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What is Freedom Founders?

Here is How Freedom Founders Works...


Finding Freedom - The Origin Story

Discover the story behind Freedom Founders and our mission to create more Freedom!


How We Invest Into Real Estate

Learn the structures that we use at Freedom Founders to PASSIVELY invest into cash flow producing Real Estate assets.


How Freedom Founders Works

Learn how we help our members become sophisticated investors and connect them with vetted, curated investment deal flow.

Answers to Other Frequently Asked Questions...

What is Freedom Founders?

Freedom Founders is a mastermind community of dentists and other practice professionals (veterinary, chiropractic, and physicians). Our purpose and mission is to show our members how to become “Free For Life” by:

Optimizing current assets (business and investments).

Deploy capital into alternative investments (primarily real estate) in order to become financially free in as few as two years - depending on one’s asset base, debt, lifestyle, and commitment to action.  

Think of Freedom Founders as your Board of Advisors.  Because of Dr. David Phelps’ network and the reputation of our group, we often get first shot at inside investment deals not available to the public. (Such inside information and access would be illegal on Wall Street).

We offer education, access, and speed. 

How Does The Free For Life System Work?

We start with a customized plan - called the “Freedom Blueprint”. It’s a path to financial freedom based on your situation, goals, and risk tolerance (which changes with knowledge and experience).  

The plan has three parts: 

Defining what freedom looks like for you.

Assessing your current assets and liabilities.

Implementing action steps to “close the gap” from current reality to financial freedom by redeploying assets and diminishing liabilities.

In order to put it into action, we meet live 3-4 times per year.  In between our meetings, we do many live virtual trainings, small-group masterminds, and weekly accountability calls, and we bring access to new and highly curated investment opportunities.  

How Do I Become a Member? 

Membership is by application only. The right fit is essential for both the member and the community.   This is intentional.  We operate on core beliefs that are critical to the long-term success of our members.  Integrity is number one, and we self-police.  Any member or advisor who does not perform with integrity is dismissed.  It happens occasionally – not often.

How Do I Know It’s Not a Scam?

Obviously, you can’t just take our word for it. 🙂 The best answer is: come see for yourself. You’ll get the chance to meet our members and ask them directly. We have members who have become “Free For Life” in less than 3 years.  The community, the access, and the security…it works.

Our members become lifelong friends. Some members have said that the community is their best insurance policy; not just because of what they learn and put into action on their financial blueprint, but because they know they have friends who have their back and would step up for them if a crisis ever occurred.

Plus, we have a 100% 30-day money back guarantee.  Love it or leave it.

How Do I Explain it to My Spouse?

Have you ever tried to explain an experience to someone, only to throw your hands in the air in frustration and admit defeat… “You just had to be there!”

That happens a lot when folks don’t come as a couple to Freedom Founders.  Some things, you have to experience personally to "get." Most of our members attend the event as a couple. We believe it's vital to have your spouse on board with your decision to come to Freedom Founders. 

What Kind of ROI Can I Expect?

The ROI (return on investment), both direct and indirect is “priceless.”  That’s why our average member stays with us and reaches their freedom goals in 3-5 years.  Some less, some more.  Couples tell us that Freedom Founders has been one of the best decisions of their lives with the return being “priceless.”  What is the value of freedom?

There is also the annuity value both during and after membership.  The skill of orchestrating one’s own financial future with confidence, predictability, and sustainability is similar to a doctor or dentist being licensed and authorized to practice – one can work and create a relatively high income for as many years as he or she desires to work.  Those skills don’t go away.  In Freedom Founders, the ability to continue to build wealth and recurring income doesn’t stop once a member reaches their goals…those skills last for a lifetime.

How Much Time Do I Need to Commit?

Life is busy. It can be tough to decide what to prioritize. Here’s what David would tell you: “You always make time for what matters to you.” Here’s the thing: Freedom is really all about creating more time. The faster you achieve your Freedom, the faster you can free up time for what matters most. Our members share countless stories of how the Freedom Blueprint helped them get free of what was holding their schedules hostage… allowing them more time for family, travel, community, building new businesses, or whatever their dreams might be. The question is: are you willing to prioritize building that Freedom of time now?