Freedom Founders Presents

Eagle U

A 7-Year Career & Life Head Start!

July 12 - 16th @ Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas

A Youth Leadership Success Retreat for High School and College Aged Individuals

Originally $1,497 now only $1,197!

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An Impactful Life-Changing 5 Day Event!

One of the most common comments we receive from individuals that are a part of Freedom Founders is that they wish they had been exposed to these types of systems and strategies earlier on in their life. That's why we are so excited to be partnering with a nonprofit organization called Eagle U, that offers something very similar to what we do at Freedom Founders for the younger generation!

Dr. Phelps is excited to be a part of the Eagle U guest faculty this summer. If you are looking for something that will give your high school or college age student a 7 year head start on their career and their life, this is the PERFECT opportunity! We invite you to check out the information below and take advantage of this incredible offer.

Here is Exactly What You'll Learn

The Eagle U curriculum includes career planning strategies, identifying:

  • core values
  • strategic goal setting
  • study skills
  • performance psychology
  • public speaking
  • interviewing skills
  • communication skills
  • time management
  • how to dress for success
  • etiquette
  • digital media strategy
  • networking and much, much more! 

The structure of the program is a combination of seminars, keynote speakers, hands-on activities, and small group discussions. On the second to last day of the program, each student will partake in the Mentor Roundtable - every year this part of our program is one of the most impactful experiences our students have (and on more than one occasion our students have left the roundtable with a job offer in hand...). The Roundtable is an opportunity for our students to learn from successful individuals from all kinds of industries and backgrounds.

“It takes a lifetime to learn from your own experiences, but it only takes a conversation to learn from someone else’s. Why create mediocrity when you can copy genius?”

We want our students to be able to “borrow” experiences and knowledge from people who have already mastered their field. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn the secrets of success from individuals that have done it, but it is also an excellent opportunity for our students to practice their interview and communication skills.

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This is Exactly the Program You Need If You Are:  

A 15 - 25 year old student seeking fundamental success-driven principles to direct your career and life.

Desiring an education that will unlock your potential and give you insight on your goals and dreams

Seeking to learn from other success-driven entrepreneurs, mentors, and experts in a wide range of careers

Looking for an experience that will positively guide the rest of your career

Register Now! Enter Code
"Freedom Founders" to receive $300 Off

Eagle U is designed to give students a 7-year head start on their career and life! Eagle U was co-founded in the early 1990’s by Steve Anderson. As an entrepreneur and mentor to thousands of professionals and business executives, Steve identified "natural laws" of human behavior and designed systems to accomplish predictable, consistent results in business and in life.

Students who attend Eagle U experience 5 intense days of fun and learning that will change the trajectory of their entire life. At Eagle U students will learn success principles from today's business leaders and role models, as well as techniques and systems that will help them move more rapidly through their education and skip the trial and error process to find a career that fits them in which they will excel. By the end of the week, every single student will leave with a roadmap that will lead them wherever they wish to go!

More Details!  

"Eagle U was hands down the best investment we made in our nephew. He is now gainfully employed, married, and teaching his daughter the same valuable skills that helped him. An absolutely amazing program doing incredible things for our youth." -Sherri J. 

The entire program is hosted on a university campus. Students will be in a small group of 8-12 other students around their same age and will be led by an experienced and trained Team Leader. All students will eat and sleep on campus. Student tuition/sponsorship covers the entire cost of the program - seminars, activities, materials, student "swag", housing, and meals. The only cost tution does not cover is the cost of travel to and from the program should a student be traveling from out of state - however, Eagle U does provide complimentary private transportation to and from the airport.

2021 Date and Location: 

 July 12th -16th ~ Baker University ~ Baldwin City, KS

*All students will arrive by 12:00 Noon on Monday and will depart on Friday morning. Students traveling will fly into the Kansas City International Airport (MCI).

The normal price of student tuition is $1,497 but for Freedom Founders members, you will receive a special discount rate of $300 OFF tuition making it $1,197/student! 

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For questions regarding the program:

Email or call Eagle U Executive Director, Taylor Lowe

at or (303) 525-8878.