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100% Anti-Traditional Investing For Practice Professionals

Freedom Founders™ is a community of like-minded investors who create wealth and Freedom through strategic coaching, vetted investment deal-flow, and cash-flow opportunities.

We believe that if you want your life and Freedom to look different than the majority, you need to use a different Blueprint. 

It’s a world of investment opportunity no individual could ever create for themselves.

Need A "Plan B" For Retirement?

Are You A Practice Owner Who Is...
  • Approaching retirement and unsure if you have enough?
  • Ready to make more time for family, travel, and life?
  • Tired of trading time for dollars?
  • Too dependent on long hours to sustain income?
  • Unsure if your wealth will weather the next downturn?
  • Dissatisfied with the traditional investing model?

The "Dentist Freedom Blueprint" Podcast

Learn how to compound your net worth and multiply cash-flow streams

 with hassle free real estate.

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Freedom Founders is not a program. We are a community. We work together to overcome challenges, create momentum, and hold each other accountable. Our collective bargaining power unlocks a world of investing no individual could ever create for themselves. 

The application process isn’t easy, but those who make the cut get the assurance that every time they enter our doors… it’s to do business with a carefully selected group of smart, generous, high integrity folks. 

We like to call them “fewer betters”.