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The Story of Freedom Founders - Who We Are and What We Believe

How We Invest in Real Estate - How Freedom Founders Works

Success Story: Dr Dennis Perry

Success Story: Dr Cody Cowen

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What Other Dentists Are Saying About Freedom Founders

Real stories from dentists and doctors just like you...

"For the first time in my life, I understand where I'm going and exactly how I'm going to get there.”

Dr Greg Linney

Dentist, Texas

“Our only regret is to wonder… what if we had joined Freedom Founders 10 years earlier - where would we be now?”

Dr Hiru Mathur

Periodontist, Texas

"David demolishes the outdated 'traditional' approach to life, career, and wealth we've all been taught and offers a robust alternative path to success.”  

Dr Dustin Burleson

Orthodontist, Kansas City

"David's service comes from a place of compassion and authenticity. I can’t even begin to describe the value."

Dr David Maloley

Dentist, Colorado

"We would not have the confidence to go through this process without Freedom Founders in the background just giving us that education and peace of mind. We know what to do with the money, we know where to put it and we won't be scared."

DR Brad Mokris

Orthodontist, Florida

“Freedom Founders to me is more than just a Mastermind, it is a community of friends. Freedom Founders has helped me in my practice, my personal life, and my investing.”

Dr Jim Rachor

Dentist, Michigan

I had been successful but was just churning. I was scared of the stock market. I knew nothing about real estate. Now, seeing passive cash flow ACH’d to my bank account… it’s a good feeling. I know I don’t have to go to work any more.


Dentist, Louisiana

"Joining Freedom Founders opened my eyes to another pathway… an alternative approach. It has been an incredible experience."

Dr Drew Lasley

Orthodontist, Washington

"Looking at the spreadsheet, I started at the beginning of the year 2022, I realized in the middle of September the income I have from passive investments far exceeds my freedom number. It is a real nice place to be."


Dentist, North Carolina

Old me: grind it out at the office, give all the money to wealth advisor, pay ridiculous fees and hope for the best. #neveragain. New me: actively engaged in learning advanced investment and wealth management alongside dynamic and smart people... and having a lot of fun doing it!"


Dentist, New York

Finding Freedom - The Origin Story

Discover the story behind Freedom Founders and the mission we have to create more Freedom for professional practitioners and small business owners.


VIDEO 2 - How We Invest Into Real Estate

Learn the structures that we use at Freedom Founders to PASSIVELY invest into cash flow producing Real Estate assets.


VIDEO 3 - How Freedom Founders Works

Learn how we help our members become sophisticated investors and connect them with vetted, curated investment deal flow.