“How Much is Enough” Book

How Much Is Enough?

How to Create Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Options in Life Far Sooner Than the Majority

How to Create Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Options in Life Far Sooner Than the Majority


It’s Time to Discover... How Much is Enough?

This question keeps hard working practitioners stuck behind the chair for decades longer than needed, due to lack of certainty and desire to create more security. Meanwhile, life keeps rushing by.

"Only 4 out of 100 professional practice owners at age 65 will be truly and fully financially free"

~ Dan Kennedy 

Some of what you'll find inside...

The gaps and pitfalls of the traditional retirement model
Why 401(k)s and Wall Street retirement plans are designed to keep you WORKING.
How to calculate exactly how much is “enough”

The case for real, tangible assets and alternative investments outside Wall Street.

A pathway to creating Freedom decades ahead of the traditional retirement age.

Transformed Lives and Revitalized Futures!

Drs. Gertrude Lee & Bob Dubanski share their story at Freedom Founders

Drs. Gertrude and Bob Dubanski

Bob and Gertrude began dentistry in 1986, working their butts off.  Their approach was bigger is better, so they expanded as much as they could.  Then, in 2018, Gertrude inured her wrists while doing surgery and had to severely cut back her work.  Bob jumped in with patients to be seen to pick up the slack.  Fast forward three years, and Bob was tired and weary.

As Bob says, “the pressure of the business side created an environment where I didn’t want to work anymore.  We had created a monster, and it was beyond enjoyment.”  They were tired of the stress, and Bob was burned out, but how could they adjust and restructure their life without impacting their finances?

Dr. Dennis and Monzell Perry

I was an oral and maxillofacial surgeon by trade. My practice was hospital-based, which is pretty rare in the oral surgery world. It was grueling and it wasn't getting any easier with age. I started to feel burnt out. I didn't want to keep doing this for the rest of my life, but I didn't know how else to make money.

Now we have our asset base. Not only is it not shrinking, it's actually still growing. We are Free for Life™! We have all the money that we need. We live on less than the cash flow that's being generated by those investments and living our best life. The pivot has been 100% traditional to largely alternative investments.

Dr. Cody Cowen shares his story at Freedom Founders for David's new book

Dr. Cody Cowen

Dr. Cody Cowen exemplifies the new dentist who desires to build something great and is willing to go to any length to attain it.  As he tells it,

“When I first began as an associate, I had my nose to the grindstone, working six days a week, and I continued on this path after I purchased the practice.  When my wife and I decided to relocate to be closer to family, I started the entire process over again, building a new practice.”

But Dr. Cowan didn’t fully buy into the Wall Street construct of the accumulation model.  With this in mind, he jumped out, purchasing his first piece of real estate. What happened next, however, caused him to rethink his strategy.  

“I got a little too brazen on my first deal and didn’t do my due diligence plus, I didn’t have the guidance of people who have been there and had done that.  It was definitely a financial learning experience.”

The result of that first deal led him in a new direction to uncover how he could attain passive income with real estate without creating a second job or losing his shirt.

Get to Know Dr. David Phelps

Meet Dr. David Phelps

Dr. David Phelps, DDS, owned and managed a private practice dental office for over twenty-one years before his daughter’s health crisis served as a dramatic wake-up call in his life.  David’s “Plan B” portfolio of cash flow producing real estate assets gave him the freedom to sell his practice mid-career and focus 100% on what matters most– TIME.

He is the author of From High Income to High Net Worth, What’s Your Next?, The Apprentice Model, Own Your Freedom, and Inflation: The Silent Retirement Killer.

David is a nationally recognized speaker and founder of the Freedom Founders Community, providing a proven process to true freedom for professional practice and small business owners.

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