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The GameStop Fiasco and Wall Street's Perfect Storm

How Reddit Investors, an Asset Bubble, and a New White House Will Impact Your Financial Future

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Thursday, Feb 11 @ 7:00PM Central 

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Hosted by Dr. David Phelps, DDS: 

Founder & CEO of the Freedom Founders Mastermind Community

Is it Time to Stop Playing Wall Street's Game?

In this Webclass, David will cover...

  • How Wall Street is gaming your retirement - and the hard truth of what this means for your hard-earned nest egg and your financial future.
  • Analysis of where we are in the market cycle - how professionals should prepare NOW for upcoming market corrections.
  • How to protect your nest egg from rising taxation - how proposed tax changes from the new White House will affect high income professionals - and how to prepare.
  • Key opportunity to create true financial Freedom - an alternative Blueprint to create wealth, cash flow, and security.