Real Estate Investing for Practice Professionals

Real Estate Investing for Practice Professionals

As any professional investor will tell you, the best way to protect your assets and assure that you are going to get steady growth is through diversification. As a practicing dentist, doctor, or orthodontist, you know that while your income is high, you still need constant cash flow and capital in order to grow your nest egg; and many will decide to boost their cash flow through Wall Street with the used of 401(k)s, stock equities, bonds, annuities, index funds, etc. But are they are sure things, especially if the markets and economy take a tumble? You need an alternative method that is more stable to invest your capital and ensure you have steady income separate from your main practice.

The biggest issue with Wall Street investment options is that the money is unlikely to be usable right away, meaning if an emergency situation comes up and you have to step away from your practice, you only have their savings accounts to fall back onto, and can’t pull capital out readily if it's needed. As well, Wall Street is better suited to those that can invest in a group, and not the solo investor; so, what is a better option?

At Freedom Founders, founded by Dr. David Phelps, you will learn about, and get contacts for growing your capital, savings, and nest egg steadily through real estate syndication. With the right properties under your belt through dentist real estate you can get a steady income flow that supplements what you are earning at your practice, in order to build up that nest egg so you can retire at a reasonable age, or use in case of an emergency if you have to shut down your practice for an extended period of time.

Dentists, doctors, orthodontists and physicians are all expected to need to build up to $10 million USD in savings or nest egg in order to retire comfortably, so what would your preferred method of income earning be? Working hard at only your practice until well past retirement age, or supplementing your income with passive real estate opportunities?

Real estate investing for doctors can be time consuming on your own; learning all the ins and outs of real estate, knowing what to buy, when to buy, etc. At Freedom Founders you will be connected to experts that can help you start real estate investing with like-minded individuals. Freedom Founders has a network of trusted advisors that can help with all forms of physician real estate, giving you access to those with the skills to help you build up your real estate portfolio, without you having to figure out everything on your own.

Why put your real estate investments for doctors at risk by going it alone when you can work with others to build up investments in a more timely manner, while you are still working at your practice? Safety in numbers is key for smart real estate investing that earns you steady passive income, without having to spend a lot of money on working out solo deals.

While Freedom Founders is not for everybody, if you are interested into getting into real estate investing for orthodontists, you are someone that is looking to supplement their regular income with passive investment income, you have at least $1 million USB in available capital (not just cash in the bank, but could include investments, retirement accounts, etc.) and are currently not satisfied with your investment choices on Wall Street, give us a call. If you are all of the above, take some time out of your day and contact Freedom Founders to schedule a 10-minute discovery call with a member of our team to have a conversation about whether we can give you the opportunity of passive income boosts. If we believe you will be a good fit, you’ll be given an opportunity to schedule a call directly with Dr. David Phelps to begin your journey to retirement freedom.