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Invest for Cash Flow, Hedge Against Inflation, and Secure Your Wealth With Real, Tangible Assets.

It's time to get your wealth out of lockdown.

Over a year has passed since massive government mandated lockdowns turned our world upside down.  

Today, the economy is entering uncharted territory. Supply chain delays are creating a summer of skyrocketing prices. Asset valuations on Wall Street and Main Street are red hot. The new administration is preparing new tax proposals and other mechanisms of wealth redistribution. 

Practice owners, business owners and high income earners face a slew of new challenges. It’s time to come back together. Disruption always creates opportunities for those who are prepared and who have access to the right connections and network to adapt to a fast-changing world. The time to prepare and adapt is now. 

If you’re TIRED of following the rules society has prescribed for you... If you’re ready to tear off the mask and truly live your life authentically to your values, your dreams and your hopes for your future…

Our August Member event will be 100% LIVE and in person. Right here in Dallas, TX. 

Guest seats are by application only. Schedule a call with my team to learn more and reserve your seat.

Here is What You Will Discover When You Schedule a Call With My Team...

Clarity about how close you are to Freedom. My team will run through the numbers and give you real time feedback on how close you might be to your goals. (You might be closer than you think!) 
An introduction to a new approach to alternative investing. You'll discover an alterative to the traditional Wall Street investment model and learn how hundreds of practitioners are passively investing into real estate assets that they own and control.
How the Free For Life System can help you achieve your goals. My team will help you get clarity about whether or not Freedom Founders is the place for you to achieve your goals.   

What is Freedom Founders?

Freedom Founders is:

An exclusive, application-only community. We carefully vet each potential member to make sure that there is a good mutual fit.
An access point for high-net worth investors to secure carefully vetted real estate investments from trusted relationships.
A proven system for Dentists, Doctors and business owners to replace active income with passive cash flow in 2-3 years or less.
A resource for professionals who want to invest into real estate WITHOUT being a landlord or working nights and weekends as your own real estate expert.
A network for investors who understand the value of using strategic collaborations.

A community of extremely successful professionals.

Freedom Founders is NOT:

A “DIY” real estate seminar. If that’s what you’re looking for, check your local Holiday Inn. there is probably a free “seminar” this weekend. 🙂 
A financial “advisor”. We’re not fiduciaries. We don’t manage our member’s investments. Each of our members is their own financial advocate.  
For “active” investors who want to be landlords or manage fix-n-flips. If you’re young and have the time to become a career real estate operator, good for you!
A “Done-For-You” service. No one cares about your money as much as you do. Abdicating the management of your wealth to someone else will never create true Freedom.  
A REIT.  REITS are Wall Street’s attempt to create “big box” real estate investing for the masses (they're just Wall Street by a different name). The real opportunities are a level deeper - that’s where we work.

Is Freedom Founders Right For You? 

Do these stories sound like you? 

Dr Greg & Jackie Linney sold their practice and confidently retired WITHOUT selling their vacation home or downsizing their lifestyle...

Dr Devin Gneiting created enough passive real estate income to COMPLETELY provide for his young family at just 37 yrs old...

Dr Dora Lee is creating the passive income she needs to practice on her own terms and be a world-class Mom for her kids...

Dr Ben Jensen created enough passive income to redesign his lifestyle to begin enjoying dentistry again and never miss another soccer game

Dr Hiru Mathur has completely changed her mindset, made enough passive income to write a book and become a leader in her community. 

Dr Ryan and Amanda Johnstun created enough passive income to confidently sell their practice decades ahead of the retirement average

Here’s what all of our most successful members have in common…

Good Fit

Coachable and smart enough to understand the value of a network.
Ready to diversify outside Wall Street.
Don't have the time/energy to take a "DIY" approach to real estate investing.
Well managed debt-to-income ratio.
At least $1M of available capital (including investments, cash, residential or commercial equity,  or pending practice sale).

Not a Fit

Just getting started in career/investing.
Just "curious" or looking for the latest craze (bitcoin anyone?)
Prefers "DIY" real estate investing.
High debt-to-income ratio.
Less than $1M of available capital (including investments, cash, residential or commercial equity,  or pending practice sale).

How does Freedom Founders Actually Work? 

We help our members become “Free For Life®" in 3-5 years or less. This is much more than just reaching a financial goal (that’s the first step) - our members are creating Freedom in their relationships, health, spirituality, and purpose. 

 To achieve this, we’re extremely selective about who we accept into the community.  We're not for everybody. The LAST thing we want are members in our community who are not experiencing a massive return on their investment. We want to create real results for every single one of our members. 

Here is How Freedom Founders Works...


Finding Freedom - The Origin Story

Discover the story behind Freedom Founders and our mission to create more Freedom!


How We Invest Into Real Estate

Learn the structures that we use at Freedom Founders to PASSIVELY invest into cash flow producing Real Estate assets.


How Freedom Founders Works

Learn how we help our members become sophisticated investors and connect them with vetted, curated investment deal flow.

Discover how Freedom Founders has helped 100s of Practitioners Like You Create More Freedom…

Who We Are And What We Stand For

The Mission:

Our mission is to help practitioners find more Freedom for what matters most in their life. Helping practitioners free themselves from financial worry so that they can focus on family, legacy, missions, volunteering, and living unchained from other people’s definition of “success” (the well-intentioned expectations of family, peers and society) is what we are blessed to do every single day. 

The Vision:

The world is changing. It’s going to get harder and harder to transition from “high income” to “Financially Free” in the coming years. Our mission is to create $1B (that’s $1,000,000,000.00) of passive income for families just like yours. Imagine the impact that could be made by hundreds or thousands of hard-working, successful leaders in their communities if they felt the Freedom to step away from the hamster wheel and fully live their purpose. 


We don’t let just anybody become a member.  Our community works when it works for our members.  The last thing we want are members who can’t create a significant return on their investment.  We’re here for the long haul. Our community is built upon three fundamental values: 

Freedom - Own Your Life

Integrity - Do What You Say

Community - Love & Respect Others

Are You Ready To LIVE Again? 

If you’re TIRED of following the rules society has prescribed for you. If you’re ready to tear off the mask and truly live your life authentic to your values, your dreams and your hopes for your future…

Apply to be a guest at our LIVE and in-person member meeting in August. 


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