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Are You A Solo Practitioner Still Active In Your Practice Past Age 50? Plans For Retirement Behind Schedule? 

Are you on track for retirement? Most dentists aren’t. In fact, most have no idea what a retirement “on track” even looks like.  

For most dentists, keeping the practice on track is everything. It requires 100% of all energy and focus. It demands every waking hour. Retirement gets delegated to a “financial advisor” (a stranger in a suit who gets paid to play with your money).  

Most dentists have no Plan B.  

The cruelest fate is to possess wealth without Freedom. It’s a fate that can be costly... As Dr. Mike Abernathy says:

"being a solo practitioner dentist past age 50 is a 99% fatal condition..."  

The industry is changing (corporate dentistry, managed insurance) Your retirement "runway" is shortening. Your health is in the balance (decades of leaning over the chair takes its toll)  

If you’re a solo practitioner still active in your practice nearing (or past) the age of 50, with little clarity about your plan for retirement...  

The time to act is now.  

A daughter's health crisis... A failed practice... A Plan B...

Meet Dr. David Phelps, DDS

Founder and CEO of the Freedom Founders Mastermind. A man dedicated to helping fellow dentists break the chains and find the Financial Freedom he spent years seeking.


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Dr. Mitch Guess, DDS

I was looking for an answer... 

Dr. Tom Buske, DDS

"Now I've gotten out of the stock market..." 

Dr. Randy Cline, DDS

"I wasn't happy with the stock market or my financial advisor..."

Dr. Jon Gillesby, DDS

"A group that holds each other accountable..."

Dr. Eric Shelly, DDS

"Freedom Founders changed the trajectory of my life..." 

A Blueprint For Freedom, In Just 5-7 years. 

An experience guests often call a “Drink from the firehose”

Explaining our mastermind to folks who haven’t been is like trying to describe a sunset to someone who spent their entire life in a dark cave. A few of our guests summed it up best: 

“It’s a collaboration of the best, brightest minds in the country.”

- Dr. Neil W.

You Should Expect: 

- Uncommon (sometimes radical) investment training - Step-by-step coaching to create your own personalized investment Blueprint - A 5-7 year plan to Freedom - An opportunity to connect with advisors who can provide actionable answers - Community with like-minded human beings… - Great food. Laughter. And fun 

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"The ultimate guide for anyone who desires to build cashflow and net worth through real estate investment without ever meeting a tenant or fixing a toilet." 

- John Groom, CPA

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