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Strategic Alliances Jason Medley

Collective Genius started as a side project. There was a need for a mastermind in the real estate investing space.     The “why” of Collective Genius has changed and morphed over time. It’s about having an organization that is driven around human beings, who are intentional in other areas of their life – i.e. […]

Making It Big on Little Deals

Let’s talk about your investment strategies. Taking discretionary money, part of your income; that you don’t have to put into your practice… The extra money you are putting aside to put into investments for the long term. Your Plan B.     You need to be putting money away on a regular basis. Be disciplined. […]

Freedom Stories - Tom Buske

Freedom Founders is a community of like-minded people who have an extraordinary amount of integrity. And that feeling of integrity within the group, along with the opportunities it provides, is what drove me and my wife to join.     Before I joined Freedom Founders, I had no clue about these types of investing opportunities. […]

Intentional Legacy

When I come to certain mastermind groups, I share what’s on my heart…important things I’m dealing with at the moment. Last time, it was about my dad. He had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. That really brings perspective into one’s life.     Freedom Founders is about a counterculture. A counterculture to what we have […]

Sunk Cost Fallacy

What is sunk cost? It is when you put time and/or capital money investment into something, into some big effort.     It could be an opportunity, your practice, or an investment. It could be in your home, such as fixing your house, adding a pool to your backyard, fixing your garden, etc. It could […]

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