The 2022 State of the Market

How Dentists Can Navigate Taxation, Inflation, and Volatility

HOSTED BY Dr David Phelps

Broadcast Live on Thursday, Dec 30th

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What You'll Learn on the Training

How the current economic and social climate are creating dangerous headwinds for practitioners trying to create financial security... and what that means for you.
How runaway inflation is threatening your nest egg - and key moves you need to make now to protect the purchasing power of your hard earned wealth. 
Why now is the time to create wealth and cash flow outside Wall Street - How to take advantage of opportunities that the markets are creating right now. 
How to protect your nest egg from taxation & volatility as the economy & markets are impacted by the current administration.
How to make up for lost time & create the financial security to transition out of your practice with confidence.
How to go from linear (or stagnant) growth in your traditional investments to exponential growth through investing in capital assets.

Broadcast Live on Thursday, Dec 30th

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