Alternative Investing and Financial Planning for Dentists

How Hundreds of Practitioners are Creating Cash Flow, Security, and Freedom

Hi, I'm Dr David Phelps, 

If you’re tired of “traditional” retirement plans (Wall Street, 401ks) and ready to create cash flow to live the life you've always wanted... than this story is for you.

Whether you are a seasoned practice professional who has spent years doing everything you were told by traditional advisors only to be left wondering why you still feel so uncertain about your financials and "stuck" working longer than you wished, or... 

If you're a younger doctor who is seeking a better way to create financial security and legacy for your family... you are in the right place. You see, over the last 10+ years, I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of doctors and other professionals to help them:

1. Stop grinding it out on the high income hamster wheel

2. Start creating TIME and Financial Freedom to do the things that they really care about 

All while securing their nest egg with real, tangible assets and positioning to win big in future market corrections. 

Unfortunately, these were all lessons I had to personally learn the hard way... 

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My "Moment of Truth"

I had laid out my entire life in advance. “I’ve got this—the sky’s the limit.”  Blessed with good intellect and a work ethic to boot.  Failure was not an option.  A perfect family.  A perfect life. 

But there I was.  Sitting on the small, vinyl, padded bench in Jenna’s hospital room. The IV machine humming, holding bags of fluids and meds, dripping into the tubes and through the needles that ran into her small and bruised hand.

Away from my busy and stressful dental practice, I had a lot of time to think at that hospital. All of the money I could earn—none of it mattered. None of it could make a difference.  I could only hope.

Hope and pray that Jenna would recover and I would get a second chance to be a father—a real father who would be present, not preoccupied with “stuff.” Would there be a day in the future when I could spend quality time with Jenna?

That’s when I finally reached my moment of truth: I would no longer practice dentistry.  

Fortunately for me, I had a financial “Plan B” that allowed me to pull the ripcord. (More on that in a moment).

You see… in my experience over the last 10+ years working with hundreds of professionals… 

In my experience...

There Are Two Paths For Professionals Today...

Unfortunately, too many practitioners follow a traditional path to life and career - grinding it out on the hamster wheel for decades, waiting until a "retirement date" before they can truly start living the life of their dreams. 

But there is a better way. 

Which path are you on? Are you confident that you have a concrete plan to create financial Freedom in your life before a distant "retirement date"? 

Don't wait until the end of your career to prepare your future. 

The reason so many professionals stay "stuck"...

Most professionals have no idea how to orchestrate capital and create cash flow. We’re often told to focus on our earning potential and "trust the professionals" with our investing. Most simply buy the Wall Street products – 401(k)s, stock equities, bonds, annuities, index funds, etc. 

We check the boxes, and wait, and hope. 

Unfortunately, that strategy has failed to create financial security for the majority. The markets go up and down. Every time they go down 20%, 30%, or even 50% (think 2008), it takes a long time to get back to square one.

That strategy fails to create sustainable, predictable cash flow to replace one's active (earned) income. 

Once capital is locked away in a retirement account, it cannot be used until some distant point in the future. What’s the point of working so hard to create wealth if it’s nothing more than numbers on a spreadsheet?

Fundamentally, the problem is this: 

Most financial "advice" is not aimed at helping you create more Freedom in your life now.

Most financial planning is focused on creating financial freedom at some mystical point in the distant future (age 60+, often undefined). It's not uncommon for professionals to be told that they need to amass 6, 8 even 10M to retire.  The truth is, Freedom can be achieved with far less – IF you know how to orchestrate cash flow.

Here are just a few examples...

Case Studies

Professionals Creating Cash Flow and Freedom

Drs Bob & Gertrude Dubanski

From injuring both wrists to creating passive income and Freedom...

“My husband Bob and I were partners in our general practice in Sacramento. A few years ago, I tore tendons in both my wrists while doing surgery. After that, Bob had to handle the fillings and crowns. It showed me just how vulnerable we were.

Bob was getting burned out. On Sundays he would say, ‘I don't want to go to work anymore.’ I was afraid he might die in the chair of a heart attack because of the stress. I didn’t know what to do. We were tied to the practice. We had no alternative sources of income. All we had was what we could produce."

"Financially, we'd been taught all along to just save money in our 401(k), but that wasn’t working for us. We had to do something else."

“Since we joined Freedom Founders, it's been a huge paradigm shift. It gave us the confidence we needed to sell our practice.

When we signed the agreement to sell our practice, it was a huge relief.  I realized, if one of us were gone, our investments would take care of the other. So now with our money deployed, we are no longer chained to the office. We are living comfortably off our passive income, and that is such a feeling of relief. It's just the feeling of Freedom.”

Dr. Cody Cowen shares his story at Freedom Founders for David's new book

For me, Free for Life means freedom on a work day where you are going to your practice, freedom with you family, freedom financially. Free for Life is not the end. If anything I think that's an inflection point to go even further.

- Dr Cody Cowen

Created enough real estate income to make time to focus on building his practice...

With Freedom Founders, I don't have to produce and be the one in the chair form 7:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. It has allowed me to do things with my practice that I wouldn't do if it was just me doing work. 

As your practice becomes more productive, you grow, you're more profitable, you're less stressful, everybody's happy. Your wife is happy at home, your kids are happy because you can pick them up from school. Everything gets better.

Do these stories sound like you?

Freedom Founders isn't for everyone

Freedom Founders is NOT for everyone. 

We are not just a plug and play alternative to a "financial advisor". If you're more comfortable sticking to the conventional wisdom of traditional financial advice, this is not for you. 

Our members are high-performing professionals... some of the top in their fields. They come to Freedom Founders looking for a better way, an alternative Blueprint to translate their success into more meaningful freedom NOW, vs waiting for a mystical "someday". 

In the right hands, the process we have refined and perfected over the last decade (plus) and proven with hundreds of members is transformational.

Here’s what our most successful members have in common…