How Young Investors Can Thrive In This Market

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by Dr David Phelps


 remember when I was in my twenties and thirties, I was just starting a family and getting out of dental school. I was starting a practice, and I had all that energy and drive to accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I had the mentality that – the world is my oyster and I can have it all. 

If that’s you now, that's a great attitude to have. It’s part of what’s made you successful this far.

You also had the benefit of lower interest rates in the last several decades, especially in the last decade since the great financial recession where the tailwinds have been behind you. The money was, figuratively, running uphill.

I'm not saying you didn't have to work for it. You absolutely did. But these big practice sale multiples that people were taking or having an investment result of higher than expected returns – It’s wonderful… as long as it lasts.

Times are changing, a market shift is on the horizon, and only those prepared will find success

I'm here to tell you NOT to put down your fervent desire to make more, to do more and be more profitable. In fact, I encourage you to do so. The concerning factor here is, we're going through a secular change in the marketplace right now. This means a big wave change, and not just a temporary cycle.

We're looking at a 40 year long-awaited market shift from a lowering of interest rates that started back in the 80s. That has been what’s allowed and aided this great growth that we've had in this country. It’s been beneficial for all of us, but there always comes a time where we pay a price for it.

I believe we're going to be paying that price over the next several decades.

This doesn't mean you can't have a great living and make a great life. It just means, the way to get there will look different from the past 40 years.

The big multiples in investment returns and practice sale options are dissipating quickly.

This means you have to look for different ways to get the same results you’ve been seeing – profitability, retiring comfortably, growth, freeing up your time. Those who are smart will understand a different path is necessary to succeed in their goals for this vastly different time period.

BUT it’s only those smart individuals who are willing to seek that different path who will find it and utilize it.

Many people will not want to make this change.

When I was young, I didn't want to listen to other people. I wanted to do it my way. Many are in this state of mind now and if they don’t humble themselves to make the necessary changes, they will find themselves struggling just to survive.

BUT… If you have any inkling of a feeling that, maybe, what you've gained so far has not only been because of your hard work, but because of the market – then it would be wise for you to ask yourself, “What do I need to change in my thinking or models to get to my goals?”

For those who are older, their goals are mainly in terms of obtaining more time freedom, or at least they’ve realized how much more important that aspect is. In reality it’s always important, whether you’re younger or older, to work to increase your time freedom.

Yes, time freedom.

It's all about time, not more money. Just having money, and not doing anything with it, will not give you what you want. Where most young ambitious people fail is to not think about what happens once you obtain a high income. 

This is a different perspective most don’t get to hear about early in their careers. We’ve been taught to drive and spend/trade our most valuable asset (time) for money. Now, I want you to think and focus on: What can your money do for you in terms of your time? 

If you don’t focus on gaining more time in your life you're going to stay on this path that, unfortunately, is most likely going to take you to frustration, uncertainty, and regret. I’m telling you this because I’ve been there myself and I work with many individuals who had to go through that before they found a way to reverse the equation – using money to gain back their time (This is why transitioning from a producer to an investor can be a major inflection point in your life!).

Your current plan will not be enough

Your plan will never work out exactly the way you think it will, so this is my word of caution to you (I’ve had my “perfect plan” fall short many times before I found what actually worked). Don’t depend on your current plan, leaving all eggs in one basket, to take you all the way.

If you're that young idealist, like I was at your age, then you need to realize that there are some things that you don't know.

BUT if you're willing to listen, I'd love to have a conversation with you and see if there's a way that we could take what you've already done (The energy and drive you have), and focus on what is really important to you, which, if you dig down deep enough, is not about money. That’s how I can help you – guidance and clarity.

What’s really important and what you actually want

A lot of your intense planning and drive comes from what you truly care about. It’s what you actually want and should prioritize in life. That may be your family, spouse, community, the impact you want to have on those you care about.

I myself was guilty of not giving priority to my family when I was younger because my drive was all about earning as much money as I could. I justified it by saying it was for them but I just didn’t get it yet. I wasn’t thinking about the time aspect –  freeing my time up so I could be with my wife and family. And trust me, your loved ones will value your time with them more than the high income you provide for them. That’s why I can say to you, you have to put things in balance.

There's a way to do that and it's not going to be the financial model (or propaganda) that Wall Street sells (lies about) to you. 

There's a better way to do things. I've done it myself and I've helped hundreds of other dentists and doctors do the same thing.

If you're interested, schedule a call with us. You’ll at least gain clarity on the direction you need to take. It’s your freedom – you don’t want to miss out on it.

To your freedom!

– David


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