Meet Greg Hughes of Hughes Private Capital & a Freedom Founders Trusted Advisor

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Greg Hughes

Greg Hughes of Hughes Private Capital & a Freedom Founders Trusted Advisor
Focus: Lending/Funds

When Greg was only nineteen, he made his first real estate investment: he bought three houses on a half-acre lot, living in one and renting the other two. After learning the value of a smart investment strategy, he partnered to build several commercial buildings from the ground up, which he still owns and manages today.
Over the last 10 years, Greg has raised $95 million and has profitably bought and sold 595 single-family residences in 22 states. He is co-manager for four alternative investment funds: Hughes Capital’s current offering, a buy and hold fund, which purchases residential real estate in select U.S. neighborhoods chosen for long-term stability and profitability, Assuravest, LLC, which purchases non-performing notes in bulk at a steep discount, ROI Strategies, LLC, which owns homes in the single-family market with a rent to own model, and Sentinel, LLC, which purchases re-performing mortgages on single-family homes.
He is the co-owner of the operational companies Hughes Private Capital and Advanced Commission. A real estate and investment author and finance strategist, Greg has been a regular guest on Nevada Real Estate Radio, Money Watch Channel 2 News with Kristin Remington, The Blend in Las Vegas, and a speaker at the Small Balance Real Estate Summits. Greg was born and raised in Reno, where he lives with his wife, Tanja, of 30 years. They have four children – Kayla, 27, Hayden, 25, Tate, 22, and Dexter, 20. He enjoys golf, tennis, pickleball, and snow skiing.

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