A Workshop to Help You Beat the Average Retirement Age for Dentists 


Are you a dentist who wants to be financially free from dependance on your practice income and have more time for what matters most to you?

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Are you concerned your wealth won’t be secure on Wall Street in the next recession?

  • Do you want to develop passive investment income to replace the need to “trade time for dollars” in your practice? 
  • Are you disappointed with the performance of your current financial advisors and investment strategies? 
  • Do you wish you had more Freedom of time? 
  • Do you wish that your investing capital was creating more consistent, reliable cash flow returns?  

Then Join Dr. David Phelps & His Industry Advisors at This 2-Day Workshop! 

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Retail Price 1,997.00 Save Your Seat With Special Early Bird Pricing! BONUS - Use Promo Code ACTION before Nov 1 to save an additional $300!  

What Industry Leaders are Saying About Freedom Founders... 

"It's so awesome what David has put together, dentists networking together to balance life, practice, and wealth-building goals!"

- Dr. Scott Leune 

(CEO - Dental Whale)

"David - thanks for who you are and how you show up for this group!"

- Garrett Gunderson 

(CEO - Wealth Factory)

"David is leading the charge of Orthos, Dentists and Doctors building wealth and Feedom outside their practice."

- Dr. Dustin Burleson 

(Founder - Burleson Smiles)

Freedom Founders has changed our lives, giving us more direction, a step-by-step process, with safety and reassurance along the way.”

- Dr. Ed Conzatti Elite Freedom Founders Member 

"I’ll never forget my first meeting with Freedom Founders. It was mind-blowing… like drinking from a firehose. It’s so refreshing to be in a room with like-minded people."

- Dr. Raj Dhamrait Free For Life Member


1) How To Maximize Your Biggest Asset (Your Practice)  

  • Why you need to stress-test your business and investments (and how to do it). 
  • How to maximize what you ALREADY HAVE (capital, equity, and practice cash flow) to accelerate your Freedom timeline by decades. 
  • Key exit strategies to get maximum ROI from your life’s most important investment (your practice) - when to consider “taking your chips off the table”. 
  • What many practitioners miss, causing them to leave thousands of dollars per month in cash flow from their practice untapped.  

2) The Fundamentals of Passive Income  

  • How to get lean and mean and “recession-proof” yourself and your investments 
  • Where to find or create more capital to invest now.  
  • How to conduct rigorous due diligence to select the RIGHT strategic wealth-building partners and advisors. 
  • Preparing for big market shifts in 2020 - offensive and defensive measures. 
  • Case studies of real practitioners replacing active income with passive investment cash flow.  
  • How to strategically balance building your practice vs an investment portfolio. 
  • Keys to mitigating the risk of losing principal in a market downturn (and how to position yourself for massive gains instead!)  

3) How To Make Today Your “Inflection Point”  

  • Create a customized game-plan to make 2020 the year your growth accelerates!  
  • Stop fighting for incremental growth - make your money work harder for you to create compound growth and acceleration!  
  • Discover the “Freedom Curve” and why you don’t have to run on the hamster wheel until you’re 70 like many of your colleagues will! 
  • What holds most practitioners in “paralysis of analysis” - how to break free and achieve momentum in your practice and your investing.  

"Having cash flow has created enormous freedom for us..."

We started out with three operatories in 800 square feet, and within the first year, grew to two full-time hygienists.  

Our early years were lean. One time my car broke down - we had to walk to our date at the restaurant on Sondra's birthday... in the rain. Moments like that, which were humbling and so difficult at the time, are precious now. They were lean years, but they were spectacular. That's what makes our marriage strong.  

Fast forward a few decades - I wasn't happy practicing dentistry. My options for the sale of my practice were limited. In my town, a lot of dentists walk away from their practice with no hope that it will be part of their retirement plan. When you get in that kind of a dark place, it's easy to let yourself become depressed.  

We're financially conservative, but I had always been looking for a way to replace my earned income with something more passive. Something clicked when we came to Freedom Founders.  

Within 18 months of joining, my perspective on just about everything was different. Our investment portfolio has changed 180 degrees, because we're focused on investing for passive income.  

Having cash flow has created enormous freedom for us.  

I've gone down to three days a week, and I enjoy going to work more than ever - yet having the extra time has changed my perspective. When I was on the hamster wheel, it felt daunting. But when I can see that there's light at the end of the tunnel, I have hope.  

Freedom of time, particularly in this season in the life of our children, is huge. They're the most important thing in our life. Those are just times that you never get back, and we don't want to miss them."  

Dr. Ben & Sondra Jensen

How Ben and Sondra created more time to invest in the lives of their kids!

Dr. Raj Dhamrait

"I could see the value in real estate, but I didn't have enough confidence to engage in anything..."

Most of us find that in our communities, even though we might be friends with dentists, they're not too open to exchanging ideas or doing a deep dive into their own financial situation. A lot of times, our dental friends back home have barriers. 

I've always wanted to have a plan B. Maybe it's because I'm a Capricorn, who always wants security. I had no debt, and I had saved a lot of money. I could see the value in being in real estate, but I didn't have enough confidence to engage in anything. 

I'll never forget my first meeting - It was mind blowing. I took a ton of notes. Now I've been a part of Freedom Founders for four and a half years; I didn't know that I was missing. It’s so refreshing to be in a room of like-minded dentists who sincerely want to help you.  

To me, freedom means being able to make choices. I started to achieve freedom a few years ago, and it changed my whole attitude towards practicing. When I knew I didn't "have to", my stress levels declined. I have my 30th dental school reunion coming up in a month... 

"...and I find myself reverting back to the attitude that I had when I was younger, when I worked hard but had a carefree attitude."

Raj is free to invest back into his community and live life on his terms.

“I lost over $1.1M overnight in the stock market crash...”

I had built a successful practice in Saginaw, MI through hard work. It demanded everything I had. For so long my mind was cluttered with stress, problems, and worry. I had little time to read, listen and absorb the world outside of the business of dentistry. I built an investment portfolio on Wall Street and in commercial real estate. The traditional model seemed to be working. I was nearing retirement. But then...  

I’ll never forget that fateful day in 2007.

I lost almost a third of my investment principle overnight. I thought I would be stuck behind the chair into my 70s - My hopes of retirement were crushed. 

Fast forward to today, and I’ve sold my practice. But my retirement paychecks exceed what I used to make as a dentist. Today, I am financially free. I finally have time to think. I’ve raised the bar and brought more intellect into my life. I golf, I travel, and I spend more time with Jeannie. 

I now have a passion to make an impact on people’s lives by helping them become financially and personally free. I want to impart the ability to live each day to it’s fullest, on your terms... without the concern or worry of financial constraints.“

Dr. John & Jeannie Harasin

"Today, my retirement paychecks exceed what I used to make as a dentist..."

Meet Other Practitioners Creating Freedom In Their Personal And Professional Lives...

Join Dr. David Phelps In Dallas, TX

Come to Dallas on March 27-28th and spend 2 days in-person with David and key Advisors!

Retail Price 1,997.00 Save Your Seat With Special Early Bird Pricing! BONUS - Use Promo Code ACTION before Nov 1 to save an additional $300!