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Getting to Your Freedom Point in Record Time

What is freedom to you? To me, freedom is doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, with whom you want to do it. That’s freedom.     Now, that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing work or service or owning a business. It just means you have a choice

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Freedom Stories – Jon Gillesby

What is Freedom Founders?   Honestly, I see it as a family.     It’s a group of people who are goal oriented, and who hold each other accountable so that we’re all accomplishing more. It’s impacted my life professionally, by providing the opportunity to glean from the expertise of great speakers and more accomplished

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Creating a Freedom Mindset

Making money – that’s usually how we start out in life. How do we make more money, save more money, put away enough money for retirement? For many, that seems to be our focus for much of our life. I know it was mine. But when you reach a certain maturity, you move past viewing

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It’s WHO You Know That Counts

Do you wonder why some people seem to do well financially? I don’t mean just in their business, but with their investments. They seem to do well whether the market’s up or down or going sideways. Why is that?     Well for one, I don’t know many people who do that well on a

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The Revenue of Harvesting

There comes a time when you can harvest the seeds that you’ve sown. It’s what I call taking chips off the table.     If you’re younger, you probably don’t have chips to take off the table yet, and that’s okay. But for those of you who have built up some equity, whether that be

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The Revenue of Sowing

Stewardship. How do you be a good steward of what you’re given? God gives us all different opportunities. It’s our responsibility to optimize those opportunities.     When I was still in college, and when I eventually entered my profession, I wanted to learn how to invest what little resources I had. I read books

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The Cost of Inflation

There are two basic gameplans: Accumulation, and Cash Flow; and there’s a world of difference between the two.     Most financial investment plans — the tradition Wall Street stock market, stocks and bonds mix, annuities, etc. — don’t provide cash flow. They provide accumulation. That’s their gameplan, and advisors will tell you that you need

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Are You Protecting Your Freedom?

Many of us will take time off today to be with friends and family and celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.  Barbeques, rodeos, fun and games topped off with a glorious fireworks show! Our forefathers and their families put everything on the line for us some 240 years ago.   They had a cause, a mission,

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The Cost of Trading Time for Dollars

Life has a way of changing our plans. That throws a lot of people off course. The key is perseverance: the ability to either stay on track or know when to move your track.     Moving your track could be from left to right, or you might need a complete 180-degree turnaround. In either

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Choosing the Long Path or Short Path

With most things in life, there’s a short path and a long path. A short path is one where you get help. You get education. You take courses or go through a certification process. You have a mentor or a coach. You’re part of a group that’s on the same path. That’s the fast way.

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