TA Intro

Record or upload a 5-minute-or-less video about you and your business to show to Freedom Founders Members! 

This video will be on your custom Trusted Advisor page in our member portal.

Note: Please do NOT include contact information in the video.

Three Tips To Look Awesome On Video

  • LIGHT: Position yourself so that most of the light is coming from in front of you instead of behind you. If you have a window behind you, shut the blinds. 
  • CAMERA: Adjust your camera if it is too low or high. Your camera should be at eye level. Choose a professional, interesting background. Frame yourself either waist or chest up, not your full body.
  • SOUND: barking dogs and slamming doors can be distracting! Find a quiet space to record, and shut the door.

That’s it! Our team will review your video to confirm that it meets these guidelines. Instructions on using the webpage recorder are below.

Recording instructions (for desktops/laptops):

  1. After you click “record”, your browser may prompt you to allow freedomfounders.com to use your microphone and camera; click “allow.”
  2. Click the red button in the lower left of the video screen to begin recording. When you're finished, click it again to stop. You may view your recording by clicking the play button.
  3. You can record another video by repeating step two.