Are Your Investments Really
Producing Meaningful Cash
Flow and Wealth?

Most dentists have no idea how to orchestrate capital and create cash flow. Financial planning for dentists is focused on accumulation. We’re told to save, save, save and put as much as we can on Wall Street – 401(k)s, stock equities, bonds, annuities, index funds, etc. So, we do. And we wait. And we hope.

Unfortunately, that strategy fails to create safe, consistent cash flow that can be relied on to replace our active income. The markets go up and down. Every time they go down 20%, 30%, or even 50% (think 2008), it takes a long time to get back to square one.

Not only that, but that capital is often locked away until some distant point in the future. What’s the point of working so hard to create wealth if it’s nothing more than numbers on a spreadsheet?


Traditional financial planning for dentists doesn’t have a plan for creating cash flow.

This “traditional” financial model causes too many people to work much longer than they should. For example, dentists are often advised to accumulate ridiculously large stockpiles ($10 million!?) But freedom can be achieved with far less – IF you know how to orchestrate cash flow.

The stock market is a rigged game that is stacked against the solo investor. In this new era of unpredictable volatility, it is virtually impossible to outsmart the market. Most investors just hang on and hope for the best.


It's time to ask yourself a few questions:


• Are you satisfied with the returns of your current investment

• Are your investments producing enough PREDICTABLE cash flow that you could confidently step away from your practice and know you and your family are taken care of?

• Do you have “enough” to retire now on the interest of your investments without depleting your nest egg?

• Are you confident the next market nosedive won’t drag your portfolio down with it?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no” – you need a Plan B.

Your Blueprint for Creating Wealth and Cash Flow Outside Wall Street

The closer you get to retirement, the more important protecting your principal becomes. You also need your investments to create sustainable, predictable cash flow to replace your active income.

At Freedom Founders, our members invest in real, tangible assets that create sustainable cash flow – not Wall Street “paper.”

Our members have access to David’s personal network of advisors and real estate operators (relationships developed over David’s 40 years of investing) who provide vetted, curated investments in low volatility, “boring” markets.

Over the last 10 years, hundreds of doctors and high net worth investors have created wealth, cash flow, and freedom through the Freedom Founders community.

The “Crisis Plan B” That
Started it All...

It started all the way back in dental school – 1980. David did his first real estate deal by joint-venturing with his father on a small rental house. Dad brought the capital (investor), David did the work (manager).

After three years of hard work, they sold the property and split the profit. David received $25,000 of capital gains.

David’s eyes were opened to a whole new world of opportunity. Over the next few years, he leveraged that nest egg into 31 properties that later produced $15,000 in monthly net cash flow.

Life was good, the sky was the limit – until the dark day that David’s daughter, Jenna, was diagnosed with leukemia. In the midst of cancer treatments, epilepsy, and ultimately a liver transplant for Jenna, David made the crucial decision to leave clinical practice so he could spend every moment with his daughter.

David’s “Plan B” (a portfolio of cash-flow producing real estate assets) gave him the freedom to focus 100% on what mattered most to him. Jenna won the battle with disease, and David still enjoys the freedom to cherish every moment with her that he can.

And today?

David realized that there were many others like him – other dentists and doctors who were struggling to secure their retirement. With this realization, David started Freedom Founders. Since its inception, David Phelps has personally undertaken the significant research and study needed to help others succeed – and he shares that knowledge openly and freely, with the hope that others can achieve the same peace of mind he now has.

You can learn more about David's story here.

The Mastermind Family

Thanks to David Phelps, our trusted advisors, and the numerous dentists, orthodontists, and doctors who have joined Freedom Founders, our Mastermind is now a thriving group of professionals on the road to success. We share our knowledge, our experience, and our passion, which has formed a bond that often feels like a family.

When you are invited to join the Freedom Founders Mastermind, you enter a community that cares. We watch out for each other, and we will watch out for you.

If you want more control over your retirement, your cash flow, and your net worth – we can help.

It starts with a short conversation. Click the button below to schedule a brief phone call.

Hundreds of Dentists & Doctors
Achieving Freedom

Ready to seize the gift of today? Schedule a call with our team to learn more.

“I just get so pumped up to go to these meetings because you learn so much and get to interact with other members. You can ask any question you want and they’ll give you their opinion. Everybody is transparent and it’s just a really good community.”

Dr. Chris Waters D.D.S

Elite Freedom Founders Member

“We have clarity of purpose in our investing. Beyond that, we've found a group of like-minded individuals who we can network with and can grow with. Freedom Founders has provided that kind of a home for us.”

Dr. Ben Jensen D.D.S.

Free For Life Member

“Freedom Founders changed how I view my practice, it’s changed how I work…  I feel much more knowledgeable, more confident, more comfortable with my future and investments.”

Dr. Dora Lee D.D.S

Elite Freedom Founders Member

“Freedom Founders is the most open and positive group of people I have ever had the privilege to be part of. The collegiality and mutual respect is incredible.”

Dr. Bob Villwock D.D.S

Elite Freedom Founders Member

David’s Network of Trusted

Dental/medical school ingrained a “solo” mindset into us. We lived or died by our own grades. Collaboration was not encouraged. We were expected to be our own “expert.”

As a result, we are very smart and skilled in our practice specialty. Unfortunately, we think we’re smart enough to figure out everything else in life – business, marketing, leadership, operations, investing, etc. The problem is, no one can be an expert in everything and you don’t have time to figure it out on your own.

At Freedom Founders, we believe your network is your net worth.

Our members are all smart enough to “figure out” real estate on their own (just like David did over the past 40 years). But the truth is, they are also smart enough NOT to.

Through access to David’s network of relationships, our members acquire a layer of safety and speed to goal.

This is what Freedom Founders is all about: boots on the ground, finger-on-the-pulse, limited access to investment opportunities through the highly curated relationships on which Freedom Founders is built.

Important to note: we’re not talking about traditional “financial advisors” of financial planning for dentists.

Unfortunately, most financial “experts” are really just earning a living like the rest of us. They are salesmen for Wall Street’s products. Many of them have NOT achieved financial freedom themselves. Why would you take advice from someone who hasn’t achieved the freedom, success, or significance that you desire?

Find those who have achieved what you desire, and then learn everything you can from them. Use their experience to buy speed.

“Safety in Numbers” — The Benefit of Investing as a Tribe

As real estate and alternative markets reach all-time highs, syndicators and deal sponsors are brazenly offering “opportunities” to anyone with a checkbook and a copy of Robert Kiosaki’s latest book under their arm. There are A LOT of sharks out there.

Do you have the leverage to negotiate terms, or the time, experience, and knowledge to conduct rigorous due diligence and know which deals are sound and which are not? All may be well as “the rising tide lifts all boats,” but as Warren Buffet says: “When the tide goes out, you find out who is swimming naked.”

At Freedom Founders, our members are able to leverage the collective bargaining power of the community to negotiate terms that are not available to individual investors. This means higher returns and more layers of safety.

At the core of our due diligence is the Freedom Founders Investment Review Committee (Securities Attorney and CFO) who conduct rigorous due diligence.

This due diligence would cost a solo investor $5-10k per deal a cost few solo investors are willing to pay to vet individual opportunities.

There is also safety in numbers. You are investing right along fellow practitioners who are in a similar stage of their career, with similar goals and core values.

Your Board of Advisors To
Navigate an Uncertain Future

The world we live in is not static it is dynamic. Markets shift, creating new threats and opportunities.

In times of market transition, there is a tendency NOT to take action out of fear of the unknown and uncertainty.

But the truth is: in a recession, wealth isn’t lost it simply changes hands. We call this “The Great Wealth Transfer.”  The majority of the population will lose wealth… but others who take proactive and decisive action, can actually make up for lost time.

David personally doubled his net worth by strategically investing in capital assets in the years directly following the 2008 financial crisis.

Due to the inefficiency of the real estate and alternative investment markets (that’s a good thing), there are significant opportunities that follow every financial reset. 

Warning! This economic event and wealth transfer has nothing to do with the retail real estate market. It's all about who you know.


Will you position yourself to thrive in the future…or will you be left behind?

Freedom Founders is NOT
for Everyone…

Freedom Founders is not for everyone. We can’t help everyone (nor would we want to try!). But if you are a dentist, doctor, or high-net-worth investor who…

1. Wants to replace your active practice income with passive investment income within 2-3 years…

2. Has at least $1M in available capital (This doesn't necessarily mean cash in the bank. This can include investments, retirement accounts, or even residential/commercial equity or pending practice sale)…

3. Is unsatisfied with your current investing strategies and you want to learn more about alternative investing…

If that’s you, then schedule a brief discovery call with a member of our team. They will help you assess whether or not there may be an opportunity for us to help you achieve your goals. 

If it looks like there may be a mutual fit, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a call with David directly (subject to availability).

Resources to Help You
Achieve Freedom

David Phelps' passion for helping others extends beyond the Mastermind itself. If you are not a member of our community, or if you are just interested in learning more about what we do, our podcast, newsletter, and David’s book are all wonderful ways to learn more.

The Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast

The Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast is where David connects with key advisors and industry influencers to dig in deep, sifting and sorting strategies for growing wealth tax-free, creating tax deferral compounding strategies, and building real net worth through sustainable passive cash flow.

David’s “Path to Freedom” Newsletter

With timely articles written by David every month — this newsletter is the fastest, simplest way to learn more about David’s Blueprint and the Freedom Founders community.

This publication is packed with strategies, principles, and techniques. It's an easy 30-minute read that will expand your mind and introduce you to a world of alternative investing that you never knew existed.

Dr. David Phelps’ Bestselling Book

Already listen to the podcasts and read the newsletter? Want to learn even more? Then we recommend you check out David Phelps's bestselling book, From High Income to High Net Worth.

The old method of “work hard, save money, and retire” just doesn't cut it anymore. In this book, David discusses the obstacles we face as professionals seeking financial freedom, and the steps we can take to achieve the peace of mind we deserve.