Freedom: A Thinking Game vs. a Running Game

Picture of by Dr David Phelps

by Dr David Phelps

Let's talk today about wealth building and financial freedom.

To anybody that’s reading today, wealth building and ultimate financial freedom, (which gives you freedom in all aspects of life) is a thinking man or woman's game, and not a running man's game.

Let's take that back again. Financial Freedom is about thinking versus running.

And yet what are we told to do in life? Go to school, get the education, get the technical expertise, the licenses, and degrees, whatever it takes to get into the job, the business, the career, the practice, because we want to get out and run. 

We want to make the money that we now are entitled to make because we have the skill sets and the education.

There's nothing wrong with that, but it’s running on a treadmill

That's just what it is. Run, run, run, pay taxes at higher and higher marginal tax rates, and it gets harder and harder to keep the money.

The key point is: The money you do keep and save after taxes, overhead, and your lifestyle burn rate – what do you do with that? What you do with that money is one of the keys to getting you to financial freedom, but making more money isn't going to do it.

Dr. David Phelps speaking at the October Freedom Founders Event
Dr. David Phelps speaking at the most recent Freedom Founders Event

Yes, you’ve got to make money, but it should be by making that money work for you. It's not a running man's game. Taking the time to understand how money works and getting that money that you have saved working for you is the key

Way too many people do the running man's game, and then abdicate the financials and the actual working of the money to somebody else – a financial advisor, money manager, 401k plan, etc.

Big mistake.

But what do they tell us? It's too complicated. You need to do what you do, the running man's game and let us take care of your money. Another mistake. You can learn to do this, and you don't need an MBA or a PhD in finance or real estate or investment philosophy to do so. There are fast tracks to get this done and understand how to do it.

The key to this, as in all aspects of life, is the relationships. And that's where the thinking comes in – collaborating, finding the right people, building those relationships, having access points to off-market investment opportunities. 

Financial Freedom is about relationships.

If you're out there in the retail space, which is Wall Street typically or even retail in real estate, you're not going to find those opportunities. You're going to be playing the retail game of the mark, the Vegas mark. This means you are the mark. It's your money being put out there and everybody leverages off of you. 

You don't want to play that game, but to go against the grain and do the opposite – it takes relationships. It takes time. It takes thinkingWealth building, financial freedom, freedom in your life – is not a running man or woman's game.

So stop that. 

When you think about your freedom, it's thinking and taking time to build relationships. That's exactly what we do here in Freedom Founders, except we make that speed to access. It's my relationships built over 40 years that I leverage and allow other people to leverage. 

You can do it the long way, the hard way, if you've got 30 or 40 years to do it. But if you're like most of us, you realize your time is the most precious asset. And you want to buy that time back today.

How are you going to do that? You need a plan. You need access points. You need relationships. It's up to you.

To your freedom!

– David

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