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Learn from some of our best Strategic Partners on Practice Management and Improvement!

Build a Highly Profitable Practice That Fits Your Lifestyle, Goals & Priorities

Meet Scott Manning (Dental Success Today)

Practice Profit & Growth Expert

Scott Manning began his first business in high school as an instructor in martial arts. He has since grown friendships and business partners in the many dentists he had as clients. Now he works with elite progressive doctors to shape their practices to a level of fine-tuned perfection in business that gives them control over their life and income. Scott Manning will identify important places of change or improvement in your practice that can be adjusted to result in profit, growth, new patients and an ease of making money versus a stressful struggle of the daily grind.

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Save money from the unregulated credit card industry without having to switch processors

Meet Cheryl McKenna (Merchant Advocate)

Merchant Fee & Overhead Specialist

Cheryl McKenna works for Merchant Advocate, a company that understands the credit card processing industry and can help you get the best rates and fees.  They help merchants save money without having to switch processors.  Cheryl and those at Merchant Advocate assure that there are NO UPFRONT COSTS for their services and they are paid out of the savings they achieve for you.

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Create Happy, Paying Clients, Who Repeat and Refer. For life.

Meet Steven J Anderson (Crown Council, ToPS Institute)

Leadership and Business Expert

For over 3 decades, Steve Anderson has studied, applied, proven and proclaimed: All human action is grounded in Natural Law. As the founder of over a dozen businesses, he has propelled organizations and individuals to the highest levels of performance and productivity. He created the Total Patient Service Institute to embody and implement ideas, techniques and systems based on the 101 Natural Laws of Successful Practice Management and treatment acceptance. With the patients’ perspective in mind, ToPS systems are designed to:

  • Help your practice identify and meet the needs of the changing market.
  • Deliver on the doctor’s philosophy of care.
  • Help your patients accept more of the kind of care they really need.
  • Achieve personal and professional balance.
  • Increase team harmony.
  • And much, much more.

Learn how to leverage what you know and get more from your business and your life.

William Ladd and Jared Duckett (CPAs and Advisors)


Bill and Jared are a rare brand of CPA who not only understand BOTH the dental industry and alternative investments, but who are also steady leaders in crisis. Together, they can double your business without doubling the number of hours you work! Their experience in legal and medical services can help you have the work and the life that you want.

IN REAL ESTATE: Reduction of your tax liability and maximization of your cash flow is possible with their Real Estate Investment optimization teams. Get better numbers, understand them more clearly, and make solid decisions with their REI consulting.

IN LOW INCOME HOUSING: Bill and Jared bring decades of specialty experience with LIHTC auditing, using an attitude of respect and courtesy to keep the process as smooth and quick as possible.

IN DENTAL: They will help you find more clarity in your numbers, and push your practice to new levels of profitability.