Meet James “Jimmy” Nicholas of Jimmy Marketing & a Freedom Founders Trusted Advisor

Helping dentists and orthodontists predictably attract more new patients through our proven 3-step system.

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Jimmy Nicholas (Jimmy Marketing) & Trusted Advisor for Freedom Founders
Focus: Practice Optimization/Marketing

Jimmy Nicholas is the Founder and CEO of Jimmy Marketing. Jimmy Marketing helps dentists and orthodontists predictably attract more ideal patients from the web by implementing their proven 3-step system. Jimmy is a best-selling author, speaker, consultant and award-winning entrepreneur. He won the coveted GKIC Marketer of the Year award (GKIC is the world’s largest direct response marketing organization led by Dan Kennedy). In the last 12 months, Jimmy Marketing’s 3-step system has helped dentists and orthodontists attract over 15,000 new patient phone calls. To learn more about Jimmy and Jimmy Marketing visit

Our goal at Freedom Founders is to help you gain true financial freedom. That means you’ll never need to search for jobs for retired orthodontists or dentists!

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