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Break the Chains
(and Taste Freedom)

“Never invest in a system that goes home at night”

Myths and Self-Limiting Beliefs

The problem for most professional high income earners is not a lack of work ethic, is not a lack of desire, I.Q. or education…’s a mindset that creates the reliance on high income labor-produced income (trading time for dollars).  As professionals, our income is “transaction-based.”  We provide a service and we are paid. The problem with that model? No more income until the next service is provided…

Having Finite Time is Your Challenge

What’s the problem?  Having a business or practice dependent on YOU, no matter what your billing or hourly rate, is a J-O-B.  There’s nothing wrong with this model if you love what you do… UNTIL the unexpected happens, or you simply would like to have (at least some of) your time back. This is what I call “Breaking the Chains” and is probably the most important strategies that Freedom Founders members are given.

Ready to Get Your Life Back?

Take the first step by reading this letter (written with you in mind)…

There is no freedom if your business is dependent on you!

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