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Hear How Other Practitioners Created Freedom in Their Personal and Professional Lives

Our only regret is to wonder…what if we had joined Freedom Founders 10 years earlier — where would be now?

Meet Dr. Hiru & Sumit Mathur

We were so busy raising our kids and working hard, we did not build assets or make our money work for us. We saved our money into our 401k, but that money wasn’t creating any real returns.


It was frustrating that we had to work so hard for every dollar of income.


I wanted to find a group to invest with. I found a real estate group through Tony Robbins, but it wasn’t a good fit for us because it required too much time. We were both busy professionals — we wanted to find a way to invest as passive investors.


When we discovered Freedom Founders, I researched extensively online before making the decisions to come to a meeting. After visiting Freedom Founders, we asked ourselves…”if we don’t take action and try something new, what is going to change in our lives? Will we still be in the same place facing the same challenges 10 years from now?”


This is the best confluence of real estate, investing, and dental knowledge we have found.


Through Freedom Founders, we’re investing with people that we trust and our money is now working hard for us. Before joining Freedom Founders, I was very isolated. Now I have a community and a board of advisors that help me grow and expose me to new ideas. We found our tribe. This community has not only helped me to invest for cash flow, but it has helped me become a better leader in my practice.

Free for life is not the end. If anything, it is an inflection point to go even further.

Meet Dr. Cody & Haily Cowen

I knew that there was this position in healthcare that would allow me to build my own business, hire the people that I wanted to hire to work with, develop the culture that I wanted in my own practice, work my own hours.

With Freedom Founders, I don't have to produce and be the one in the chair from 7:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. It has allowed me to do things with my practice that I couldn't do if it was just me doing work. As your practice becomes more productive, you grow, you're more profitable, you're less stressful, everybody's happy. Your wife is  happy at home, your kids are happy because you could pick them up from school. Everything gets better.


For me, free for life means freedom on a work day where you are going to your practice, freedom with your family, freedom financially. Free for life is not the end. If anything, I think that's an inflection point to go even further.

My suggestion would be not to be idle, to grow and learn and share, because that is what the Freedom Founders community is really about.

Meet Dr. Scott & Kim Eckels

I was nervous about Freedom Founders at first, because you watch the ebb and flow of the stock market and it's just very unsettling and it's trying to decide where you put your money for your future and your children's future, so I went into it a little apprehensive, but I found out quickly that that is not the way you should feel when you meet David and Candice.


We've been members for 12 to 14 months and I had a call with David on how diversified we were, did it seem like things were set up correctly, looked like financially, we were free, so we get on the call and at the time, I had been just about ready to close a deal on a fourth practice and talking to David about, “Yeah, this is just a home run. We're ready to do this.” And David said, “Scott, you realize you're not free because you're still chained to that practice.”


That was definitely a big pivotal point in my time with Freedom Founders and with David Phelps, and all three of the kids have seen the mindset change and the way we're much more relaxed and I don't have my nose to the grindstone. In just a little over a year, I will be selling the last 25% of my practice and will be retiring from orthodontics. We'll be starting our next journey.

I no longer have to call myself a dentist. I can now call myself a teacher, and I'm having so much fun doing that.

Meet Dr. Kent & Elaine Moberly

I started the practice from scratch, got really busy and found myself not enjoying the dentistry. Dentistry is a physical game. The biggest thing is energy level, eyesight, and then arthritis. And so I just realized that maybe getting into something a little less physical might be better on the body. Elaine, at one point said, you've been talking for years about teaching. If you don't do it pretty soon now, you may be too old to be hired by anybody. So we put the practice on the market,  closed, and started applying for teaching positions.


When I first found out about David, I'd been primed with the idea of passive income and then it came into, “Here's a group that actually shows you and tells you how to do it and educates you.” 


Free for Life for me is primarily peace of mind. The traditional model of retirement is save up enough money, fill the bucket to the top and then open the spigot and hopefully there's still enough to cover the final expenses. And free now means never having to worry about that. Free means I know that bucket is filling in from the top, at least at the same rate that I'm taking out at the bottom. That to me has given me so much peace of mind that it's actually made working and teaching fun. It's the freedom to do what I want.

In anything in life, it's the who that's going to get you there as opposed to how.

Meet Dr. Tim & Mary Raborn

When I came into the group, I knew nothing about real estate but I'd done pretty well for myself, worked hard and was still doing well and it seemed like the most productive years of a practice. I did everything I could do, worked hard, got consultants, but was still just churning and was scared to death of the stock market, daily and weekly. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was bad. I just wanted a little more comfort and a little more consistency in my financial aspect of my life.


We have one child, a daughter who's 24. She was preparing for dental school and then when Freedom Founders came up, she loved this thought about real estate that you could get better lifelong finances than you could in dentistry. But she's in it with me. She's my partner, we bounce things off together and and she gives me some pretty good advice because she's spent a lot of time in the Freedom Founders' material and with the trusted advisors and she's pretty fluent with the lingo. She helps me make decisions.

When you attain the status of Free for Life, when you see passive income ACH to your bank account, that's a good feeling. I always had tunnel vision and had plenty of resources and money, but never sat back and breathed deeply and said, “Hey, this is cool. I really don't need to go to work tomorrow if I had to.”

It's an excellent feeling to receive passive income and feel confident that it'll be there next month and will because of the trusted advisors.

It's a lot more about how we can be better peple and what we need to do in our life to get to where where want to be in our financial and personal freedom.

Meet Dr. Devin & Nicole Gneiting

I was born and raised on a farm up in Idaho, it was just such a blessing for me to work beside my dad every day and see the struggles that he would go through. I loved how much trust my dad was able to put into me from a young age.


Doing dentistry leaning over 12 hour days is hard. It's hard on your body and it was hard. For the future, I would love to see us spend more time together as a family and do that with less stress. I want to give my kids the gift of learning how to reach their goals, of learning how to see something that they want to accomplish, and going after it, seeing what we do to accomplish all the roadblocks in life.


The first time we went to Freedom Founders, I was expecting, sitting down, listening to presentations of people of this is your rate of return you can get with me. This is my offering. As we went there, it's a lot less about that and it's a lot more about how we can be better people. What we need to do in our life to get where we want to be in our financial and personal freedom.


Even though we've reached our financial freedom, I think one of the worst examples I could give my kids would be to stop right now, stop and coast. I hope to spend a lot of time with my kids. We just try and take advantage of as much time as we have with them. The more time we spend with them, whether it's good or bad, they'll learn our habits. And hopefully we can impart our values to them of wanting to help other people and develop a hard-working work ethic in them.


What more could anybody ask for except the freedom to choose?

Meet Dr. Ed & Gwen Hood

I always really wanted to do something that I felt like I could make a decent living with or something, more importantly, that I really liked. There's no dentist in my family. My dad worked at a plant his whole life. Hated it. We had very little, we had what we needed. I didn't know I was poor, but we were poor. Had no idea really about money. Nobody's ever taught me. That's the way I grew up.


And so, really to have any concept of how to allow money to work for you and what you were going to need in retirement. All I knew every day was just to wake up and work hard, treat people right. And that everything else would take care of itself. 


The thing that Freedom Founders has done more than anything, it helped organize my thoughts. It helped give me clarity where I am financially, where I want to try to get to financially. It gives you a clear path. And man, with clarity, you can make a lot of really good decisions if you have clarity about where you're trying to go.


I was the guy that wasn't at my kid's baseball games was I was busy working. Freedom really is if I don't want to go to work, I don't go to work. And what more could anybody ask for except the freedom to choose?


A very wise and respected mentor of mine describes freedom as ability to do what you want, when you want, where you want, and with whom you want. I don't think we can improve on that.

Meet Dr. Dennis and Monzell Perry

I was an old fashioned stand up oral surgeon. I spent my life bent over like this, and I've now had two and a half surgeries, one fusion in my neck, a surgery on my lower back. So that's a hundred percent related to what I did for a living, physically and mentally. After 31 years, I said, “That's enough.”


At the time of my retirement we were 100% traditional, 401k, stock market bonds, managed by someone else. I retired December 31st, 2019. March 2020 is when COVID shut the world down and the stock market just tanked.


I'd heard David speak a number of times on some live calls, webinars and things. By the end of the first day of our introductory session, it was a done deal. We knew this is where we needed to be.


So now we have our asset base. Not only is it not shrinking, it's actually still growing and we… Well, we're free for life. We have all the money that we need. We live on less than the cash flow that's being generated by those investments, and living our best life.

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Having cash flow has created enormous freedom for us. Freedom of time, particularly in this season in the life of our children, is huge.

Meet Dr. Ben & Sondra Jensen

Our early years were lean, but they were spectacular. That’s what makes our marriage strong. One time my car broke down – we had to walk to our date at the restaurant on Sondra's birthday… in the rain.  Moments like that, which were humbling and so difficult at the time, are precious now. 
Fast forward a few decades — I wasn't happy practicing dentistry. My options for the sale of my practice were limited. In my town, a lot of dentists walk away from their practice with no hope that it will be part of their retirement plan.
Something clicked when we came to Freedom Founders. Within 18 months of joining, my perspective on just about everything was different. Our investment portfolio has changed 180 degrees, because now we're focused on investing for passive income. Having cash flow has created enormous freedom for us.
I've gone down to three days a week, and I enjoy going to work more than ever — having the extra time has changed my perspective. When I can see that there's light at the end of the tunnel, I have hope.

Freedom of time, particularly in this season in the life of our children, is huge. They're the most important thing in our life. Those are just times that you never get back, and we don't want to miss them.

Join Other Practitioners Creating Freedom in Their Lives

It’s refreshing to be in a room of like-minded dentists who sincerely want to help you.

Meet Dr Greg & Jackie Linney

I was on the cusp of selling my very successful practice nestled in an affluent suburb of Houston, TX…but no matter how I ran the numbers, I wasn’t confident that I could replace my practice income with sustainable recurring income from his investments.


I knew I would be forced to either reduce my family’s lifestyle or draw down my retirement over time and “hope” it would outlast my wife and I. I didn’t like either of those options.


That’s when I started doing research into real estate and I found Freedom Founders. Fast forward 12 months later, I had completely replaced my significant practice income with sustainable, predictable cash flow from my investments.


Rather than drawing down my nest egg, my wealth is actually growing even in retirement. Not only that — I completely removed my retirement from the stock market mere months before COVID sent the markets spiraling. My nest egg was safe.


My wife Jackie and I celebrated with champagne the night I sold my practice. Today, I’m enjoying every minute of my newfound Freedom.

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The #1 Trait of Our Most Successful Mastermind Members: They Took Action. Are You Ready to Join Them?

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