Binary Choices

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by Dr David Phelps


et's talk for a moment about binary choices –

 that is, having only “two choices.” Option A or Option B.

That's typically how most people, including myself, go through life. We have decision trees, and sometimes we have to make a choice between this or that. And we think it has to be A or B, one or the other.

Let me tell you this: That's where creativity is hindered. That’s where creativity is blunted. Very rarely are there just two options in life, but that's how we see things. It's our lens, our way of looking at things. It's being in the weeds, or being in the trees of the forest. We can't see what we can't see.

Having outside eyes is why I love mastermind groups, and formal or informal boards of advisors. They are people who I trust, who can weigh in, and help me see those other options, those other choices that I just can't see. It's just human nature – we can't see what we can't see. We have a blind eye.

When we do Blueprint Days for our members at Freedom Founders, this is what happens. People come with a construct about their life. Yes, everybody that comes to Freedom Founders is successful in their own right. But success doesn't mean people are satisfied or happy. There are so many things missing from the table, because they've seen their life and their choices through just one single lens.

Once they're in a place where they can be open and vulnerable, and we have the opportunity to show them the other opportunities to consider – it can be life changing.

I know it's happened to me many times, where I thought there was only one way or the other to go, but I found out there were other opportunities available. It’s like when I had to figure out how to revamp my practice sale many years ago. I sold it one time and had to carry back the paper and take it over again. I thought, either I have to let it go and just forget about it, or I have to suit back up and be the dentist again. 

Neither was an option I particularly liked. But there was another option, and I got that idea from somebody else around me who at least proposed my choices. They said, “Wait a minute, David, I think there's another way.”

The same thing happens in Freedom Founders. When people are stuck and feeling that they are compressed or compelled to continue down this path or that path, and they don’t like either one, that's where we help them meld together the ideas or show them what could happen. “Let's walk down the path. Let's mitigate the risk, but let you have the opportunity to move forward and test some new ideas that you have so far been fearful of testing because you don't want to upset the applecart.” But maybe it is time to upset the applecart.

Maybe it's time to step out of the comfort zone that you've been stuck in for so long and make some new decisions. Even if they aren't the exact right decisions forever, having the momentum of moving forward in a little bit of a different direction will then allow you to iterate, to pivot, and make that move toward your ultimate goal, which of course has to be defined. Once we know what that goal is, we can reverse engineer and make the process work.

Never let binary options or choices cause you to be in a place where you can't make any movement – 

- because most of the time, that's a lie.
To your freedom!

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