Grow Cash Flow and Wealth Through Alternative Investing

The Comprehensive Course & Training Kit Designed To Give You The Tools & Knowledge You Need To Create Cash Flow And Freedom From The $31.8 Trillion World Of Alternative Investing On Main Street.

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting in Real Estate

This 5-step course training is your ticket to replacing your dental income and selling your practice, because at the end of the day, you just don't want to be tied to the chair or spending time on staff issues and paperwork. This is exactly what the doctors in my inner circle are doing.  

They're getting access to 35 years of achieving financial freedom faster, and with much less risk, than they find picking stock investments or handing over their future to a third party money manager.  

This training course will give you the opportunity to create your own Personal Wealth Building Blueprint.  

We will cover how to control real estate assets without management or ownership headaches, and the fastest way to make up for lost retirement planning - as well as how much money you REALLY need to be able to retire. The advantage you will gain through this course towards building your retirement nest-egg is how to compound your net worth without the effect of annual taxation.  

David's experience covers due diligence to know if an investment is a good deal for you or not. This course will also cover where to find the best real estate opportunities right now, which real estate investments work best for Self-Directed IRAs and 401Ks, the formula for determining value, and what the right investment 'number' is. 

From: Dr. David Phelps, D.D.S. RE: The Real Estate Virtual Training Course

Dear Colleague,  

With the Real Estate Virtual Training Course, I will hold your feet to the fire as you achieve the greatness you've always had inside you. Here's how The Real Estate Virtual Training Course works: This is a 5-part, A to Z, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) training, that will arm you with the financial freedom arsenal that was previously held only as a live event for our exclusive mastermind group.  

The results were so incredible - you can ask any of the members that attend - that we have decided to share the knowledge and wealth building opportunity with doctors just like you, who are looking to go from just a high income, to a rewarding high net worth.  

By the time you're done, you'll be in the process of being able to walk away from your current practice and suffer no decrease in lifestyle. The secret (which isn't much of a secret if you know me at all) is the power of acquiring income-producing capital assets - mostly single family real estate.  

Now, I'm offering you a powerful shortcut to building passive income streams outside your practice - but saving you the headaches and mistakes that I went through. I'd love to share more with you below...

Dr. David Phelps

This is Exactly the Program You Need If You're a:  

Dentist who wants to replace their labor with lifetime passive income streams

Dentist who wants a way out from the Brave New World of managed care and corporate takeovers

Dentist who is tired of working hard, paying too much taxes, and having nothing left over

Dentist who wants the inside track for the best passive-income-producing opportunities today

Get Risk-Free Access Now  

This training is for someone who is committed to achieving the highest levels of success beyond their business; for "A-Level" people who are dedicated to results. We only want serious men and women who are ready to take that next step.

I have total confidence in what this course can do for you… but I want YOU to feel 100% confident you’re making the right decision for you and your family.

Here is Exactly What You'll Get Inside The Real Estate Training Course

  • A guided tour to create your own Personal Wealth Building Blueprint  
  • The right way to leverage and Compound your Equity and Cash Flow Growth  
  • How Dentists can turn their practice into the Engine that drives their investments to build wealth and create passive income
  • (5) 60 minute video segments, delivered virtually (completely on demand)
  • Worksheets and self assessment quizzes for each video segment that put the knowledge shared into practice  
  • Access to our designed-for-you Freedom Founders Retirement Calculator Online Application  
  • Building Wealth & Cashflow (outside the practice)  
  • Investing "Tax Smart" and mitigating against the increasing tax rates  
  • Why Warren Buffet LOVES investing in single-family homes and how he takes advantage of this rewarding market  
  • How to Control Real Estate Investment Without the Ownership Headaches  
  • Where you can find the best real estate investment opportunities without the risk of volatile markets  
  • Gain the knowledge to determine which real estate assets make sense for you 

My Big Bold Promise To You  

I have total confidence in what this course can do for you… but I want YOU to feel 100% confident you’re making the right decision for you and your family. We believe freedom is doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want. Take notes, review the materials, develop your plan. And if you feel that this isn't what you want or you aren't in the right position to take advantage of creating your financially free future – for any reason – then let me know personally and I will refund your investment on the spot! I won’t ask you any questions, give you a hard time, or put you through the ringer. If you feel I didn’t deliver – just let me know. You’ll get your money back and we’ll part as friends. Sound fair? *By the way, I ALWAYS make this guarantee because NO ONE has ever felt they didn't get incredible value from a Freedom Founders event or virtual training. That said, this guarantee is sincere and made in earnest so that you can relax knowing that you have absolutely nothing to lose.. and a whole lot to gain.

There’s no question about it, working in the medical profession is a noble pursuit. Equally so, it’s a career path that’s incredibly demanding from the earliest training to successfully running a lifelong practice. At Freedom Founders, we have a great respect for the dedication doctors, dentists, and orthodontists put into their work. We also understand that life happens while we’re working, and professionals deserve the opportunity to build the future they desire. We believe physician real estate investing is the way to do so. 

We’ve been there. We’ve learned along the way the best practices and steps to creating financial freedom through real estate investing for orthodontists, dentists, and doctors. We’ve lived the struggle behind the scenes and we’re passionate about sharing everything we’ve learned and built so you can leverage the massive potential held within the real estate investment world that’s waiting for you. It puts your hard-earned money to work, so you can spend more time focusing wherever your heart desires. 

Our comprehensive virtual real estate training course and inclusive kit are designed to grow your cash flow and wealth by giving you all the tools and knowledge you need to create the future of your dreams. We’ll show you how to identify the best deals in doctor and dentist real estate for you so you can strategically maximize your wealth and minimize your risk. 

Who needs this course?

Who needs our course on real estate investment for doctors, dentists, and orthodontists? We’ve designed it for every medical professional we know that has been tied to their practice, spending as much of their valuable time on the minutiae of running the business as helping their valued patients. Watching the doctors we work with transform their use of time and money to create the futures they deserve has been amazing and we want to spread that freedom to others. 

It’s taken us 35 years to learn the ins and outs of achieving financial freedom through real estate investing for doctors, and we certainly don’t want to see our friends within this profession take years to kickstart their journeys. We support them to create financial freedom faster, reduce their risk and regrets along the way, and see them take control of their future rather than leaving it to other third-party money managers. We know what it takes to build a career in the medical profession, and we believe that greatness is easily transferable to leveraging passive income streams when you have the right knowledge and tools to scale it up. 

So again, who needs this course? Everyone who is ready to take control of their destiny: the dentist looking to replace labor with ongoing passive income streams, the orthodontist who wants to escape managed care and corporate takeover, the doctor who’s tired of hard work and being over-taxed, and the professionals seeking the inside track that sets them up to take advantage of the best opportunities in real estate investing for doctors for today, and for their future. 

What’s involved?

What is our comprehensive physician real estate investing training course? It’s the ultimate guide to entering, and winning in, the prosperous world of real estate investing. We’ve designed this virtual course into five effective, yet easy to follow, steps so you can create your own personal wealth building plan and portfolio. It’s as simple as taking note, reviewing the comprehensive materials, and developing your plan. Done right, you can supplement or replace your practice’s income, or even sell it altogether if that’s your preference. 

We’re excited to share the ways you can control real estate assets and avoid management issues at the same time. Worried you’ve lost retirement planning time while you’ve been so busy working? That’s okay, our course can guide you to discover how much money you actually need to accomplish your goals, as well as show you all the advantages in real estate investing for orthodontists, dentists, and doctors, including safely building up your nest egg, and reducing annual taxation. 

We’ll share our insights around today’s best real estate opportunities, which types are best for self-directed IRAs and 401Ks, how to take advantage of real estate syndication, formulas for better accuracy in determining values, and identifying scenarios that are right for your unique situation. Within every step, we’re here to guide you as you develop the skills to create your personal financial freedom plan at a level typically reserved for exclusive entities. 

Why today?

Time is ticking. We don’t want to see our esteemed colleagues lose another minute towards building their future. We cannot express how much joy we’ve received seeing the incredible results achieved by our members already. That’s why we’re sharing everything we’ve learned and achieved in physician real estate investing with doctors like you, seeking to leverage your income to drastically grow your net worth. Rather than stepping into the world of opportunity income-producing assets has to offer with uncertainty and making missteps as you go, we’ve designed this course as your shortcut to confidently and successfully take this on as the best decision for you and your loved ones. 

Our guarantee

If for any reason at all this real estate investment for doctors, dentists, and orthodontists training course doesn’t feel right for you or your current position, let us know and we’ll refund your investment, hassle free. We love what we do because it’s all about delivering results that better the future of our fellow medical professionals. We’d rather part as friends, and, we’ve yet to see anyone not realize the value in our training and events. You have nothing to lose with Freedom Founders, but so much to gain.