Hear How Other Practitioners Created Freedom in Their Personal and Professional Lives

Free For Life™ is not the end. If anything, it is an inflection point to go even further.

Meet Dr. Ben and Sondra Jensen

After about 15 years of practicing, I realized I wasn't completely happy with just being a dentist. I had reached a point where I wasn't intellectually stimulated, and I was searching for something more. On top of that we found ourselves frustrated that we couldn't see a clear path to retirement, despite paying off our debts.

I started listening to David's podcast and educating myself about real estate and the other ways to create my own freedom, but nothing resonated with me the way David's podcast did. I had a phone call with Freedom Founders and decided to attend an event. Sondra was skeptical, but willing to attend the event on the condition that we would not sign up for any membership or commit to anything. But once we got there, it was a different story. We had found a group of people that we really fit in with. We absorbed all the information on Thursday and Friday of the event and by Saturday, Sondra and I both agreed we found our community and decided to commit for 1 year.

Prior to Freedom Founders we attended other conferences, but what made us get on board was the fact that we would manage our wealth ourselves. We weren't handing it off to someone else to decide what to do with it. 

I've recently taken an extra day off at work and I'm having more more fun than ever practicing, while having record breaking months at the practice. My oldest son wants to be a pilot and now I'm following in his footsteps getting my private pilot's license now. Being Free for Life™ means spending more time with our family, and taking more time for ourselves to travel and learn new hobbies.  

Dr. David & Karen Scharf Free for Life - Freedom Founders

We're looking at our life and future with new eyes, because when you achieve your dreams, one of the best parts is creating new ones.

Meet Dr. David and Karen Scharf

When I was in my mid-thirties, with more than a decade of hard work under my belt, I decided to invest my entire seven-figure income with a financial advisor. Within a year, all my money was gone. I was devastated. The worst part was how the loss affected my approach to work. After losing it all, I hunkered down and worked as hard as I could, and saved. When you own a practice, even when you're not there, your mind is. Even if I was with my kids, mentally, I wasn't present. It robbed me of that time with my kids growing up. That was the worst part of the whole thing. That's when the promise of Freedom Founders caught my attention.

Given our history, we were skeptical of Freedom Founders. But sometime through my first 6 – 8 months in it, I saw that the monthly checks coming in were enough to meet my Freedom number. I saw that there's a way to invest in real estate and make my money work for me. I change my attitude about the whole thing.

My life would've been very different if I had known about Freedom Founders in my 30s. The stress would've been different, my income would've been different, my time with my kids would've been different. My only regret is not knowing about Freedom Founders sooner.

Now, I feel like the future is so wide open. We can live anywhere in the world that we want and those checks just go into my bank account automatically.

The legacy phase of retirement planning for dentists

Free For Life™ is not the end. If anything, it is an inflection point to go even further.

Meet Dr. Cody & Haily Cowen

Four years, I worked six days a week. I started at one practice as an associate, eventually became partner and expanded into five practices. Haily and I planned to move further south, so I sold my portion of the practices and met a new dentist through my network, whom I became partners with. Starting fresh again was difficult, I knew I didn't want my money to be solely dependent on how many hours I worked. The stock market never resonated with me, so I doubled in real estate with friends, and ended up losing money due to a flood.

I had this chunk of my retirement that I didn't know what to do with. I didn't want to put it back into the stock market, I wanted to put it into cash, flowing investments, but didn't know how. I met David while he was speaking at an event for practice management. He discussed wealth building strategies to retire in 3 to 5 years. It was exactly what we were looking for. We joined the group in 2020 and hit the ground running.

With Freedom Founders I don't have to rely on the number of days in the office. I can use my capital assets with real estate and passive income for my practice. All of these things being in place and cash flowing has removed stress, allowed me to cut back on hours and spend more time with my family.

For me, Free For Life™ means freedom on a workday when you are going to your practice, freedom with your family, freedom financially. Free For Life™ is not the end. If anything, I think that's an inflection point to go even further.

I never thought that I could work one day a week in my practice and let it run for five days, and now I can.

Meet Dr. Dora Lee

I have been in practice for about 15 years and saved up some cash to invest. I had a sense of investing as I grew up with entrepreneurial parents that invested in real estate. I got a rental home and a tenant – but it was never a real source of cash flow. Then I bought a piece of commercial property with a group of friends, but we didn't all agree on the idea of leverage.

Luckily, I had stumbled upon Freedom Founders on Facebook before the world turned upside down in March of 2020. We attended our first meeting in San Diego with a healthy dose of skepticism. Everyone was very genuine, we were blown away by the supportive environment.

My decision to join in 2019 couldn't have been timed better. I had taken half of my investments out of the stock market and put them in Freedom Founders, so when things went south in the stock market in 2020, I had checks coming in regularly from Freedom Founders.

I love having the freedom to go where I want, discover new things and have adventures. I love learning about other cultures, other people, how they live life. I'm glad that I'm young enough to do all this traveling. I'm glad I didn't wait until I'm about to retire to start thinking about what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.

Dr. Tommy and Shelly Reed - Free for Life - Freedom Founders

Just knowing that you have the freedom to do the things you want to and enjoy, it just makes the day so much better.

Meet Dr. Tommy and Shelly Reed

The first time I ever talked to David, I was just so impressed. He was so honest, full of integrity, and had a vision for what this could be. He wanted like-minded people to be in his group and being in it gave us a vision for a future. As many times as we had talked about the future, it forced us to make decisions, and look at things like we never had before. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

For the longest time, I was treating time for money, and I don't want to trade time for money anymore. Shelley manager office for a number of years. She lost her mom at a young age and it is her calling to spend more time with the grandkids and be there. I want her to be able to do that. Just knowing you have the freedom to do what you want to, when you want to, makes the day so much better.

We are proud to be a part of the community, we want to continue in the group and help others. We're just happy to be a part of it!

Dr. James and Sara Green - Free for Life - Freedom Founders

Free For Life™ to me is a constantly changing evolution of how we frame and see things.

Meet Dr. James and Sara Green

I enjoyed working, so I didn't have an urgent need to walk away, but I did realize that I couldn't work forever. After watching others my age develop health problems and back problems, I didn't want to be that person who is stuck full-time because they have to be.

Sarah and I would talk about our future a lot. We did some alternative investments, but we were primarily in the stock market when we came across freedom founders. I think we were looking for a clear path and community. The stock market was just so stressful. It's a good day, it's not a good day, it's up, it's down. I don't think we had clarity of how to be less fragile I notice, just by talking to other members how transformational this connection had been to them. It just gave me peace, the way that David explained everything. It was all very transparent.

Freedom to me means knowing that if I decided tomorrow, I didn't want to do this anymore, I don't have to. That's a big thing because most of us walk around with this idea that we are responsible for our team, we're responsible for their families, we're responsible for all these other people ahead of ourselves. Just to take a few days off seems like we're letting everybody down.

Free For Life™ is not the end of anything. We climb this mountain, and we can continue on with whatever her next is. In my mind, Free For Life™ to me, is a constantly changing evolution of how we frame and see things.

Freedom of Time gives us the opportunity to work more on our relationship together, our relationship with our family, our kids, our grandkids, our friends.

Meet Dr. Guy and Patti Nash

We were sensing that it was going to be time for Guy to retire, and I wanted him to feel like he was able to retire, but we didn't have a solid plan for what that looked like. A friend recommended Freedom Founders, we were on board as soon as we learned more about them. When we joined Freedom Founders, I think the main focus was: “How can we be free financially?” But we soon realize that there are other levels of freedom to discover.

Freedom of time gives us the opportunity to work more on our relationship together, our relationship with our family, our kids, our grandkids, and our friends. We've made so many new friends within Freedom Founders, and we have time to enjoy those friendships even more, and not be so tied down.

Now, we’d like to instill the values of care, compassion, and helping those that might be disadvantaged – the core principles that help you live your life to the fullest and not just living for yourself.

Dr. Jason and Amy Lowry - Free for Life - Freedom Founders

[Freedom Founders] helped us finalize our blueprint, and get us to a point where we have freedom in so many different areas of our lives.

Meet Dr. Jason and Amy Lowry

I was a late bloomer to dental school, I graduated when I was 31, and bought a practice right out of dental school. We were running out of money, and we couldn't find a house. So we'd sleep in the dental office at night. Really early in the morning we wake up, throw the air mattresses in the minivan, and Amy would take the kids to the park, or spend the day out until I was done with work, and then they would come back to the office. We had to make every dollar stretch, but we made it to where we are now.

I've had two things that have to find me as a professional: being a dentist and being a real estate investor. It's what has gotten us to a point where we can kind of sit back and relax. It's never been about when I accumulate X money in stocks or so much in real estate. It's only ever been about the passive income per month. Freedom founders help me dial in that last bit, helped us lose those last 5 pounds that are the hardest to see. They helped us finalize our blueprint, and get us to a point where we have freedom, and so many areas of our lives.

Now, we're excited to be grandparents, and show our children how to use real estate as a vehicle for passive cash flow. We are really excited about all the opportunities and time will have with our family.

Drs. Scott and Kelli Fischer - Free for Life - Freedom Founders

It's like a weight lifted off your shoulder when you have your path laid out in front of you and you know everything's going to be okay.

Meet Drs. Scott and Kelli Fischer

Our family culture is very tight-knit. We've worked together as co-dentists in the same practice for 32 years, and we sat next to each other in dental school, so that was another four years. We're as tight as can be.

We were amassing some money, but as Warren Buffett said, “If you're not making money while you're sleeping, you're in trouble.” And when you think about trying to leave dentistry, get out of the practice, do the math, no matter how much you got, it's not going to last very long. It's changed our mindset completely to figure out what passive income was, and how to do it.

We have one son, Jake, who is 23. He has made an investment already with one of the Trusted Advisors. He's getting that mindset, and that is very rewarding to see him taking charge.  I would give anything at 23 years old to be able to have that knowledge.

It's like a weight lifted off your shoulders when you have your path laid out in front of you, and you know everything's going to be okay. That's what freedom means to me.

Dr. James and Margie Stafford - Free for Life - Freedom Founders

Freedom to me means not having to worry about what's in store for life, or where the money's going to come from.

Meet Dr. James and Margie Stafford

Family has always been very important to us. When the children were growing up, we would visit the grandparents, relatives, and friends often. My role model is my grandfather, he was a dentist, and that was one of the main reasons I became a dentist.

I've always been very disciplined about saving. At the same time, I was always interested in real estate. I just didn't know how to do it. In Freedom Founders, we've gained a lot of knowledge and have really enjoyed the experiences. It's also all the relationships we formed in the community. It's a fine group of people and I've really enjoyed being with everyone. Even though I'm taking more days off, I'm really enjoying practicing right now.

Freedom to me means not having to worry about what's in store for life or where the moneys going to come from, and being able to do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it.

Once you've conquered the feeling of knowing what contentment is, I think that, for us, is freedom.

Meet Dr. Christopher and Cori Waters

I practiced for 32 years and got an associate in 2018. During the pandemic, I had one of those aha moments like, “I don't want to do this for another three years.” I didn't really get serious about Freedom Founders until a little bit after the pandemic, and I was thinking how I didn't want to not know what my money was going to do in the stock market.

My son's an optometrist. I'm a dentist. My father is a physician. But now that I've been a part of this group, I’ve said, “Just do your own thing.” You don't have to be a professional. I have a whole new thought process of: own your own business if you want, be an entrepreneur. “Entrepreneur” wasn't even a word I even knew when I was in college. They have a lot more options. I want them to feel free like we feel now.

We want them to understand that when you can get financially free, then it's your purpose to help other people that are having a hard time. That's freedom right there. Society wants you to grow more and more. I think once you've conquered the feeling of knowing what contentment is, I think that for us, it's freedom.

Freedom Founders has changed our lives in just about every way.

Meet Drs. Gertrude Lee and Robert Dubanski

Bob and I are both general dentists, a husband and wife team at the same practice. We grew our business as much as we could! In 2018 I injured my wrist, ever since then I wasn't able to practice like I did before.

Our practice continued to grow but we were beyond the enjoyment of it. It wasn't working for us and we were just taking off one week a year. Even then, I was still thinking about the practice.

Then in February 2021, we got a letter in the mail. It was written by a member of Freedom Founders who had been in the exact same situation: burnout after practicing for many years, and wanting more freedom of time. The letter made such a deep impression, I called Freedom Founders and spoke to Dr. David Phelps, we joined right there on the phone.

It was exciting to realize we had other options that we didn't know were available to us, and that we would had help along the way. David, having gone through it himself, showed that it could be done. He gave us the direction and knowledge to get out of our practice, and to rediscover life.

Freedom Founders is opening the door for opportunity. It's phenomenal. The rewards are far better than working full-time. We're in a different state in our lives now – a different state of existence. We're happier than ever because we have time to do things other than dentistry.

If we had not found Freedom Founders, I don't think we would have been prepared to walk away financially.

Meet Dr. Steven and Cindy Dacus

We met in college and got married my senior year. I had plans of starting my own practice, she was a math teacher, and was great at balancing the books. We were quite a team!

I put a lot of my savings into real estate, we had several turnkey properties in Casper. I thought that would be my retirement, but when I looked at the numbers, it didn't look good. I realized I would have to figure something else out. Then I found Dr. David Phelps on Facebook and we decided to attend the virtual event in 2020.

Freedom Founders has opened up a whole new world and education on the possibilities that are out there. I notice it most Sunday evening, it's like, “Oh, I don't have to think about going to work tomorrow. Freedom to me is waking up in the morning and it's like before you had kids, you just get up and do some thing. That's what we can do now. We just go, “Hey, let's go do that!”

Freedom for Cindy, being the one that takes care of the books is financial freedom. Just the worry of everyday life expenses that we don't have to worry about any longer. We know that's there and it's taken care of.

We went into it looking at the financial and the economic aspect of Freedom Founders, and that was it, but we realized it was so much more.

Meet Dr. Scott and Kim Eckels

We met when we were teens, and we've been together ever since, it works, and we have a very close family! Kim and I are both very contrarian by nature when it comes to the market and investments. We were looking for a different way of investing and  heard about Freedom Founders. And then a friend became a member, and that's how we got to our first meeting.

We went into Freedom Founders for the financial and the economic aspect of it, and that was it, but we realized it was so much more: freedom of time, relationships, health, meaning and significance. That's really been our stepping stone.

Before joining Freedom Founders, we didn't realize the type of passive investments that were out there. We've been members for about 14 months, we had a call with David and he made us realize that we didn't have to keep growing our practices. We were financially free! This has completely changed our mindset, we're much more relaxed. We're getting ready to fully retire from orthodontics, and will be starting our next journey.

There was no question about were we going to be OK when the practice sold and we got out, we already saw the results. I mean, it's in our bank account.

Meet Dr. Greg and Jackie Linney

Jackie and I ran the practice together, we were successful, but our lives were totally out of balance. Our staff took more time off than us, we knew there was a way to take more time for ourselves, but we didn't know how.

I read an article by Dr. David Phelps, and it really resonated with me. Just two weeks after reading the article we were in Salt Lake City attending a Freedom Founders event. Jackie did not want to go and insisted I not sign up for anything, but after the first day, we were all in.

Starting in January 2019 we were able to take off nine weeks from work without skipping a beat. When we returned, our practice was busier than ever, with a three to six month, waiting period just to see patients. We'd established trust with them, and it was wonderful not to worry about them leaving us just because we desperately needed a break.

Jackie and I are Free for Life™, but we're still involved in Freedom Founders. We are big believers in paying it forward. I tell my mentees that the new people coming in are sitting right where they were three months ago. Just when you think you've learned it all, the exchange of information, stories and guidance from multiple generations, never ceases to be exciting.

You come into Freedom Founders thinking it's about investments, and it is, but what you gain is so much more. You gain camaraderie and trusted friends for life. That's the real prize.

We have our asset base. Not only is it not shrinking, it's actually still growing. We're Free for Life, we have all the money that we need. We live on less than the cash flow that's being generated by those investments and living our best life.

Meet Dr. Dennis and Monzell Perry

I was an oral and maxillofacial surgeon by trade. My practice was hospital-based, which is pretty rare in the oral surgery world. I worked in the hospital, so there's constantly something to do between hospital patients and the ER. I was on call 24-7 and at work six days a week. It was grueling and it wasn't getting any easier with age. I started to feel burnt out. I didn't want to keep doing this for the rest of my life, but I didn't know how else to make money.

I heard Dr. David Phelps speak a number of times on some live calls, webinars, and Monzell and I talked about joining but were hesitant. We had a really bad experience elsewhere. We invested a tremendous amount of money, and virtually lost all of it. We attended the Freedom Founders Virtual event in 2020 and agreed if we don't like it, we'll just turn the computer off and walk away. It's no big deal. But by the end of the first day, it was a done deal. We knew this is where we needed to be. 

Now we have our asset base. Not only is it not shrinking, it's actually still growing. We are Free for Life™! We have all the money that we need. We live on less than the cash flow that's being generated by those investments and living our best life. The pivot has been 100% traditional to largely alternative investments.

Dr. Amit Rajani and Amish Dalal - Free For Life - Freedom Founders

Being Free For Life, is an inflection point on a long journey to have a life full of adventures together. I'm thinking about projects and businesses, which have a much bigger purpose. And I owe that all to Freedom Founders.

Meet Dr. Amit Rajani & Amish Dalal

We've both been part of the dental office project from the very beginning, at the time when the office was just a few sketches on a piece of paper, all the way to where we are now. 

After the first year or so, I had a lot of money just sitting in a savings account, there came a point where I told Amish what was sitting in that account, he was ready to beat me over the head because there was more money then should be sitting in a savings account, and I just didn't have the time to figure it out.

I invested with several traditional wealth advisors every time the portfolio went up, it was a great day. Every time it went down, it was just gut wrenching for me just because I knew how much blood sweat and tears it took to earn that dollar, I needed to find a different path for myself. And that's when I started to learn about David and Freedom Founders.

Being Free For Life™, is an inflection point on a long journey to have a life full of adventures together. I'm thinking about projects and businesses, which have a much bigger purpose. And I owe that all to Freedom Founders

After being a dentist for about twenty five years. I realized that I was on this freight train, and I didn't really know how to get off of it.

Meet Dr. Sharen Strong and Dan Matthews

When I graduated in 1992, my main focus on practice was that I would be able to have my recreation of windsurfing pretty much on-site. At the time, that ended up bringing me to the Southern Oregon coast, and I was able to buy a building and start a practice from scratch.

I asked if Dan would like to come to the office and start helping me out with some book work, and he really allowed me to expand the practice. But before that, I was just trying to do everything.

After being a dentist for about twenty five years. I realized that I was on this freight train, and I didn't really know how to get off of it. I didn't really understand the business process of removing myself from dentistry. I heard David Phelps talking about being on the hamster wheel, and that just resonated so deeply with me. We made a decision and we pulled out of the stock market within six months after we were involved with Freedom Founders.

Being Free For Life™ and at the same time being retired from the office has opened up a whole new world of time. That freedom of time, it doesn't mean free to do nothing, but it means free to focus on things that are meaningful to us at a different level, whether it's going on an adventure, having fun studying, going kiteboarding, or going down to the farmer's market, things that we really had a difficult time budgeting into our schedule, now become possibilities almost every day.

There's always something to do. There's always something new to learn. And it puts us in a place where we have combined levels of freedom because in every area as you learn more and grow more, it opens up new possibilities, and the journey's just begun. It's endless.

Freedom Founders has changed what we thought was possible. My time with my kids is more valuable. My time with my wife is more valuable. These memories, I'm going to have them forever.

Meet Dr. Brian and Alina Crawford

It was maybe six or seven years ago, where I felt like I was gonna have a nervous breakdown, just trying to go between the offices. You're at that point where you're kind of still doing everything because you're growing. I really just felt the anxiety and the pressure. And that's when it hit me: that I can't keep this up. I can't keep doing this.

I was sacrificing all of my time and joy, just to make money. While I was in dental school, I remember one of my instructors said, “You know, you're never gonna be wealthy being a dentist.” And I was like, “Okay? What do you mean?” And he's like, “It's not the money that you make in dentistry. It's what you do with that money and how you invest it.” 

What was funny, is at the time, he was kind of encouraging us to just put all our money in the stock market. I must have just been really horrible at it because I felt like by the end of that five or six years of doing that, I'd had basically what I had put into it. So I realized there had to be something better.

One day, just flipping through a magazine, I saw a Freedom Founder's ad. I talked to Alina, and I said, “You know, if I'm ever gonna really feel comfortable jumping into real estate, we need to learn about it.” That gave me a path. There was a blueprint. 

When I found out financially, we could be okay. And I could slow down and not always be busy, and the offices will keep running if I take time off. There was a big difference. I was able to take off an entire week to spend it on a trip with my daughter, and I've never gotten to do that.

Freedom Founders has changed what we thought was possible. My time with my kids is more valuable. My time with my wife is more valuable. These memories, I'm going to have them forever.  Free For Life™ means flexibility, it means getting to to do things that I want to do. 

When the stock market went down, it took about six to eight years for most people to get back to zero. At our age, we can't afford to do that.

Meet Dr. Mike and Debbie Kesner

We've known each other since second grade. We were both in band. Music's been an important part of our life. We played our instruments for over forty years. So we've spent a lot of time together.

I started the dental practice in 1984, right out of dental school, ignorance is bliss. Debbie came to work in the practice, she started doing payroll and bookkeeping. And then as we grew, she was building the offices and buying the equipment. We got up to seventeen companies. We started a medical dental ministry in Guatemala and Honduras, and so we were taking medical to dental teams down there. We built a clinic way out the middle of the mountains. And we did that for about ten years. Then when we stopped doing that, we started a church. We look back at it now and we go, “My goodness. Were we crazy or what? How did we do all that?”

I read all of David's books and listened to several of his podcasts. The thing that really struck me is that we were so likeminded. And then I lost a lot of money in the stock market when it went down January of 2022. And from January to June, we lost 300k. In 2008 and '09, when the stock market went down, it took about six to eight years for most people to get back to zero. At our age, we can't afford to do that. So we signed up for Freedom Founders in August of 2022.

We want to pass on an inheritance to our kids, not just financially, but in how to live life. We want to instill the value of hard work, integrity, honesty. We want to be able to leave them something, but we're not earning everything to give everything just to them. We want to make impact in more places than that. We've always enjoyed financially giving to other ministries.

It seems like we enjoy creating things, building things. We also need some downtime. It's been a whirlwind the last several years. Debbie has always said that she felt like our life has been her hanging onto the bumper of my sports car. So, this has been a good period of down shifting, a different lifestyle, a different ride.

Enjoy time now. Enjoy happiness now. True wealth is having that choice to do what you wanna do on your own terms, and Freedom Founders has given us that clarity at an earlier stage in life.

Meet Dr. Jeffrey and Celia Chen

My grandfather was a dentist. My father was a dentist. It's probably in the genes. Naturally, I wanted to be a dentist. If I could just stick with root canals all day, I'd be very happy. But being a small business owner, you're wearing a lot of hats. So over time, it can kind of wear on you. And three and a half years ago, that's when I felt that I was just living the conventional wisdom of trading your working hours for some future date of happiness.
I just wanted something different. 

I happened to be on David's podcast and what he spoke about, it strongly impacted me. Of course, like all spouses, I think Celia was skeptical at first, but once we met the community and seeing such a collective group of people with a common belief, the same goals, it really made our decision to join easy.

Family is really important to us. As the kids get older, they're on their path and their journey, and it's a little harder to always get together. We travel a lot to Asia to be with our parents.

I want to spend more time with my parents, and take care of them even though they're so far away.

Since being in Freedom Founders, I've taken more time off work. I did try to attend all the kids' activities [before], but I wasn't mentally present. I was physically there. But in the back of my mind, I was always worrying about, “How can I make this practice run better? How can I grow this practice more?” 

If I were to tell my younger self, I think it's important to have a very, very good work life balance. Enjoy time now. Enjoy happiness now. True wealth is having that choice to do what you wanna do on your own terms, and Freedom Founders has given us that clarity at an earlier stage in life. And I think that's one of the legacies that we want to leave behind.

Freedom for us means knowing that we have the option to pivot to do something different if we want to, because we aren't dependent on solely practicing dentistry to make a living.

Meet Drs. Brent and Ally Rickheim

We were both in the Air Force, and we were stationed in Aviano, Italy. Our first date was a bird festival and a motorcycle ride, and the rest is history. 

We moved to the States and that's where we had our son. We rented an RV and headed out to all these different places that we heard might be good places to live. Two or three years earlier when we were stationed in Japan, we met this couple over there and they said, “You should check out Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It's a beautiful place to raise a family.” 

So to wrap our trip up, we stopped in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. And we just had a fantastic time. We looked at each other and we said, if we can find work here, this is where we need to come. So we turned the RV in. We just started cold calling everybody in Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls, Idaho.
There was a practice that wasn't even listed yet, but the guy was super kind and he was a prior Air Force veteran as well, and he was ready to make a transition out of private practice. It couldn't have been a better blessing for our transition into civilian life. Everything was kind of lining up. How can we not do this? We'd never thought about running a practice, so it was kind of like a leap of faith.

What drew us into Freedom Founders was way back in the Air Force when I learned about Doctor Phelps and the Freedom Founders community. I loved the message. I followed it for years knowing that this has to be the way eventually.

We had an accountant CPA who said, “You guys are making it, you're on cruise control on the open highway. All you have to do is keep doing that for twenty more years.” We looked at each other after we got off the phone, and we were like, cruise control? This is not cruise control. We wake up and fight every single day to keep this car on the road. We had no exit strategy other than just working away for twenty more years and hoping that we had enough at the end of that to do what we want in retirement. 

We started digging in deeper with Freedom Founders. We wanted a change. We wanted more control of our future. 

Freedom for us means knowing that we have the option to pivot to do something different if we want to, because we aren't dependent on solely practicing dentistry to make a living.

If we could have started or done more of something earlier on, it would be to develop that part of service and serving others because it really brings fulfillment and purpose to your life. And it becomes more about the journey and giving part of yourself to others, because we have had a tendency to get wrapped up in the destination and not enjoy things along the way. And Freedom Founders is helping us open up to that concept.

We've had the opportunity to live abroad. And so we try to share that with our kids, but hope that others learn about other people, other cultures is important. And that's one of the best parts of the entire Freedom Founders community, to learn better ways of doing life and pass those pearls on to our kids so that we could set them up maybe even better than we're gonna be ourselves set up for the future.

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Explaining our Mastermind to folks who haven’t been is like trying to describe a sunset to someone who has never seen the sun.

A few of our guests summed it up best:

  • “It’s a collaboration of the best, brightest minds in the country.”
  • “There is a real sense of family here.”
  • “A mind-blowing experience.”
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Our events include:

  • Uncommon (sometimes radical) investment training.
  • Step-by-step coaching to create your own personalized investment blueprint.
  • An attainable plan to achieve freedom.
  • An opportunity to connect with advisors who can provide actionable answers.
  • Community with like-minded human beings
  • Great food. Good laughs. And fun.

In addition to tons of training and education on investment strategy, practice management, and real estate

You’ll have direct access to David's team of Service Providers — People who have been mastering alternative real estate investing for the last 40 years.

These men and women share their expertise, wisdom, resources and knowledge to help you get the results you want.

You’ll enter a world of investment opportunity no individual could ever create for themselves.

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As my friend Dr. Mike Abernathy says:  “Being a solo practitioner dentist past age 50 is a 99% fatal condition.”  

  • The industry is changing (corporate dentistry, managed insurance, etc)
  • Your retirement “runway” is shortening
  • Your health is in the balance (decades of leaning over the chair takes its toll)

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