Be Careful Who You Jump in Bed With


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by Dr David Phelps


oday is a really important topic, one I see happen all the time. In fact, I’ve been susceptible to the same thing more than once in my lifetime. 

 It’s getting in bed with the wrong people.

Now, I mean that figuratively – I am talking about our business lives. Sometimes we do business deals or partnerships, and it turns out that we chose the wrong individual to do that specific thing with.

There's a lot of people in this world who are good, well meaning people. They’ve got charisma, and you can't help but like them. They seem to generate a lot of excitement wherever they go. They have big followings, and are always full of energy, inspiration, and motivation. 

And there is nothing wrong with that – as long as it's genuine.

But there’s a problem. A lot of times, those people have such an ideal sense of who they are that it may be beyond what their real capabilities are. And that gets dangerous when they involve themselves with other people – whose lives, businesses, or finances are now put on the line.  

There's nothing wrong with being motivational and desiring to do better in life, but when you start to involve other people, not knowing what you don't know is one of the biggest things that will affect those around you.

I see a lot of people who are like this – they’re well-meaning, and you almost can't help yourself to get involved, because you just like those kinds of people.

This is a big generalization, so remember that, but a lot of times those people, as much as they're well meaning, they don't have everything put together. I'm not talking about fraud or corruption. I'm just talking about the fact that they don't have the right infrastructure

They haven't built the people around them to build a sustainable business plan, operation, or whatever it is that you're getting involved in – it's like the blind leading the blind.

You'd jump in with them because maybe it looks like they have a great business, and they want to join with yours, or you have something else that you can bring to the table, etc… and that's where good synergy and partnerships can come from if the two people are complementary in the way they work together. 

When two people are bringing different things to the table, they've got to compliment. If neither person has experience in moving things forward, then the whole thing is likely to fall apart.

And this is where I see good people get attracted by these other good people, and not know what they don't know and get trapped in these deals or partnerships. They fall apart and people get upset, and they lose time and money

In terms of building sustainable fundamentals, just be careful before you jump in bed with somebody who seems to have it all together. Dig down behind the curtains to see what's really there. What's their track record? How long have they been doing this thing that they're talking about doing with you?

Be very, very careful in these arenas. I've seen way too many people get taken, not on purpose, but just by not getting good advice. Get advice from other proven people - it isn’t worth the risk to go solo.
To your freedom!

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