Freedom Blueprint Workshop

A 2-Day Workshop Focused on Creating Sustainable Cash-Flow and Freedom Outside Your Practice 


Join Dr. David Phelps in Dallas, TX - Sept 6-7


Discover The Secret Fundamentals of Passive Income. 

Dr. David Phelps is hosting a world-class team of industry experts in a 2-day deep dive for dentists and doctors who want to ditch the "Traditional" model and discover the fundamentals of wealth-building outside Wall Street.

  • Does your retirement strategy depend on a traditional 401k?
  • Do you need to optimize your practice (your primary asset) before you can invest? 
  • Are you tired of your wealth being tied to the stock market roller coaster? 
  • Are you curious about building wealth with capital assets but don’t know how?  

Some of the Experts from David's Network that You will Meet at the Workshop...

Dr. Mike Abernathy

Michelle Prince

Jay Malik, EA

Lisa Mergens

Burt Copeland

Jennifer Pearce

We Believe Your Network Is Your Net Worth


The Fundamentals of Passive Income

  • What young practitioners NEED to know now to shave decades off of their Freedom journey and get a massive head start on all of their peers.
  • How to strategically balance building your practice vs an investment portfolio - what you need to know.
  • What to do NOW before you have large amounts of investment capital to deploy - strategies for building net worth without money. 
  • How to position yourself for massive gains in a market reset.  

How To Maximize Your Biggest Asset (Your Practice)

  • How to maximize what you ALREADY HAVE to accelerate your timeline.
  • How to get maximum ROI from your life’s most important investment (your practice)
  • What many practitioners miss, causing them to leave thousands of dollars per month in cash flow from their practice untapped.  

How To Make Today Your “Inflection Point”

  • Create a customized game-plan to make 2019 the year your growth accelerates!  
  • Stop fighting for incremental growth - Make your money work harder for you to create compound growth and acceleration! 
  • Discover the “Freedom Curve” and why you don’t have to run on the hamster wheel until you’re 70 like many of your colleagues will!  


2 Additional Bonuses for Enrolling in this Event Right Now...  

  • Bonus #1: Access a private MEMBERS ONLY 40-minute training on real estate Syndication deals - hosted by David and two of his top advisors. 
  • Bonus #2: Get a FREE 12-month subscription to David’s newsletter, delivered to your mailbox each month! ($297 value!) 

Plus - Your ticket includes the chance to bring your spouse at no additional charge!! 

Meet Other Practitioners Creating Freedom In Their Personal And Professional Lives...

Join Dr. David Phelps In Dallas, TX

Come to Dallas on Sept 6-7th and spend 2 days in-person with David and key Advisors.