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by Dr David Phelps


want to talk about Freedom Founders Blueprint days. What are they and why are they so powerful?

 Like many of you, I pushed myself to work hard in school. I passed the tests, got through professional school, and became a dentist.


Like many of you, I pushed myself to work hard in school. I passed the tests, got through professional school, and became a dentist. 

Working hard is part of my character, but determining what I was actually really good at required creating a vacuum in my life beyond formal education and dentistry.

I ended up finding that I was great at looking down on situations and problem solving from a top level. I could identify potential solutions and help people break their inertia, move forward with a plan, and stay on track.

I’m too much in my own head to effectively do that in my own life, but I find it gratifying and easy to do it for other people.

When couples from Freedom Founders come over to my house, my wife Kandace and I will spend a full day with them. First, and most importantly, we get to know who they are, their goals and aspirations, and what’s really inside them.

Without knowing what someone’s desires and passions are, or how they want to transform their lives, any kind of roadmap or blueprint is pointless.

We look at all sectors of their lives (including assets, businesses, and skill sets) and help them design a game plan to become Free for Life®

The first piece is financial freedom – no longer having to trade time for dollars.

I take all of the puzzle pieces of their lives that are positives – maybe including assets they aren’t seeing – and then find the inflection points. 

These are the leverage points that can help them maximize and “pop” pieces of these assets, moving the needle toward the Free for Life®  goal faster. Too many people live their lives working hard without any “pops”, in part because they can’t identify their inflection points.

You’ve got to find some outside eyes to help you find the things you’re good at and help you pop your inflection points so you can hit your freedom goal faster.

Working hard for a mystical “someday” is not a life well-lived. Thoreau would call it a life of “quiet desperation.” That’s not the life you signed up for! Get guidance from others on your path to help you find your inflection points and move you toward your freedom goal.
To your freedom!

If you’re interested in doing a Blueprint Day with me, head to this link:

1.Attend A Workshop:

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3. Apply To Visit The Mastermind:

If you’d like to join dozens of dentists, docs, and practice professionals on the fast track to Freedom (3-5 years or less), visit to apply for a guest seat.

4. Want to Work Directly with Me?

If you’d like to work directly with me and a small group of my closest investment colleagues, with direct access to the dealmakers and asset classes that I invest in, just send a message to my Member Advisor (, and put “Fast Access” in the subject line. Or, call (972) 203-6960 Ext 101 and leave a brief voicemail for Chris. Let him know you’re interested in the Fast Access program – we’ll set up a time with you to talk, find out about your goals, and see if there is a fit.

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