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From the desk of Dr. David Phelps, D.D.S.

What Is Freedom?

The only certainty we have is that there will always be change.

As doctors and practice owners we’re facing a period of uncertainty… change… transformation. The question to ask yourself is…

Where will you sit when things “shake out”?

This is a new era. The mindset of “work harder & work more” is no longer a viable strategy. Not only is this a formula for early burn out and lower quality of lifestyle, but our industry, government regulations, and economy are all shifting, making it more difficult for practice owners to prosper.

I regularly speak with fellow colleagues, and it’s shocking to hear that so many doctors and professional practice owners face the same fears yet do not have a set plan to navigate through these troubled waters.

Here’s what I hear every week from our fellow dentists…

  • I don’t have enough to reach my current and long-term financial goals
  • I’m afraid I’ll have to work until I’m 70+ with no comfortable retirement in sight
  • I’m worried about government intrusion and regulation increasing my overhead and frustration
  • My taxes get higher and higher every year
  • I feel like I’m losing control of what I’ve invested my professional lifetime building
  • Managed insurance is squeezing my profits
  • Corporate clinics are invading, threatening my solo or small group practice
  • The federal debt is sky-high and entitlements keep rising – will I become a target as a high earner?
  • Am I facing the prospect of working 30+ years and selling my practice for peanuts?

So much weighs on the shoulders of practice owners today, and heavy is the head that wears the crown. I know. I’ve been there.

If you care at all about your business, your staff, your income, your assets, your net worth, your freedom, and your lifestyle (and I know you do), then I encourage you to pay close attention to this brief message because I’m going to share with you…

How to trade your stress for security by taking your practice to prosperity and enjoying true personal and financial freedom…


  • Creating a plan for “on time” or even early retirement without shrinking your lifestyle
  • Less stress, anxiety, fear, and frustration in your business
  • Enjoying your family and health now – not just waiting for ‘someday’
  • The peace of mind you will have with a reliable “Plan B” in place
  • Not wondering “how” you will retire, but having the option to do so when you choose
  • Building your passive cash flow to create more margin in your life

Yes, it’s possible.

Discover it for yourself.

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Keys To Your Freedom

The two main keys for unlocking your freedom…

Multiplying the VALUE of your practice and ACCELERATING your personal wealth creation by a factor of TEN… all while working less (hint: the secret is shifting to an Entrepreneurial business NOT dependent on you)

Understanding why the traditional mantra of ‘work harder and longer’ is a model that has failed… and how you can earn more, increase your wealth and reach freedom much sooner than you ever thought possible.

At Freedom Founders, you’ll learn the secrets to the TWO sides of wealth creation for…

Part I:

Transforming Your Practice Into a Real Business Not Solely Dependent on You…

(This is where real Freedom starts)


  • How to become an “owner” vs. clinical technician (this is a huge mindset shift that can make significant changes for you and your family almost immediately)
  • The most important activity that you, the owner, should be focused on – far more important than your clinical skills (miss this and you’ll be forever doomed to mediocrity)
  • Why “who” you are is more important than “what” you do (they never taught you this in dental school…and they still don’t)
  • How to leverage the assets and resources you already have into higher profits – stop looking for the silver bullet – it doesn’t exist
  • Why working harder, longer, “more efficiently & faster” is a plan doomed to fail (working hard is not the key…it’s working smarter and understanding how you can be smart about what you do)
  • Why focusing on more clinical training, high-level CE courses and expensive technology will only cause you more frustration and debt
  • How to position yourself to compete and remain independent from the corporate clinics and managed care insurance

Part II:

Creating Passive Income for Freedom and Wealth through Real Estate…

(with entirely hands-off investing)


  • How to escape the trap of active based, trading time for dollars income
  • How to create generational wealth – your legacy
  • Why your financial advisor does not like real estate (and how that has hurt your financial wealth building)
  • How to leverage what you have now for even greater income and freedom
  • Good debt vs. Bad debt – how to manage debt while building an estate
  • Cash flow on demand – how to optimize your investment structures to decrease the effect of taxation and maximize compounding to create sustainable lifetime passive income streams
  • How you can live tax free off of one Roth IRA account (anyone can do this)
  • How you can build passive income streams secured by real estate, indexed to inflation, without ever meeting a tenant or calling a contractor
  • And more…

In this private gathering of top-notch, A-Level professionals we dive deeply into…

The SAFE method to create passive wealth
Professionals can’t depend on the traditional model of work hard, pay taxes, save and hand over what’s left to the stock market, money manager or financial advisor who has only one plan – Wall Street. Wall Street has not been a good fiduciary of investor’s money. The stock market is poised for another major correction. Bonds are in the tank – higher interest rates make that asset class a poor choice. Annuities, the prima donna of insurance companies, also don’t provide the benefits that most Americans need today.

The Real Estate Myth
You’ve heard it before… “But real estate is risky and requires dealing with tenants, evictions, contractors – it’s like having a second job!” That’s what you have been led to believe, or perhaps, you have even experienced the joys of rental property management yourself.

Even though I built my wealth and freedom blueprint on the back of rental real estate, I don’t recommend that method to any busy doctor…because it does take time, systems and is like running a real business. Through my years of experience, I have developed proprietary systems and models of building real wealth, what I call “equity on demand” from the opportunities in real estate today.

The Perfect Storm?
Since the financial downturn in 2008, housing and real estate in general has been “on sale.” Many markets have recovered completely and in virtually every market across the country, rents are very strong and on the rise. Why? Because of the financial and banking crisis – federal loan and underwriting requirements remain very stringent, preventing many who would otherwise desire to be homeowners from being able to do so. The result is a much higher percentage of renters than ever before. Supply and demand have made income-producing properties very lucrative.

Being the Bank
“But I thought you said you had a way to invest in real estate without dealing with the rental management?” Indeed. And in short, it involves investing like a bank – being in a lender position rather than in direct ownership. And as a lender, one can also participate in what we call “equity capture discounts” as well as future appreciation.

Finding Hidden Goldmines
“But how can I find good real estate deals?” That’s a key question. The best deals are not found on the local realtor Multiple Listing Service, Bank Foreclosure websites or Craigslist. Through my network and via Freedom Founders Mastermind Community, I bring some of the best real estate business and investors from around the country who make it a business to find, negotiate and acquire discounted real estate with solid cash flow ratios. Access and knowledge of “what is a good deal” is one of the gaps that Freedom Founders fills.

Growing Your Wealth Tax Free
“Can I use my IRA in real estate investments?” Absolutely. We always have one of the best IRA custodians in the country at our Freedom Founders meetings to help answer questions on the mechanics of investing with one’s IRA accounts. Mitigating taxation is a key fundamental to wealth building that cannot be overlooked.

How to Avoid Risks
“Isn’t real estate risky? Can’t it go down in value?” Yes, real estate is cyclical just as our economy runs in cycles. However, by focusing on the “right kind” of real estate and the geographic locations that provide the most stability and highest cash flow ratios, a margin of safety is provided that is not available through financial asset investments on Wall Street. Freedom Founders is not about speculating in real estate – it’s about prudent investment.

We focus on why real estate investing is the smart decision for doctors and practice professionals.

HURRY: The next meeting is near capacity.

(Only a few guests are invited to attend each meeting…)

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OK, David, I’m ready to set up a call to talk about how Freedom Founders can help me build wealth and create more freedom AND revenue with my practice. Take me to the survey!

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I’ve curated the most exciting line-up of advisors all uniquely qualified to share their expertise in a wide variety of areas.

These men and women will share from their personal experience, expertise, wisdom, resources and knowledge to help you get the results you want.

You’ll have direct access to my team while you’re there.

They’re in the room for one reason: to give you guidance on the latest strategies for protecting your assets, your income, your wealth, and you freedom…

Dr. David Phelps
Founder, Freedom Founder’s Mastermind Community

David Phelps began investing in real estate in 1980 while attending Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas. His first joint venture partner was his father, who invested with David in the first rental property David managed. After graduating in 1983, David – who also had a dental practice – began a steady and continuous progression of real estate education and investment. His goal was to create multiple streams of income that would provide for his family, for an emergency, for college tuition and for retirement.

In 2004 David’s daughter, Jenna, then 12, was diagnosed with end-stage liver failure, the result of years of chemotherapy and drug therapy to treat leukemia and epileptic seizures. Jenna was fortunate to receive a liver transplant in time to save her life, but the recovery period was long and arduous. During this time David made the decision to become a true business entrepreneur, transforming his dental practice to enable him to spend more time with Jenna, whether she was sick or well.

As a result of his new-found freedom, David began practicing dentistry part time and subsequently stopped being the “provider” of dental treatment. He ran his practice remotely for another six years before selling to one of the associate dentists.

Today, David is a firm believer that time is our most important asset. He counsels: “You can’t buy your life back at some future retirement age – there’s no such thing. It’s an illusion that unfortunately escapes too many hard-working people.”

Freedom is his mantra. He is a crusader for dentists and owners of other professional practices, to show them how to achieve the same life that he has engineered. Real estate continues to be his passion as a proven investment vehicle, a subject on which David mentors other enterprising individuals.

David’s new book, From High Income to High Net Worth,” provides owners of professional practices and other small businesses a well-defined blueprint with which to create freedom and options within the scope of their businesses and personal lifestyles.

He writes: “Professional-practice and small-business owners have simply not been given permission to operate their work and live their lives in a lifestyle that was envisioned at the beginning of their careers. I did it because I was forced to do it. Others can do it because they should.”

David was awarded the coveted Marketer of the Year for Professional Practice Owners at the Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference in Chicago in front of 1,200 of his peers.

Today, David enjoys the freedom that he created in his own life. He coaches and consults with professional-practice and other business owners to show them how to create freedom, security and peace of mind through the development of true entrepreneurial practices and lifetime passive-income streams found in done-for-you real estate investments.

He has participated in more than 1,000 real estate transactions and has involved direct bank financing only five times – the remaining 99% of the transactions were done strictly with private financing, which, he reminds us, is all about financial friends and relationships.

“Your life is your life; your business is not your life,” he says. “Learn to live life on your own terms and accept nothing less.” David’s life can be celebrated as proof that adversity can open doors to opportunity. Until we are uncomfortable enough in.

John Groom, CPA

John received his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from UCLA. Originally with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. (KPMG) in Southern California, he has now been in private practice for over twenty-five years. Besides his consulting, tax practice and speaking engagements, he is also an investor and landlord.
He is a personal accountant and adviser to entrepreneurs and active investors. He shows them how to set up the business to reclaim more time and set up transactions and structures that give desired tax treatments.

John rarely has products for sale. When he is hired to speak, it is generally to teach or coach knowledgeable investors and business owners who have already invested a lot of time and money in acquiring their own expertise on business, real estate and income tax matters.

Jeff Dousharm

Jeff Dousharm is known as the “Business Lever Coach,” showing small business owners and entrepreneurs how to maximize their resources and assets into businesses that do not require the owner to work “in” the business and instead how to leverage by working “on” the business…the net result is freedom, increased wealth, and options.

Chris Scappatura

In the early 1990’s, Chris began sharing his knowledge and experiences through workshops and seminars that included topics on business start-ups, marketing, business development and personal development.

In 1995, Chris began developing business management systems for the dental health industry. He has helped many dental practitioners implement lasting solutions with his ability to “get-to-the-root of a problem” through team building.

Due to the overwhelming success of his business management systems, Chris started conducting seminars and workshops for the dental industry on various topics, including Effective Communications, One Voice, No Patient Receivables and his most recent concept, Elements of a Great Office Meeting.

Ron Phillips
Ron Phillips, CEO of Wealth Accelerator System, is a real estate investor, broker and educator. Over the past 9 years Ron has personally helped over 5,500 individuals get their piece of the American Dream by helping them invest in property using his “Golden Rules” of high quality property selection. All of his clients have access to his team of dedicated professionals to help ensure a successful investment. His advice is to only invest in quality properties that can stand the test of time in up as well as down economies.

Ron understands most people want an investment that works for them and doesn’t require another 40 hours a week to find and maintain. Ron’s methods help people understand how to get real estate investing done for them with high-quality, hands-off investment properties with serious Return on Investment. Ron served in the US Army and in addition to building wealth for his clients, he is a dedicated husband to his wife, Bobbi Jo and father to 3 awesome kids.

Jim Ingersoll
Jim grew up in a small town in Western New York where he was taught to work hard, get a good education and work his way up the corporate ladder, and that is exactly what he did. He ultimately became a General Manager of a multi-location manufacturing business. Jim had global responsibilities and helped open new factories on the East Coast, West Coast, Mexico, England, and China and had hundreds of employees working for him.

As successful as he was, he discovered that no matter how hard he worked or how high he climbed, he was still just an employee. So Jim decided to chart his own course without the constraints of Corporate America. He bought his first investment property in 1995 and continued to invest in himself by learning creative real estate methods, which allowed him to leave his corporate job in 2006. He replaced the income from his job by wholesaling houses in Richmond, VA.

In 2007, Jim wholesaled 120 houses in one year. As the market began to change, Jim started focusing aggressively on joint venture real estate deals where he would buy and hold single – family homes as rental properties. This allowed him to quickly build passive income
streams from the investments without using any of his own money or banks.

Jim enjoys teaching others how to invest in real estate. He advocates leveraging real estate in joint ventures, which leads to free and clear houses that can be rented long term by quality tenants. Jim has also published two books, Investing Now and Cash Flow Now, and regularly writes for magazines and real estate blogs.

Walter Wofford
Walter Wofford has successfully been investing in residential real estate investing in the Jackson, MS area. Over his 25+ career, Walter has bought and sold over 1000 houses and renovated entire neighborhoods in the central Mississippi area. Walter gravitates towards the financing side of the real estate business, utilizing a variety of IRA strategies for his own account and others. Combining wholesaling and IRA investing provides an unbeatable strategy for today’s liquidity crisis, and it can be successfully used in all areas of the country.

Mark Jackson
Founder of InvestorCompsOnline

Mark Jackson has become the go-to Valuation Specialist for people who want to achieve more in their real estate investing business. In 1999, MJ founded an appraisal company and soon after found his true gift was analyzing property value for real estate investors. Once he began investing himself, the floodgates opened.

Since 2000, MJ has been able to close real estate transactions totaling in the millions and maintains a substantial net worth. Investor Comps Online was created to help investors like you do exactly the same.

When not traveling in the US and abroad, sharing his “valuation comes first” message, Mark is usually at home working on his many domestic and international business ventures. His main passions are: faith, family, golf and real estate.

Scott Corbett

Scott Corbett founded a marketing company, Lightmark Media, as a vehicle for using his expertise and his staff’s collective gifts to help as many small businesses as possible. He’s a marketing strategist who loves the way new technologies can create connections between businesses and the people they serve.

Lightmark Media currently serves the medical/dental, real estate, and professional services industries by providing web design & development, custom marketing campaign management, and strategic consulting.

Scott and his family live in Athens, GA, where he teaches Sunday School and leads a local chapter of the Mankind Project.

H. Quincy Long

H. Quincy Long is the President of Quest IRA and works in the Houston corporate office. Quincy has been a licensed Texas attorney since 1991, specializing in real estate, and has been a fee attorney for American Title Company.

He maintains the title of Certified IRA Service Professional, CISP. Quincy is also the author of numerous articles on self-directed IRAs and other real estate related topics, many of which can be found on the Quest IRA website, and in addition, Dyches Boddiford and George Yeiter, CPA, co-authored with Quincy to write the book “Real Estate Investment Using Self-Directed IRAs and Other Retirement Plans.”

Jeff Watson, esq.

Jeff has been a landlord and real estate investor since 1993. His real estate investing experience includes rehabbing, creative buying, long term holding of numerous rental properties and apartment buildings, and actively handling several short sales in more than one state at any given time. As a frequent and popular guest speaker and teacher on stages and webinars he has become recognized as a thought leader and innovator in the field of real estate investing, wealth building and self directed retirement account transactions.

Mary Hart, esq

For over 19 years, Mary Hart has represented a broad cross-section of clients in a variety of matters including wills, trusts, estate and gift tax planning (including estate planning for family owned businesses and large estates), long term care planning, trust and estate administration and litigation, guardianship matters, income taxation, commercial and residential real estate law (including §1031 exchanges, real estate closings, and lease/contract negotiations), construction law, contract law, and business law.

She is the owner of Carolina 1031 Exchange, LLC which serves as a Qualified Intermediary and Exchange Accommodation Titleholder for Section 1031 like-kind tax-deferred exchanges, and she is an active real estate investor.

Ron Sheetz

After 25 years being the “go to guy” producing custom videos for companies (including Ford Motor Co., Goodyear, B.F. Goodrich, Energizer Battery and a slew of others you may recognize), Ron has come up with the easiest video marketing concept to use called the Video Magic Blueprint.

My goal is to show businesses, medical and dental practices how to reach more potential clients/patients with local internet marketing using their already existing website and database. In his presentation, you’ll find every PROVEN trick and tip discovered from 25 years in the field of producing and marketing video services.

HURRY: Only a handful of guest seats remain open as this event near capacity from existing members.

To set up a time to speak with me directly, one-on-one, please complete the form on the next page and let’s schedule a time.

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Success Stories

Here’s just a handful of successes our members have experienced as a result of the Freedom Founders Mastermind.

I won’t share their names here, but you’ll have the opportunity to meet several of our members in June.

Dr. John and Jeannie Harasin
Saginaw, Michigan

John was somewhat of a skeptic when he attended his first Freedom Founder’s mastermind in 2014. He had invested money in commercial real estate in 2006 and lost a significant amount of that investment due to the credit and real estate downturn in 2007…but he knew he needed to do something different with his financial planning or suffer working in his dental office into his 70’s.

John quickly found the ability and strategies to invest in single family house assets that would provide him both the yield return, but more importantly, much greater control and safety than the commercial projects he had previously invested in.

Today, he and his wife, Jeannie, have his practice for sale. They now have the confidence that they have access and knowledge to invest their retirement funds to replace John’s dental income as well as an inflation hedge so that their investment capital will not be eroded by the future loss of buying power of the dollar.

Dr. Neil and Lisa Woloshin
Newark, Delaware

Neil’s first meeting at Freedom Founders had his head spinning. He, like most others, had no idea that investing in real estate could be done without involving one’s time dealing with tenants, contractors and stopped plumbing calls on the weekend.

Neil told his father, a practicing real estate attorney of over 30 years, about the strategies and people he met at Freedom Founders. Neil’s Dad, Mel Woloshin, came to the next meeting and now both are avidly involved
in various investments through their relationships with people in Freedom Founders.

The best part? Neil’s wife, Lisa, has become the active investor on their team. She is engaged in helping to orchestrate investment opportunities while Neil continues to focus his time on his multiple practices.

Dr. Randy Cline
Monroe, North Carolina

Like many dentists who come to Freedom Founders, Randy was very unsure of his future plans with his two dental practices…he didn’t know what would be next. Within just a few months, through his relationships in Freedom Founders, Randy discovered what many have – that your network is your Net Worth. It’s the connections

Randy has both of his dental practices now on the market to sell and has the confidence that 1) he can orchestrate the investment of his capital in an environment where he has control and 2) a place (Freedom Founders) where he can bring his entrepreneurial two sons and daughters and expose them to the same ideals and strategies that have set him free.

Dr. Ross and Mary Stryker
Lebanon, Missouri

Ross said at his last Freedom Founder’s mastermind meeting, “I’ve been completely blown away by the people and the opportunities in this room.” He and Mary took very little time to become actively involved in creating passive income secured by real estate both with tax paid money and in their self-directed retirement accounts (tax-free).

I’m ready!

OK, David, I’m ready to set up a call with you to talk about how you can help me build wealth and create more freedom AND revenue with my practice. Take me to the survey!

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We could go on and on about the benefits of Freedom Founders and the transformations our members experience, but…

The Freedom Founders Mastermind Is About YOU!

Each event is small group made up of mainly our members and our advisors. We keep the room intimate and personal so everyone gets time and attention to focus on their needs. That said, this will not be a room of hundreds.

Each time we hold a mastermind we invite a handful of new doctors and professional practice owners to join us and experience Freedom Founders first hand.

In our time together we’ll look at the big vision of your business and your financial goals.

  1. We’ll get you outside of your frame of the day-to-day operations of the business.
  2. Then we’ll share with you strategies to take your mindset to see beyond where you are now, and take you where you want to be.
  3. Next we’ll help you personally develop a plan to get you there.
  4. Finally, our group of successful practice owners will hold you accountable to reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself. This is the true definition of community.

If you feel you would benefit from a community that supports each other’s goals and plugs you into the latest strategies proven to grow your business, grow your income, and grow your freedom while being held accountable to your visions and goals, then the Freedom Founders Mastermind is the place for you.

Invitations are by application only – and only available if you qualify.

Here’s what we look for in Freedom Founders Members:

1. You have to have a solid business or professional practice already.
This invitation is for people who are up and running and who want to learn how to leverage who they are and the resources that they have in a wide-open marketplace.

2. You must be willing to share the GOOD and the BAD.
This means if you’ve got a strategy or a system you’re using successfully right now, you’ll openly share it with the members. No worries here. We use a Non-Disclosure for all mastermind participants that affirms everyone’s commitment to 100% confidentiality. What happens in the Freedom Founders Investor Community, stays in the Freedom Founders Investor Community. Same goes for your challenges and struggles. We can’t “fix ‘em” if you won’t “share ‘em.” If for some odd reason you think you don’t have challenges, that’s an even bigger reason to attend because… You don’t know what you don’t know!

3.You must come prepared.
I always tell everyone, “If you don’t come prepared knowing exactly what you want from the group, I can promise that you won’t go home with it.” With this group, the scales will always tip in your favor. Give a little, receive a lot.

4. You must have a good, solid reputation in your market.
This shouldn’t require explanation.

5. You MUST implement.
(Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to do the impossible.) If you don’t implement, or for some reason, would rather whine about why you “can’t” instead of just getting it done, then you’re not ready.

I’m ready!

OK, David, I’m ready to set up a call with you to talk about how you can help me build wealth and create more freedom AND revenue with my practice. Take me to the survey!

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How to Apply

If you fit this criteria and you’d like one of the limited invitations to the next Freedom Founders Mastermind then here’s how you apply.

To apply:

1. Please complete this simple application and answer the questions to the best of your ability. Your responses will be kept confidential.

2. My Director of Operations, Theresa Krafcheck, will personally contact you to set up a 30-minute appointment for you to speak personally with me.

3. After we talk – and if I feel you are potentially a good fit for this group – then I will invite you to attend our February mastermind session as my guest with no risk on your part.

If after attending your first meeting, you are not 100% convinced that Freedom Founders Investor Community is the best and right place for you and that the mastermind meeting was not a valuable use of your time, I will cheerfully refund your registration deposit.

That’s it. Very simple. No pressure. We’ll get on the phone and see if we’re a match and if we can add value to you. You’ve got nothing to lose.

I do encourage you to act now. Time is running out. This is the moment of decision that can shape your immediate future. These invitation spots will fill up fast as we sell out each event.

Do it now, apply for your invitation and let’s talk.

Apply Now!

To your freedom!

David Phelps, D.D.S.


Freedom Hotline: 888.548.5855

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