Meet Quincy Long of Quest IRA, Inc. & a Freedom Founders Trusted Advisor

Find Reliable Alternatives to Your Orthodontist or Dentist 401K from a Trusted Advisor of Freedom Founders

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Quincy Long of Quest IRA, Inc. & a Trusted Advisor for Freedom Founders
Focus: Self-Directed IRA

Quest IRA, Inc. is the premier provider of self-directed IRA services in the country, with offices in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Texas. Their team provides administrative services for investors who wish to self-direct their IRA, 401K, SEP, and other qualified retirement accounts.

Quincy Long, President and founder of Quest IRA, has been a licensed Texas attorney since 1991, specializing in real estate. As an active investor inside and outside of his retirement plans, Quincy has an intimate understanding of the needs of his clients. Quincy is a trusted advisor for Freedom Founders.

Freedom Founders Helps Our Members Find Viable Alternatives to the Traditional 401K for Dentists, Orthodontists & Small Business Owners.