How To Ditch The Wall Street Roller Coaster And Take Control Of Your Wealth

The Bestselling Guide For Dentists Ready To Build Wealth And Freedom Outside Wall Street  

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"The ultimate guide for anyone who desires to build cashflow and net worth through real estate investment without ever meeting a tenant or fixing a toilet."

- John Groom, CPA

The Dentist's Guide To Freedom:

  • A guided tour to create your own Personal Wealth Building Blueprint 
  • The right way to leverage and Compound your Equity and Cash Flow Growth
  • Building Wealth & Cashflow (outside the practice)
  • How to Control Real Estate Investment Without the Ownership Headaches
  • Where you can find the best real estate investment opportunities without the risk of volatile markets
  • Why Warren Buffet LOVES investing in single-family homes and how he takes advantage of this rewarding market
  • Investing "Tax Smart" and mitigating against the increasing tax rates

Life Changing Impact:

"Practical, real world information and opportunities for hardworking, stressed out professionals to create a retirement they envisioned but couldn't make a reality." 

- Cindy

"This book will take you step by step on how to create true freedom in your life by investing in real estate the right way." 

- James 

"Not only good for dentists. But anyone considering investing in real estate. Provides a good guide to wealth accumulation over time."  

- Boyd

Meet Dr. David Phelps

David has an inspiring life story: How he was able to leave clinical practice in his mid 40's when his only child, a daughter, had a life and death battle with cancer. David is a straight-shooter. He doesn't hold back. An outspoken critic of the "Traditional Retirement Model", he's 100% anti-traditionalist on life, practice and wealth-building - he definitely does not follow the majority. Today, he serves as founder and CEO of the Freedom Founders Mastermind.

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