Case Studies of Dentists Experiencing Financial Freedom Through Dentist Retirement Planning & Freedom Founders

Are You a Dentist or Orthodontist? Is Your Retirement on Track?

For these two dentists, true freedom seemed cruelly elusive at times – like chasing a Ducati 1200 on a 3-speed bicycle. Their fortunes changed, however, when they started racing on a different track. Their true stories will inspire thousands of dentists, doctors, and professional practice owners to rethink the traditional path to retirement. Watch their documentaries, learn more about dentist retirement planning, and see for yourself what Freedom Founders can do to help you create a viable retirement plan.

CASE STUDY #1 – Dr. John Harasin

dentist retirement planning case study dr john harasinThe sinking feeling of dread struck Dr. John Harasin like a sledgehammer to his gut.

It couldn’t be true… but it was. Just a few years from the finish line… the aging dentist had just lost a 3rd of his hard-earned retirement. The year was 2008, the year of reckoning for countless professionals who had unwittingly entrusted their wealth to the high stakes game of Wall Street.

Their bet had been called. In one terrible moment, John’s hard-earned dreams of retirement came crashing down.

But that’s just the beginning of the story…

CASE STUDY #2 – Dr. Randy Cline

dentist retirement planning case study dr randy clineHe had done everything right. Saving money. Retirement accounts. Pension plans. But as Dr. Randy Cline neared retirement, the truth became clear: His financial advisor and the stock market were letting him down.

With a heavy heart, he steered his son away from an interest in dentistry. The price of success in the dental field was just too high.

The following soul-search opened doors to a whole new world he never knew existed, and unlocked the secrets to a generational legacy for his children he never imagined.

Freedom Founders Provides Clear Guidance & Meaningful Education to Assist with Your Dentist Retirement Planning

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