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How To Know if You Have Enough to Walk Away From Your Practice

This free training reveals how to calculate exactly how much you'll need to retire, in spite of the market volatility...

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Do you have enough to stop practicing? 

  • How to generate passive investment income, regardless of what your practice or the markets are doing.
  • Why the traditional retirement model is fundamentally broken.
  • How to protect your wealth, without letting it rot away in CDs, Treasuries, or Bonds.
  • Learn how to calculate EXACTLY how much you need to retire. (Hint: It's not the number your financial advisor told you.)

"How Much is Enough?" This simple question, for which traditional financial advisors and money managers have no solid answer, keeps hard-working professionals at the hamster wheel of active income far longer than they need to be. Join Dr. David Phelps for this free training, and discover a proven model for determining how much you really need!

What Other Dentists Are Saying About David's Blueprint:

“Watching the panic now, and the people who lost 30% or more of their assets in 2 weeks… that’s where I used to be. Not anymore. Now I sleep really well at night.

- Dr. Jim Rachor (Dentist, Michigan)

I lived through the crash in 2008. Now I can’t say enough about not having to worry about the stock market… My money is in my control and continuing to earn 8% - 12% on a regular basis, or sometimes more.”

- Dr. Brian Balda (Dentist, Illinois)

"Joining Freedom Founders opened my eyes to another pathway… an alternative approach. I’ve gotten completely out of the stock market and this is the first time I’m not freaking out, honestly, that we’re having a crash right now."

- Dr. Andrew Lasley (Orthodontist, Washington)

"When you get out of the stock market, you sleep much better at night. It’s much better to know you’re in control. It’s never too late to come check it out. Talk to all of us who have been there and done that”

- Dr. John Mark Weaver (Orthodontist, Texas)

Prior to joining Freedom Founders we had substantial holdings in the stock market.We have redeployed our capital into alternative investments. We’re very pleased to be limited in our exposure to the stock market because this crash would have been devastating.”

- Dr. Ben Jensen (Dentist, South Dakota)

“David has been talking about this type of ‘Black Swan’ event for quite a while. When you have a leader like David, it gives you a great sense of calm, and a path forward. Our principal is still secure. We’re sitting beautifully.” 

- Dr. Greg Linney (Dentist, Texas)

"I became a member of Freedom Founders for the express purpose of surviving a downturn like this. So I’m very happy where I am. David has assembled a great network of Trusted Advisors who will help advance our march toward financial Freedom on the other end of this reset.”

- Dr. Peter Farrehi (MD, Michigan)