Meet Wayne Sheaffer of Housemart, Inc. & a Freedom Founders Trusted Advisor

If You’re a Dentist or Orthodontist, Stock Market Investments Aren’t Your Only Way to Achieve Financial Freedom. Learn More From Our Trusted Advisors.

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Wayne Sheaffer (Housemart, Inc.) & Trusted Advisor for Freedom Founders
Focus: Turnkey/Active Turnkey

Housemart, Inc. is a real estate investing company with a focus on wholesale and rent-to-own properties in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio, offering some fix-and-flip opportunities across the Midwest as well.

Wayne Sheaffer, founder of Housemart, Inc., bought and sold forty-eight houses in the first year, and now his team is completing 300 real estate transactions in a year. Wayne began his career in real estate in 2004 after serving Fortune 500 companies for several years. He is a trusted advisor for Freedom Founders.

Freedom Founders Provides Reliable Alternatives to the Dentist & Orthodontist Stock Market Investment Model.

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