Testimonials - Freedom Founders
  • Dr Rob Galbraith

    “The opportunity to form relationships is amazing. I feel like I am now the catalyst for big things in the future. I appreciate David immensely for that.”

  • Dr Tom Fankhauser

    “I’m learning how to trade income I’m earning for passive income. There is a wealth of information, and everyone is here to help you.”

  • Dr Keith Shrum

    “My takeaway is that you have to think outside the box. You have to do things differently if you want a different result. Take action.”

  • Dawn Rickabaugh

    “People who are way smarter than I am became my friends and are now just a phone call away. There is a real sense of family here.”

  • Dr Ebrahaim Erfanian

    “David really cares about people. I am saving lots of time, chaos, and money from the people I have met here.”

  • Dr. Dan West

    “At Mastermind, you get the wisdom of an extraordinary group of people.”

  • Dave Van Horn

    “It’s like another set of eyes to look at your challenges. At the same time, you’re able to help other people.”

  • Eddie Speed

    “I want to invest with people that are a good use of my time. This is an incredibly qualified group. It’s very impressive.”

  • Dr. Eric Compton

    “The atmosphere is energetic and exciting. This event creates synergy between dentists and people that understand business.”

  • Joe Lieber

    “This is not a guru speaking and teaching. It’s a collaboration of the best, brightest minds in the country.”

  • Dr. John & Meg Rubin

    “Dr Phelps is caring and passionate. He’s brought together a group of people that are at the top of their field.”

  • Dr. Neil Mel Woloshin

    “This is a mind-blowing experience.”

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