The Traditional Model of an Orthodontist & Dentist Retirement Plan Is Failing You

There's a Better Way to Plan for Your Future

orthodontist dentist retirement plan alternativeThe Freedom Founders Mastermind is filled with some of the best dental practitioners in the country. As they discovered before finding us, however, being a driven, high-earning professional does not guarantee wealth or a stable retirement. If you have arrived at this page, then you have likely realized that the traditional model for an orthodontist or dentist retirement plan just doesn't work these days.

They don’t teach financial planning in Dental School.

Many dentists and orthodontists find out too late that High Income is not the same as High Net Worth. The traditional retirement model is failing dentistry.

We live in uncertain times. There are tectonic shifts in the retirement landscape. Once reputable financial institutions are now playing a dangerous high-stakes game with our nation’s wealth. Wall Street is no longer the fail safe bastion it once was. The national debt is skyrocketing. The traditional model depends on the forgotten world of decades past.

Professionals have to adapt to stay in the game.

What does it look like to adapt? Click here to discover your Plan B – a new approach to retirement and financial planning.

Freedom Founders Is a Community of Like-Minded Dentists & Orthodontists Who Have Found a Viable Alternative to the Traditional Orthodontist & Dentist Retirement Plan