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Do Coaches and Mentors Work?

I get involved in some of the online forums and thread discussions; you have to be careful, but there can be a lot of good information about business and practice. The question many people have on these forums is: Do coaches, consulting programs, and mentors actually work?     Well, there are two sides to

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Do for 5 Years What Others Won’t

The fastest, safest track to financial freedom can be summed up… in one word. This is for anyone, young or old, but it’s especially pertinent to young people out there who want to get ahead of the game.     Because of the compound effect, the sooner you start, the larger the opportunity. Many professionals

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Freedom Stories – Eric Shelly

I came into Freedom Founders thinking that my retirement was seven to ten years away – but I quickly realized that I was going to be able to get there much faster and much more efficiently than I first thought possible. I figured there would be good information, but I left that first Freedom Founders

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Why I Only Invest In Collateralized Assets

Wall Street investments aren’t backed by meaningful collateral. A stock might be worth a fortune one day, and nothing the next. Mutual funds, stocks, bonds… It’s all just paper.     20 years ago, that’s all I knew to do. I opened a 401k for my dental office because I felt guilty. Everyone else was

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I Hate Asking for Directions

I’ve got to admit it – I hate asking for directions. I think you men know what I’m talking about. I’ve always been a guy who wants to figure it out for myself. I make my own path, make my own way, and I don’t like asking for help.     Even if I’m in

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Market Inefficiencies

Today we’re going to talk about market inefficiencies. What does that mean? Well, I’ll give you an example. Back when I was single, 20+ years ago, there was a huge market inefficiency out there: Women love men who can dance, and most men didn’t know how to dance. I decided to take some dancing lessons,

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The Majority is Usually Wrong

Let’s talk today about the difference between speculation and investment. I see a lot of people who are always looking for the next big hit, or the next bandwagon to jump on. And typically, it’s something that’s not within their area of expertise.     Most people today have a business or practice, which is

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Freedom Stories – Bob Ueber

Freedom Founders has been life changing for me. Yes, it has created extremely dramatic changes in my life over the last two and a half years. But not only that, Freedom Founders helps me obtain a clearer and clearer vision of which direction I want to go moving forward.     It has enabled me

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What’s the ROI of Education?

What is an education worth today? It depends on the kind of education, and the desired outcome.     Formal education means going through grade school, high school, college or upper education, graduate school, and perhaps professional school. That’s the education I went through. I have nothing negative to say about it, except that it’s

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Freedom Awards

At Freedom Founders, our mission is one thing: Freedom. There’s nothing that brings us more joy than watching our members achieve it. And at our most recent Freedom Awards, we had an incredible opportunity – the chance to honor our first ever “Free for Life” graduates. These are incredible people, who have crafted a legacy

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