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Are you a solo-practitioner past the age of 50 who is still active in your practice? Are you behind schedule with your orthodontist or dentist retirement planning?

Too many high-performance, high-income dentists wake up after decades of back-breaking work to discover that the traditional model – work hard, pay taxes, and save – simply wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, they don’t teach financial acumen in dental school.

Most dentists either blaze their own trail or – worse – they hire a suit on Wall Street to play the market with their hard-earned money. What if there was a better way than this orthodontist and dentist stock market method of financial planning?

The Traditional Retirement Model Is Failing Dentistry

freedom founders retirement model is failing dentistryThe Freedom Founders Mastermind is filled with some of the best dental practitioners in the country.

Unfortunately, being a driven, high-earning professional does not guarantee wealth or a stable retirement. They don’t teach financial planning in dental school. High Income is not the same as High Net Worth., and the traditional retirement model is failing dentistry.

We live in uncertain times. There are tectonic shifts in the retirement landscape. Once reputable financial institutions are now playing a dangerous high-stakes game with our nation’s wealth. Wall Street is no longer the fail-safe bastion it once was.

The national debt is skyrocketing. The traditional model depends on the forgotten world of decades past. When it comes to dentist retirement planning, professionals need to adapt to stay in the game.

Who Is Calling the Shots with Your Wealth Today?

If your wealth is controlled by a stranger in a suit on Wall Street, it’s time for a strategy session.

Experience The Power Of A Mastermind

What if you could leverage the knowledge – and hundreds of years of combined experience – of today’s top experts in wealth creation, in a tight-knit community of America’s top-performing, high-income dentists?

For most of our mastermind members… the result is Financial Freedom in just 5-7 years.

Do You Have an Elite Board of Advisors?

freedom founders elite board of advisorsWe get dozens of dentists contacting us about acquiring an invitation to visit the mastermind. (Our community is invitation only.) Some of them know friends and colleagues whose financial trajectories have skyrocketed after joining the brain trust. Others are just curious… or even skeptical.

That’s good.

It’s tough to answer that curiosity without actually attending an event. Here’s a brief breakdown of what to expect if your application for an invitation is accepted. Guests often call it a “Drink from the firehose.”

I think a few of our guests summed it up best:

  • “It’s a collaboration of the best, brightest minds in the country.”
  • “There is a real sense of family here.”
  • “A mind-blowing experience.”

What You Should Expect When You Join Freedom Founders for Help with Orthodontist or Dentist Retirement Planning

  • Uncommon, (sometimes radical)  investment training
  • Step-by-step coaching to create your own personalized investment blueprint
  • A 5-7 year plan to Freedom
  • An opportunity to candidly share challenges and opportunities with advisors who can provide actionable answers
  • Community with like-minded human beings
  • Great food, laughter, and fun
  • In addition to loads of education on investment strategy, practice management & real estate tactics

You’ll have direct access to David’s team of Trusted Advisors while you’re there.

freedom founders team of trusted advisorsThese men and women will share from their personal experience, expertise, wisdom, resources, and knowledge  to help you get the results you want.

These are folks that have been mastering alternative real estate investing for the last 40 years.

You’ll enter a world of investment opportunity no individual could ever create for themselves.

That’s the power of a Mastermind.

If, after your visit, you are invite by the group to join, financial Freedom is often only 5 to 7 years away.

Does a group like this sound right for you? Only a few slots are available. Click this link to apply for an invitation.

What Does Freedom Founders Actually Do?

“What do you guys at Freedom Founders actually do?” Very fair question! I get asked this a lot. What we “actually” do is tough to condense into a simple, quick-and-easy answer.

But here’s my best effort…

True Education + Strong Relationships + Focus + Access = Personal Freedom

Now let’s unpack those big boxes…


First, I teach through my podcast and Facebook page.

I connect with my Trusted Advisors and and other industry Influencers to sift and sort strategies for growing wealth tax-free and building real net worth.

It’s a great way to dip your toe into the water with Freedom Founders.

Assessment Tools

Second, we offer powerful assessment tools:

They’re free. (No hoops to jump through, either.)

If these resources help you, and you want more info, click here to check out my book, a step-by-step guide from high-income to high net worth.

If all of this rings true for you, it’s time to take the next step.

freedom founders its time to take the next stepFor most, the next step is our Freedom Insider Membership. Freedom Insider is an all-access media subscription packed with relevant videos, reports, and digital content for those ready to ditch the Wall Street roller coaster and start growing real net worth with hassle-free real estate. It’s “Freedom School”… an opportunity to learn everything they failed to teach you in dental school.

But for those select few who are ready to stop reading and start doing, it might be time to make a more direct move forward: Submit an application to visit our mastermind.  Guests often call it a “Drink from the firehose.”

In addition to loads of education on investment strategy, practice management, and real estate tactics, you’ll get to meet our community and our trusted advisors. More importantly, they’ll get to meet you.

If our member selection committee believes your values are aligned, they might extend an invitation to join our Mastermind.

You might decide that masterminds aren’t your thing. That’s okay.

If you do decide that joining a group of doctors/investors committed to freedom in life and business is what you’ve been looking for, you’ll get…

  • Uncommon (sometimes radical) investment training
  • Personalized investment blueprint
  • 5-7 year plan to freedom
  • Weekly accountability
  • Community with like-minded human beings…

In addition, our members also get access to build safe connections with our highly vetted team of Trusted Advisors. These are folks who have been mastering alternative real estate investing for the last 40 years. You’ll enter a world of investment opportunity no individual could ever create for themselves.

That’s the power of a mastermind.

Once you join, financial Freedom is often only 5-7 years away.

When you achieve your freedom goals, you can submit an application to become a “Free For Life” member. Meet some Free For Life members here. From there, your life is yours. Live it fully.

That’s what we “actually” do.

Hope this helps,

P.S. Freedom Founders is all about safety, speed and implementation of your blueprint. The other members and I heavily vet all who are allowed into our community, including the Trusted Advisors who bring the wholesale deal flow. As a group, we have access and leveraged accountability. There’s nothing like Freedom Founders anywhere else… bar none.

Sound like a good fit?

Freedom Founders Provides Reliable Alternatives for Orthodontist & Dentist Retirement Planning.