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The "Golden Age" Of Traditional Stock Market Investing Is Over. 

The investment landscape has changed.  

If you invested in the mid 1950s... during the “golden age” of the markets, you’re probably wealthy. Plugging your savings into a market index fund after WW2 and letting the market run its course would have been a sufficient retirement strategy 70 years ago.

But what about today?  

Today, markets are at all-time highs, controlled by supercomputers and software algorithms. Flashy new investment products are hitting the market every week. Apps and tech startups are taking “investing” to the uneducated, financially illiterate masses.  

"By decade's end... an annual rate of return of 4% for the U.S. Stock Market."

- Jack Bogle, Founder of Vanguard

Just 4%. A return that barely outpaces inflation.

The "Plug-And-Play" market strategies of the 1900s aren’t going to yield the results they used to.  

Many “consumer” investors are still working with decades-old assumptions and strategies.  

What if you could build wealth without submitting to the machinations of a financial system straining under the burden of needless complexity, greed, and debt? 

What Does It Look Like To Build Wealth Outside The Wall Street Casino? 

A Thrilling Late-Game Comeback From A $600,000 Stock Market Loss...

How John (while still in the Stock Market) lost 1/3rd of his wealth overnight in the 2008 crash. Within 3 years he successfully replaced his active income with investment cash-flow and sold his practice. 

Crafting A New Approach To Freedom...

How Eric, a dentist with an artist's heart was able to craft his Financial Future (and the way his community continues to benefit.) 

Building A Legacy For The Next Generation...

How Randy unlocked the secrets of wealth and generational legacy with his adult children... and the powerful impact it had on his family. 

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“Well this all sounds great, but... I don’t have hundreds of thousands to invest yet. I’m still paying off school debt and growing my practice. Maybe I’m not ready...” 

If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re probably right.  

The Freedom Founders Mastermind is expensive. The value is immense for those who have built up net worth and are ready to take action. You might not be there… yet.  

That’s ok.  

Over the last year, my team has been building something really special to serve those who aren’t quite ready for our Mastermind yet.  

It started as a powerful online platform to serve our Mastermind members. A hub for education, connection, and members-only resources... A portal to connect a network of anti-traditionalists pioneering a new model for wealth building, all outside the clutches of Wall Street. 

Today, we’re offering limited, exclusive access to those outside the Mastermind.  

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