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Maximize Your Practice’s Profitability

If you’re like most professional practice (or business) owners, you consider your practice or business to be your greatest asset, and you are dedicated to its success. Unfortunately, this dedication can result in you working harder and harder in rather than on the practice – and that is a path that ultimately leads to income and value stagnation. What’s the alternative?…

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Break the Chains (and Taste Freedom)

Creating a practice that operates based on systems so that you, the doctor, the owner, is not the primary provider of services is the key to the first step to freedom. Setting a goal to create the systems, delegation, marketing and sales conversions to allow you just one day off from working “in” the practice will put you on the road to freedom…

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Create Multiple Passive Income Streams

As well-paid professionals, time spent working actively in our practice is rewarded with above-average income. Unfortunately, there comes a point in every practice owner’s life when he or she is no longer able or willing to devote so much time being an “income engine.” Here’s how you can prepare now for that day…

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Here’s What Our Members are Saying...

Dr Rob Galbraith

“The opportunity to form relationships is amazing. I feel like I am now the catalyst for big things in the future. I appreciate David immensely for that.”

Dr Tom Fankhauser

“I’m learning how to trade income I’m earning for passive income. There is a wealth of information, and everyone is here to help you.”

Dr Keith Shrum

“My takeaway is that you have to think outside the box. You have to do things differently if you want a different result. Take action.”

Dawn Rickabaugh

“People who are way smarter than I am became my friends and are now just a phone call away. There is a real sense of family here.”

Dr Ebrahaim Erfanian

“David really cares about people. I am saving lots of time, chaos, and money from the people I have met here.”

Dr. Dan West

“At Mastermind, you get the wisdom of an extraordinary group of people.”

Dave Van Horn

“It’s like another set of eyes to look at your challenges. At the same time, you’re able to help other people.”

Eddie Speed

“I want to invest with people that are a good use of my time. This is an incredibly qualified group. It’s very impressive.”

Dr. Eric Compton

“The atmosphere is energetic and exciting. This event creates synergy between dentists and people that understand business.”

Joe Lieber

“This is not a guru speaking and teaching. It’s a collaboration of the best, brightest minds in the country.”

Dr. John & Meg Rubin

“Dr Phelps is caring and passionate. He’s brought together a group of people that are at the top of their field.”

Dr. Neil Mel Woloshin

“This is a mind-blowing experience.”

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