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Freedom Founders is RIGHT for You if You are Looking for a
Highly Vetted, Application Only Community Where You Can...

  • Build Deep Relationships

    Build deep, long lasting relationships, both personally and professionally.

  • Access a Well Educated Community

    Raise capital, provide deal flow or offer your services to a well-vetted, highly curated group of professionals who are well-educated and easy to work with.

  • Grow Personally and Professionally

    Increase your own knowledge, skills and abilities through our member meetings, freedom implementation calls and Trusted Advisor brainstorming sessions.

Selected Comments From a Few of Our Trusted Advisors

"I would say the Freedom Founders member is at a much higher level than your typical investor due to all the training they get here. The education that David and the community provides is off the charts and therefore it makes it so much easier to do business with them!"

Trusted Advisor - Glenn Stromberg
(10+ years of service)

"I love the personal side of it. There was one speaker that talked about her family and how her business affected her family and how she was able to really bring the two together. It's just as important to put the same emphasis in our families as we do our business. It's just been, it's just been incredible!"

Trusted Advisor - Wendy Sweet
(6+ years of service)

"For us the systems and processes that we've implemented in our own business because of being part of Freedom Founders has really taken our business to the next level. Hey, we never would have had an opportunity to meet the folks who have helped us without being in this group!"

Trusted Advisor - Bill Fairman
(7+ years of service)

Benefits of Serving Our Community as a Trusted Advisor
(Based on Recent Survey Data)

On a Scale of 1-10, rate the overall knowledge level (training, education, skills) and 'ease of doing business with' Members INSIDE of Freedom Founders:


Positive Feedback From Trusted Advisors Regarding Our Members:

"The Freedom Founders online resources are amazing and the 'trust' factor is amazing!"

"Most deals we do with Freedom Founders members happen with simple texts and calls."

On a Scale of 1-10, rate the overall knowledge level (training, education, skills) and 'ease of doing business with' your investors OUTSIDE of Freedom Founders:


Feedback From Trusted Advisors Regarding Investors Outside of Freedom Founders:

"It's like herding cats."

"With outside investors there is definitely more hand holding when onboarding."

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