Building Your Freedom Plan: Leveraging the Inflection Points Most Practitioners Miss

Wednesday, May 24th, 7pm CDT

What We'll Cover in the Webclass

Too many practitioners work themselves to the bone to be top producers, an excellent clinicians, but fail to recognize and take advantage of the key inflection point in their practice and investing that will create the choices and options they desire. 

We're going to be talking about key evolutions that most practitioners mess, and how to maximize your practice and investing to give you more of what you really want from life.

About your host

Meet Dr. David Phelps


David owned and managed a private practice dental office for over twenty-one years before his daughter’s health crisis served as a dramatic wakeup call in his life. David’s “Plan B” (a portfolio of cash-flow producing real estate assets) gave him the Freedom to sell his practice mid-career and focus 100% on what matters most to him. Today, he is the founder and CEO of the Freedom Founders Group. 


Meet Christopher Sands

Chris Sands focuses on counseling healthcare professionals and business owners from his first hand experience working in a dental practice. His goal is to help them grow and understand the importance of being fiscally responsible and their business. 

Chris helps educate healthcare professionals about the importance of having accurate business accounting records, and a proactive relationship with their CPA to develop tax strategies for both business and personal finances.

Chris has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Real Estate and a BBA, Risk Management and Insurance from the University of Georgia. He's also an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA).

Webclass Highlights

More of what you'll learn on the Webclass

Key inflection points most practitioners miss that keep them stuck behind the chair.
Dental practice financials you need to know – what your CPA isn't telling you
Principles that have helped hundreds of docs take back sovereignty of their time and live fuller, more meaningful lives. 

Wednesday, May 24th, 7pm CDT

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