Fast Access Private Transaction
Submission Process

Phase II - Submit Your Private Transaction Opportunity

1a. Submit your $4,000 processing fee. While your Submission Fee covers the cost of the due diligence associated with bringing you and your transaction to the Fast Access Members, if appropriate, you would be responsible for the closing costs involved in the Private Transaction itself which would, of course, be estimated for you in advance.

1b. Complete the Fast Access Private Transaction Opportunity Form.

1c. Submit your supporting documentation by sharing a Dropbox folder link with

Because these are Private Transactions, we recognize you may not have all of the documentation we would ordinarily require from a syndicator or professional sponsor; however, we would ask you to provide whatever information you may have to support the particular Private Transaction you are seeking to fund.

2. Upon receipt of your Fast Access Private Transaction Opportunity Form and your $4,000 submission fee, the Freedom Founders senior leadership team will review and respond within 7 days. If approved, you'll be invited to move on to Phase III.

Submit Your Opportunity Fee

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Phase III - Present Your Private Transaction to Fast Access Members

1. Should your Opportunity receive clearance to be submitted to Fast Access Members, you would then be contacted by Freedom Founders in order to schedule a Zoom call with our Freedom Founders Fast Access Members, as well as legal and financial counsel.

2. After the Zoom call, you would be advised as to whether there is interest on the part of the Fast Access Members to proceed forward with the negotiation and terms of a transaction which would result in a Deal Summary to be approved first by you, and then disseminated to the Fast Access Members.

3. Upon approval by participating Fast Access Members, our legal counsel would engage with you and your counsel to draft the documentation supporting the Private Transaction you are seeking to fund.

4. A closing would be scheduled and your funding would be disbursed.