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The DSO Bubble

Emerging Undercurrents Threatening The DSO Boom

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As the financial world experiences a significant shift with rising interest rates, the reverberations are rippling through the private equity markets, casting a shadow on the hitherto booming DSO sector. Are we headed toward consolidation or disintegration? How are DSO's adapting to these market changes and how do those pivots affect practitioners who are looking to exit practice?

Join Dr. David Phelps in this live analysis and insight that will help you make informed decisions for your future.

How do you negotiate terms that align with your goals and values?

Do you have a plan for deploying equity from your practice after the sale?

Are you missing out on a golden boat or unknowingly stepping onto a sinking Titanic?

This training will be especially relevant for anyone, considering a practice sale in the coming years. Once you have captured the equity from your business/practice, how are you going to keep that equity working for you, offsetting, inflation, and market volatility, dynamics?

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David owned and managed a private practice dental office for over twenty-one years before his daughter’s health crisis served as a dramatic wakeup call in his life. David’s “Plan B” (a portfolio of cash-flow producing real estate assets) gave him the Freedom to sell his practice mid-career and focus 100% on what matters most to him. Today, he is the founder and CEO of the Freedom Founders Group. 

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