Why Freedom Founders?

Alternative to the Ups & Downs of Wall Street Investing

The market may be climbing today, but where will it peak? We all know that a market cannot surge forever. Every market has a peak. Many of us learned this the hard way during the last major stock market crash.

What's the chance the market will continue to climb now? That's anybody’s guess. Giddy investors ride the markets up and up and up… but they don’t know when to get off the roller coaster. They stay in the market until the bottom falls out. And when it drops, it drops thirty, forty, even fifty percent in one week. It can take years to rebuild the original principal, not to mention the loss of return on investment – the lost opportunity.

Truth be told, you probably can’t afford a gut-lurching roller coaster ride at this stage of the game. The closer you get to retirement (a stage of life where you can no longer depend on active income), the more important protecting your principal becomes. With real estate investing for dentists and orthodontists, if you’re selective about the assets and specific local markets in which you invest, the market cycles are much less volatile.

David Phelps, the founder of Freedom Founders, calls those low volatility markets the “boring” markets. They aren’t flashy or glamorous. They won’t make you rich overnight. Nevertheless, real estate is where the real investors secure their wealth and establish a generational legacy.

Hassle free real estate, no tenants, no toilets. It works for us. What works for you?

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Founder Dr. David Phelps Is a Tenacious Student

The founder of Freedom Founders, Dr. David Phelps, began this project with himself as the original case study. David took the time and energy to learn everything needed to assure success, because failure was simply not an option. You can learn more about David's story here.

Ultimately, David realized that there were many others like him – other dentists and doctors who were struggling to secure their retirement. With this realization, David started Freedom Founders. Since its inception, David Phelps has personally undertaken the significant research and study needed to help others succeed – and he shares that knowledge openly and freely, with the hope that others can achieve the same peace of mind he now has.

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Trusted List of Advisors

dental retirement plan with freedom foundersDr. David Phelps's personal journey of education and research certainly isn't the only way that Freedom Founders members thrive! The Freedom Founders Mastermind group also consists of a core group of trusted advisors, who help us to navigate the world of real estate investment for dentists and orthodontists. Our advisors are hand picked not only for their significant knowledge, but also for their genuine desire to care about and help others.

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The Mastermind Family

dental retirement plan with freedom founders mastermindThanks to David Phelps, our trusted advisors, and the numerous dentists, orthodontists, and doctors who have joined Freedom Founders, the Mastermind is now a thriving group of professionals on the road to success.  We share our knowledge, our experience, and our passion with each other, and this has formed a bond that often feels like a family away from family.

When you are invited to join the Freedom Founders Mastermind, you enter a community that cares. We watch out for each other, and we will watch out for you.

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Unconditional Refund Policy

freedom founders return policyHere’s the deal. We believe in a “no dentist left behind” policy.

As a guest, you’ll get the fully integrated member experience. We don’t let anyone “pitch” in our group. Our Trusted Advisors and real estate providers aren’t even allowed to offer you anything when you attend as a guest.

Your fly-on-the-wall experience will help you make a truly educated decision for your family and legacy. You’ll have free reign to speak with all current members, really hear it from the horse’s mouth, as they say.

If you decide that Masterminds aren’t your thing… you’re 100% covered – if you don’t find value, your whole deposit is refunded plus a travel voucher.

No questions asked.

Bottom line: I’ll take all the risk. We don’t let just anybody become a member. Our community works when it works for our members. The last thing I want is members who can’t create a significant return on their investment.

We’re here for the long haul.

Are you?

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Financial Freedom Podcasts

financial freedom podcasts for dental retirement planDavid Phelps' passion for helping others extends beyond the Mastermind itself. If you are not a member of our community, or if you are just interested in learning more about what we do, our free podcasts are a wonderful way to get your feet wet.

In our podcasts, you will hear real world advice straight from David Phelps himself. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just sound advice to help you thrive on your own path to financial freedom.

Click here to access our free podcasts. If you'd like to learn more about our Mastermind, click here to reach out to us.

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Free Freedom Founders Newsletter

david phelps for dental retirement planIn addition to our financial freedom podcasts, Freedom Founders also offers a completely free newsletter for any who are interested. In our newsletters, you'll hear some of our member's success stories, as well as advice and tips on how to achieve your own success in financial planning for dentists and orthodontists.

If you are interested in the Freedom Founders Mastermind but aren't quite ready to apply for membership, our newsletter is a great way to learn more. Click here to get our newsletter today!

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Dr. David Phelps' Two Bestselling Books

dr dave phelps for dental retirement planHave you already listened to the podcasts and read the newsletter? Do you want to learn even more? Then we recommend you check out David Phelps's two bestselling books, From High Income to High Net Worth and The Ultimate Freedom Prescription.

The old method of “Work hard, save money, and retire” just doesn't cut it anymore. In his books, David discusses the obstacles we face as professionals seeking financial freedom, and the steps we can take to achieve the peace of mind we deserve.

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Freedom Founders Strives to Help Others with Their Medical or Dental Retirement Savings Plan. Contact Freedom Founders Today to Learn More About the Power of a Mastermind Group.