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What if you could reach financial freedom... in just 5-7 years?

Meet Dr. John & Jeannie Harasin... Free For Life.

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Watch this special documentary to meet Dr. John and Jeannie Harasin... Free For Life members

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A Blueprint For Freedom... In Just 5-7 years.

Meet Dr. John & Jeannie Harasin, Free For Life.

"I'd lost a third of my retirement overnight... I thought I'd be stuck behind the chair into my 70s..."

"Today, I've sold my practice... but my retirement paychecks exceed what I used to make as a dentist..."

I built a successful practice in Saginaw, Michigan through hard work. 

It demanded everything I had. 

For so long my mind was cluttered with stress, problems, and worry. I had little time to read, listen and absorb the world outside of the business of dentistry. 

I built a respectable investment portfolio on Wall Street and in commercial real estate. The traditional model seemed to be working. I was nearing retirement. 

But then... I'll never forget that fateful day in 2007...

The market had turned. 

I lost almost a third of my investment principle overnight. My hopes of retirement were crushed. 

It looked like I’d have to continue practicing into my 70s. 

That was when I walked through the doors of Freedom Founders for the first time. 

I was skeptical... to say the least. 

Three years ago my only goal was to sell the practice, get out of dentistry, and be retired. 

Today, I’ve sold my practice and am financially free. 

I read what I want to read and listen to speakers on a variety of subjects. I have time to think. I’ve raised the bar and brought more intellect into my life. I golf. I travel. I spend more time with Jeannie. 

I now have a new passion and a desire to make an impact on people’s lives by helping them become financially and personally free. 

I want to impart the ability to live each day to its fullest, on your terms... without the concern or worry of financial constraints. 

That's my story. That’s why I do what I do. 

I look forward to hearing your story on our call. 

- John 

Life-Changing Stories From Other Dentists, Docs, and Orthos...  

Watch this video of other dentists, docs, and orthos sharing their experience with Freedom Founders. 

The #1 refrain is "I only wish I'd found Freedom Founders sooner!

The #1 Authority for Dentists Ready To Ditch Wall Street & Take Control Of Their Retirement

We believe... your network is your net worth.

We believe... it’s not too late. You’re closer than you think.

Guests often call it a “Drink from the firehose”. 

Explaining our mastermind to folks who haven’t been is like trying to describe a sunset to someone who spent their entire life in a dark cave. 

I think a few of our guests summed it up best: 

“It’s a collaboration of the best, brightest minds in the country.”

“There is a real sense of family here.”

“A mind-blowing experience.”

You Should Expect: 

  • Uncommon (sometimes radical) investment training 
  • Step-by-step coaching to create your own personalized investment Blueprint
  • A 5-7 year plan to Freedom
  • An opportunity to connect with advisors who can provide actionable answers
  • Community with like-minded human beings…
  • Great food. Laughter. And fun

In addition to loads of Education on investment strategy, practice management, real estate tactics… 

You’ll have direct access to my team of Trusted Advisors while you’re there.

These men and women will share from their personal experience, expertise, wisdom, resources and knowledge to help you get the results you want.

Folks that have been mastering alternative real estate investing for the last 40 years. 

You’ll enter a world of investment opportunity no individual could ever create for themselves. 

That’s the power of a Mastermind. 

Once you join, financial Freedom is only 5-7 years away. 

We believe real estate gives you control. We believe control is good.

Why NOW Is The Time To Act

Most dentists have no Plan B. 

My colleagues and I still reminisce... remembering vividly what it felt like to be chained by golden handcuffs. 

The cruelest fate is to possess wealth without Freedom

It’s a fate that can be costly...

As my friend Dr. Mike Abernathy says:

“being a solo practitioner dentist past age 50 is a 99% fatal condition.”

  • The industry is changing (corporate dentistry, managed insurance)
  • Your retirement “runway” is shortening
  • Your health is in the balance (decades of leaning over the chair takes its toll)

If you’re a solo practitioner still active in your practice nearing (or past) the age of 50, with little clarity about your plan for retirement… The time to act is NOW.

The good news is, it’s not too late. 

When you visit our Mastermind, you meet dentists who got on track (in the second half of their careers) and found Freedom… in less than 5-7 years. 

You can too. 

You're closer than you think. 

Take Your First Step Toward Freedom.

The #1 Trait of Our Most Successful Mastermind Members

In over 30 years of blazing a trail through the alternative investing wilderness (guided by the shining light of Freedom), and helping hundreds of dentists, docs, and orthos follow the path to acheive their own Freedom, I've discovered something fascinating: 

Those who reached their Freedom goals the fastest all shared 1 trait in common: 

They took massive action.

The moment they saw a path through, they charged forward, not always knowing what was around the bend. 

What they've discovered around the bend changed their life. It can change yours too. 

Are you an action taker? 

The place to start is where you are. The time is now.

To Your Freedom!