When It Comes to Retirement for Dentists, Orthodontists & Small Business Owners, We Believe the Greatest Risk Is Not Taking Any Action at All

What We Believe

First and foremost, at Freedom Founders we believe in telling the truth.

We believe good news is worth sharing.

We believe in a strong sense of community.

We believe in serving (unless there’s ice cream! Then it’s okay to serve yourself.)

We believe that a commitment is the first step to freedom.

retirement for dentists

We believe in life balance.

We believe face-to-face friends are better than Facebook.

We believe that your network is your net worth.

We believe that old-fashioned values are pretty darn fashionable.

We believe that if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

retirement for dentists and orthodontists

We believe you’ll never regret spending more time with family.

We believe a big paycheck doesn’t equal financial freedom.

We believe in writing down goals.

We believe we need more statesmen and fewer politicians.

We believe that spaghetti sauce should always have meat in it.

what we believe at freedom founders

We believe that freedom is doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want.

We believe that simple is better than complicated.

We believe it’s not too late, and you’re closer than you think.

We believe that an educated investor is a safe, happy investor.

We believe gratitude is the beginning of freedom.

retirement for dentists through real estate investing

We believe that time is the most precious asset.

We believe now is the best time to start.

We believe passive income is better than active income.

We believe that you can complete your freedom plan in 5-7 years.

We believe one day, every day will be Saturday.

We believe getting a letter in the mail is awesome (and even better when it’s a check!)

freedom founders values

We believe you should take charge of your own life, instead of letting others take charge of it for you.

Freedom Founders Provides Assistance in Planning for Retirement for Orthodontists, Dentists & Small Business Owners. Our Goal Is to Help You Achieve Financial Freedom & Peace of Mind.