Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Mastermind?

    A mastermind is a meeting of like-minded people that come together for a common cause. A community that creates synergy to accomplish mutual goals.

  • What Will My Guest Experience Be Like?

    Inviting. Friendly. A drink from the firehose. We’re a team of dentists, docs, and practice pro’s who have been been through it all and want to help each other.

  • Do I Know Enough About Real Estate?

    No, you don’t have to know “enough” about real estate to join the group… After all, that’s the whole purpose of this mastermind.

  • Will I Be Good Enough For The Group?

    The answer is absolutely… If you show up with a willingness to learn, an open mind, and a bias toward action. Values trump experience, every time.

  • What Is Appropriate Attire For The Event?

    Most of us wear business casual. A few bring something warm (some folks think the room can be a bit chilly sometimes).

  • How Do I Get Started Doing Deals?

    We just pull the trigger. Try a few different deals first, learn what works for you. Remember: due diligence is your responsibility. Do deals with folks you know, like, and trust.

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