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Creating Freedom Through Real estate 

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We help professionals secure wealth and create cash flow Through passive real estate Investments

Freedom Founders is a community of  investors who are utilizing a proven non-traditional model to create a life with choices and options.  We use passive Real Estate investments to secure wealth and create cash flow income.

Our members are creating enough sustainable, recurring cash flow to replace their active "earned" income within 2-3 years (or less). Better yet, they are investing in real estate WITHOUT becoming landlords or trying to source "deals" in their own backyard. 

Create Your Own Personalized Blueprint

Get clear on where you are and where you want to go, and create a personalized plan to get there.

Access Curated, Vetted Passive Real Estate

Become a PASSIVE investor in carefully vetted, cash flow producing real estate in a variety of asset classes.

Unlock Your "Next" with Choices & Options

Financial Freedom is just the beginning. Create Freedom of time, health, relationships, and purpose.

Freedom Founders is...

An exclusive, application-only community - This is a tribe of high-performance professionals. Each member is invited after completing our application process.
An access point for highly vetted and curated real estate deal flow - We don't sell real estate, we are high level connectors. We help our members create relationships and access an exclusive deal pipeline.
A proven system for dentists, doctors and business owners to replace active income with passive cash flow in 2-3 years or less. It's about speed to goal.
The place to invest PASSIVELY without being a landlord - or working nights and weekends as your own real estate expert. 
A community of extremely successful professionals -  who help each other elevate to create more freedom and impact. 

What Is Freedom Founders?

Freedom Founders is NOT...

A “DIY” real estate seminar. - If that’s what you’re looking for, check your local Holiday Inn. there is probably a free “seminar” this weekend. 🙂 
Just another financial “advisor” - We’re not fiduciaries. We don’t manage our member’s investments. Each of our members is their own financial advocate.
For “active” investors  - Our members don't have time or desire to be landlords or actively manage "fix-n-flips".
A “Done-For-You” service - No one cares about your money as much as you do. Abdicating the management of your wealth to someone else will never create true Freedom. 
A REIT. REITS are Wall Street’s attempt to “big box” real estate investing for the masses. The real opportunities are a level deeper. That’s where we work. 

Is Freedom Founders Your Tribe?

Meet the successful practice owner who sold his practice and retired WITHOUT selling his vacation home or downsizing his lifestyle

Dr Greg & Jackie Linney

Meet a dentist who created enough passive real estate income to COMPLETELY provide for his family, all  before 37 years old.

- Dr Devin Gneiting

Meet a dentist who has made enough passive income to write a book and become a leader in her community. 

Dr Hiru Mathur