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how much will i need to retire
What’s Your Retirement Number?

Get A PROVEN Formula To Calculate How Much You Need to Retire … And Build A CUSTOMIZED dentist or
orthodontist retirement plan to get there!
Are You A Solo-Practitioner
Still Active In Your Practice Past Age 50?

Plans For Your Retirement Behind Schedule?

The Traditional Model of a Dentist or Orthodontist Retirement Plan Is Failing Practice Professionals

Are you a dentist, doctor, or business professional who has been burned by Wall Street investments? Are you starting to believe that you'll never have enough saved to retire? Does the thought of facing your finances make you exhausted? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the members of Freedom Founders understand completely. After all, we were all in the same position once, too.

The truth is, the traditional model for a dentist or orthodontist retirement plan - work hard, save money, retire - just doesn't work anymore. And trusting your money to a stranger in a suit on Wall Street can give you an even worse results. Many of us are still recovering from the last big stock market crash, which lost tens of thousands of dollars for many of us - if not hundreds of thousands!

Our community at Freedom Founders is a group of like-minded professionals who understand financial struggle, who want to escape it, and who then want to help others escape it, too. We are not a get-rich-quick scheme. What we ARE is a group of knowledgeable, intelligent, experienced dentists, doctors, and trusted advisors who are in the long haul together. We are, in a sense, a family away from family, sharing our successes and our struggles, and giving each other the support, information, and guidance needed to ensure we all reach retirement with our savings intact.

To learn more about how we operate here at Freedom Founders, I invite you to browse our site, read some of our success stories, and listen to our podcasts with valuable advice about savings and investments for orthodontists, dentists and business professionals. When you're ready to take the next step, reach out to us and apply for membership here.

Your future gets here before you know it. Be sure you are prepared!

To Your Success,
Dave Phelps, Founder of Freedom Founders

P.S. When you're ready, click here to apply for a membership in our invitation-only community at Freedom Founders today!

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There’s no day of the week named “Someday”. Will you be the next success story?
“I thought I’d be stuck behind the chair into my 70s… but just 2 years later… I’ve sold my practice and I’m Free!”
- Dr. John Harasin, D.D.S.
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Is The Risk Of Doing Nothing At All

Your Financial Freedom is Only 5-7 Years Away!

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