2024 April Event

Experience an Investing Event Like No Other

Thursday April 4 - Saturday April 6, 2024


Learn How to Create Cash Flow and Freedom Through Real Estate

My name is Dr. David Phelps, and I am hosting a Freedom Founders investor event April 4-6 in Forth Worth, TX. I am making a handful of guest seats available for practitioners who want to come see first hand how to create cash flow and Freedom through real estate.

This will be a “look behind the curtain” opportunity.

If you’re a doc who has been on the sidelines who is uncertain about your plan for retirement, looking for a way to shift toward real estate, and wondering if Freedom Founders might be the guide you’ve been looking for… this event is for you.


How much is enough? An alternative to the Wall Street Model…

- How much is enough?
- “I don’t trust Wall Street, but what other options are out there…?
- “I believe that Real Estate should be a part of any investor’s portfolio, but how?”

Doctors wrestle with these questions as they reach a certain age and point in their career. Financial advisors and 401(k)s don’t have the answer.

How much active income are you looking to replace with passive cash flow, and by when? What’s your plan for freeing up the TIME you’ll need to live the life you want to live?

Without a clear plan, the “safe” option is to stay with the status quo. After all, it is providing the income you need to provide a certain lifestyle for yourself and your family.

But the “safe” option comes at a price. A price on your health (physical, mental, emotional). The price of relationships and quality family time (when was the last time you took a vacation longer than a week?). The price of failing to enjoy travel, hobbies, new challenges and adventures while you are still young enough to enjoy them.

Are you a Dentist looking to get off the hamster wheel - but unsure of how you would replace your income?

You may be tired of HR/staffing issues, declining reimbursements, insurance headaches, and back and neck pain... but don't feel like you would be able to support your family’s lifestyle without your practice.

Maybe you have tried investing in the stock market and found it too unpredictable to rely on, or maybe you have tried investing in real estate and it went poorly because you didn't have access to the right deals...

Those are the puzzles we help practitioners to solve.  We have found that the best way to build stable passive income is through investing in vetted real estate. 

There are a lot of ways to do real estate badly. 

There is also a way to do real estate right. 

Through Freedom Founders, you receive access to vetted real-estate investment opportunities, a clearly defined blueprint, and the support of a community of like minded dental practitioners who are now investing in Real Estate. 

You will get the training you need to make sure your investments are sustainable so that you can replace your income from dentistry and still securely provide for your family. 

If that sounds like you, schedule a call with my team to apply for a guest seat at our April event.

Limited Guest Seats Available

Apply For Your Seat Today

This is not just another conference with lectures and snippets of interesting information that is doomed to hold dust on your shelf for years to come.

I am making these guest seats available specifically for doctors who are serious about exploring whether or not the Freedom Blueprint is right for them.

I believe the best way for us to get to know each other is in person. This is an invite for you to spend the weekend getting to know my members and asking yourself… is this my tribe? Are these people creating the results that I want in my life? 

This is also an opportunity for us to get to know you and evaluate if there is a good mutual fit, both ways.

Schedule a call below to apply for your seat.

Frequently asked Questions About the Event

Here's what you need to know about your visit to experience Freedom Founders for the first time. 

This IS an opportunity to...

- Meet dozens of docs who are creating freedom with real estate.
- Learn unique models for becoming a passive investor in real estate.
- Discover a Blueprint and defined pathway to buying back time from the practice.
- Find numerous resources for navigating a practice sale or transition.
- See behind the scenes of exactly how Freedom Founders works.

This is NOT...

- A DIY real estate seminar
- A boring CE convention
- A hard closing sales event
A pitch-fest disguised as a conference (I don’t sell real estate)

This invitation is for practitioners who...

Are looking to translate success in practice into more Freedom, choices and options.
Are ready to diversify outside Wall Street.
Don't have the time/energy to take a "DIY" approach to real estate investing.
Have well managed debt-to-income ratio.
Have at least $1M of available capital (including investments, cash, residential or commercial equity, or pending practice sale).
Are serious about becoming their own financial advocate.

Not a fit... 

Just getting started in career/investing.
Just "curious" or looking for the latest craze (bitcoin?)
Prefers "Do It Yourself" real estate investing.
Less than $1M of available capital.

If you're unsure of whether there would be a mutual fit, schedule a call with my team here. They would be happy to discuss your situation and provide some feedback. 

What Other Practitioners Are Saying...

Hear from other practitioners who have experienced Freedom Founders... many of whom you will get to meet first hand at the event!


“Our only regret is to wonder, what if we had joined Freedom Founders 10 years earlier? Where would we be now?”


“For the first time in my life, I understand where I'm going and exactly how I'm going to get there."


"Since being in Freedom Founders, our lives have changed. I feel like we have clarity of purpose in our investing. We've found a group of like-minded individuals who we can network with and can grow together with."


“We would not have the confidence to go through this process without Freedom, Founders in the background just giving us that education and peace of mind. We know what to do with the money, we know where to put it and we won't be scared."


"Joining Freedom Founders opened my eyes to another pathway… an alternative approach. It has been an incredible experience."


“Freedom Founders to me is more than just a Mastermind, it is a community of friends. Freedom Founders has helped me in my practice, my personal life, and my investing.”

Your Agenda

Here is the tentative agenda for the weekend.

Thursday, April 4

1pm: Arrival and check in
3pm: Private session with David
6pm: Community Dinner & Introductions

Friday, April 5

8:15am: Connection Opportunities
9:15am - 12:30pm: Morning sessions
12:30pm - 1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm - 5pm: Afternoon Sessions
6:30pm: Dinner and Awards Celebration

Saturday, April 6

8:15am: Connection Opportunities
9:15am - 12:30pm: Morning sessions
12:30pm - 1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm - 4pm: Afternoon Sessions
5:30pm: Community Dinner Experience

A recession delayed, your window of opportunity

Why now is the time to take steps toward becoming your own financial advocate and prepare for uncertainty and volatility in the coming years.

2024 - A year of living dangerously

The recession that many predicted for 2023 seems to be still lingering on the horizon. Financial forecaster Ted Oakley (Oxbow Advisors) pins this to a single reality - the Fed spent even more money in 2023 than they did during COVID. But despite these attempts to mask the current reality… Our economy is facing greater headwinds than ever before.

The 21x price to earnings ratio in the stock market is unsustainable.
The national debt has skyrocketed to $34T. We added another Trillion dollars of debt in just the last 72 days. The government could soon be paying more on interest payments than our entire defense budget.
Inflation continues to be a threat in the short term and long term outlook.
Excess savings per household continue to decline to dangerous levels.
Pending home sales have reached a new low.

What this means for investors...

The recent market rebounds are eerily reminiscent of the temporary rebounds of 2000 and 2007 where markets jumped back from initial losses and traders breathed a sigh of relief, hoping that the worst was behind them… only to discover that the worst was yet to come.

Do you want to bet your future security on the markets sustaining and reaching new highs in the future?

Now is the time to be taking chips off of the table and pivoting to higher ground via assets that you can control.

Ultimately, you have 2 choices...

Are you content to continue on your current path, or are you ready to change your trajectory? If you aren't 100% satisfied with the path that you're following, do you have a plan/strategy for making a change?

One of the most effective ways to change the course of your life is to change your environment. Find a tribe with whom you share core values and vision, who is willing to push you, challenge you, and force you out of your comfort zone. 

My advice - don't settle. Take the path less traveled.

Come as a guest to our April event. We will have the opportunity to meet in person and you will see first hand what is possible with the right Blueprint.

This is your opportunity to take responsibility for your future and take a concrete step toward the clarity and definition needed to make that future a reality.

Apply For Your Seat Today

Seats are limited. Schedule a call to apply for your seat.