John Harasin – Co-Author of Our New Book

I was a good dentist.

I built a built a successful practice through grit and hard work.

Building that practice demanded everything I had.

For so long my mind was cluttered with stress, problems, and worry. I had little time to read, listen and absorb the world outside of the business of dentistry.

But I pressed on.



I built a respectable investment portfolio. The traditional model seemed to be working. I was nearing retirement.

I looked forward to selling the practice, retiring, spending more time with Jeannie and my kids.

Then one fateful day in 2007 I received news of a stunning blow.

The market had turned. I lost almost a third of my investment principle overnight.


My hopes of retirement were crushed. It looked like I’d have to continue practicing into my 70s.

That was when I walked through the doors of Freedom Founders for the first time.

Believe me. I was skeptical.

David still jokes that he remembers seeing me standing against the fire escape… arms crossed with a suspicious scowl on my face.

Three years ago my only goal was to sell the practice, get out of dentistry, and be retired.

Now, I’ve sold my practice and am financially free.

More than that, I’m personally free.

Today I read what I want to read and listen to speakers on a variety of subjects. I have time to think. I’ve raised the bar and brought more intellect into my life. I golf. I travel. I spend more time with Jeannie.

I now have a new passion and desire to make an impact on people’s lives by helping them become financially and personally free.

I want people to experience what I’ve experienced.

I want to impart the ability to live each day to it's fullest, on your terms, without the concern or worry of financial constraints.

That’s why I contributed to this book. I want to help you find the same Freedom I have found.

That’s my story.

What’s yours? Have you found Freedom?

I believe you might be closer than you think.

Dr. John Harasin



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