis is what I call a Life Inflection point - the opportunity for a major uptick in one’s wealth trajectory. I’ve been investing in real estate for 43 years, and opportunities like this occur infrequently.

Join me, and learn how to invest in real estate the RIGHT way, based on lessons I’ve learned the hard way from over four decades of investing. Now is the time - IF you are well-positioned with the skill, knowledge and relationships to act.

How it will work:

1. On Demand Training

Each week I'll provide recorded training modules for you to watch on your own time.

2. Live Weekly Calls

There will be LIVE coaching calls with me and other instructors each Tuesday at 8pm CST on Zoom, starting September 12th.

3. Private Online Group Access 24/7

You will also have access to a private online group where you can ask questions and engage throughout the course.  

You will learn the fundamentals of real estate investing, and you will gain a clearer understanding of how to become a real estate investor in the current market - whether you are already growing your real estate investment portfolio or just starting out.

More of what you'll learn in this Program

How to create wealth in up markets and down markets
David’s specific wealth-building strategy that created over $15,000 of monthly passive income within 15 years…. and how you can do it much faster with the right strategies
Why and how to focus on cash flow (vs. accumulation) 
The best opportunities for creating passive cash flow in today's economy
Your Freedom Number - how to calculate it and reverse engineer to achieve it
The Anatomy of a Deal
Active or Passive?  Where is your best time value?
Real estate tactics and strategies
Splits and Participations - WHO?  HOW?
The Capital Stack - Debt vs Equity investments 
Arbitrage and using Other People’s Money (or retirement accounts)
How to find the best investments - and what to stay away from
Evaluating the current market cycle and avoiding bad investment strategies
Equities vs. debt assets
The differences between funds and syndications and how to evaluate the merits of each
Tax benefits - how to maximize tax reduction strategies with real estate
Leverage - how to use it safely as a wealth-builder 
How to assemble your ideal portfolio

Fully participate for the first two weeks 100% risk free. 

Allow me to guide you to achieve your passive income goals.  Listen, learn, ask questions and participate.  

If after the first two weeks you’re not 100% satisfied with this private, small group mentorship, I'll refund every penny.  No questions asked. That’s how confident I am that you’ll mark this as the day your financial future went in a new direction. I know what I teach works, but do you trust yourself to step out and follow a roadmap? 

What Other Dentists Are Saying About Freedom Founders

Real stories from dentists and doctors just like you...

"For the first time in my life, I understand where I'm going and exactly how I'm going to get there.”

Dr Greg Linney

Dentist, Texas

“Our only regret is to wonder… what if we had joined Freedom Founders 10 years earlier - where would we be now?”

Dr Hiru Mathur

Periodontist, Texas

"David demolishes the outdated 'traditional' approach to life, career, and wealth we've all been taught and offers a robust alternative path to success.”  

Dr Dustin Burleson

Orthodontist, Kansas City

"David's service comes from a place of compassion and authenticity. I can’t even begin to describe the value."

Dr David Maloley

Dentist, Colorado

"We would not have the confidence to go through this process without Freedom Founders in the background just giving us that education and peace of mind. We know what to do with the money, we know where to put it and we won't be scared."

DR Brad Mokris

Orthodontist, Florida

“Freedom Founders to me is more than just a Mastermind, it is a community of friends. Freedom Founders has helped me in my practice, my personal life, and my investing.”

Dr Jim Rachor

Dentist, Michigan

I had been successful but was just churning. I was scared of the stock market. I knew nothing about real estate. Now, seeing passive cash flow ACH’d to my bank account… it’s a good feeling. I know I don’t have to go to work any more.


Dentist, Louisiana

"Joining Freedom Founders opened my eyes to another pathway… an alternative approach. It has been an incredible experience."

Dr Drew Lasley

Orthodontist, Washington

"Looking at the spreadsheet, I started at the beginning of the year 2022, I realized in the middle of September the income I have from passive investments far exceeds my freedom number. It is a real nice place to be."


Dentist, North Carolina

Old me: grind it out at the office, give all the money to wealth advisor, pay ridiculous fees and hope for the best. #neveragain. New me: actively engaged in learning advanced investment and wealth management alongside dynamic and smart people... and having a lot of fun doing it!"


Dentist, New York

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Desire to use real estate to create wealth and Freedom.
Unsure of your current plan & strategy.
Coachable attitude.
Seeking a proven non-traditional model for a life with choices and options.

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