Inflation and the Great Retirement Lie

Why traditional investments will leave you stranded at the worst possible time

HOSTED BY Dr David Phelps

LIVE at 7pm CST, Tuesday, Dec 14th

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What You'll Learn on the Training

How Inflation is threatening to devour your nest egg - and how to protect yourself and your future. 
Why now is the most dangerous time to invest - the current “mania phase” of the market and the looming major correction
How the Fed and other government entities have been manipulating the current market highs - and what happens when it ends
Historical perspective of navigating periods of high inflation and market cycles
Strategies to preserve your investment capital while still getting predictable returns

The sanctuary of alternative investments such as real estate
The next Great Wealth Transfer – who wins and who loses?

LIVE at 7pm CST, Tuesday, Dec 14th

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