Fast Access Private Transaction
Submission Process

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Phase I - Submit Your Private Transaction Submission Application

We’d like to introduce you to the Fast Access Private Transaction Forum sponsored by Freedom Founders.

Freedom Founders was created over a decade ago in order to provide an educational environment where dentists, orthodontists, and other health care professionals could share collegiality with each other, obtain education in alternative investment strategies, meet professionals whom we call Trusted Advisors, and be exposed to investment opportunities which, as a result of those relationships, come their way. Our network allows us the opportunity to bring like-minded practice professionals together with investment opportunities of all kinds.

Freedom Founders, as an organization, does not participate in those investments or investment opportunities since Freedom Founders is strictly an educational and networking organization; however, our Members benefit by being exposed through relationships and professional expertise.

Our Fast Access Members are individuals with high net worth who seek to be exposed not only to alternative investments made available through syndications, but also through Private Transactions curated for presentation to them. Freedom Founders provides a Forum in which those Fast Access Members can explore those private opportunities and, if the opportunity meets their criteria, participate at their discretion.

1. Should you be interested, you, as an Applicant, would complete the Fast Access Private Transaction Submission Application and submit your $997 application deposit.

2. As part of your application deposit, we retain legal and financial counsel who provides Freedom Founders a background due diligence on you and your principal(s), as well as affirmative guidance as to whether this falls within Freedom Founders parameters to be submitted, as a Private Transaction, to Fast Access Members.

3. Upon receipt of your Private Transaction Submission Application and your $997 application deposit, the Freedom Founders senior leadership team will review and respond within 7 days. If initial submission is approved, you'll be invited to move on to Phase II.

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